How to Arch Eyebrows – Step, Tips for Perfectly Arched Brows and Shape
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How to Arch Eyebrows – Step, Tips for Perfectly Arched Brows and Shape

Wondering how to arch  your eyebrows? Get best steps and tips for arching brows that will ensure you have a perfectly arched eyebrows that everyone will admire. We have tips, secrets, ideas and ways on how to arch eyebrows. 

Where to put the arch

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Correct eyebrow arching can help flatter your eyebrows and other facial features. As a word of caution, before you begin arching your them, you need to take your time and ensure you have gotten the best and most flattering brow arch.  Otherwise, it takes long for your Shaping Eyebrows - Simple points for shaping eyebrows – whenever you are arching your brows and you have  a wide set eyes, you need to ensure your move the arch starting points inwards and not on the conventional place. This will make your eyes to look much closer to each other.

Mark Starting and End Points

Going on with our discussion on how to arch eyebrows, you need to know how to correctly mark your arch before you can begin creating it. It will involve the make a mark there.

The arch should be towards the outer side of your eyeballs or directly above the outer edge of your iris. When you will begin shaping it, you should ensure your eyebrows are thicker towards the inner parts and begin to tapper towards the outer eye corner.
Depending on the kind of arch you want to create, you could make it more outwards or a little inner. Moving the arch peak a little inner will make it higher while outwards will make it much lower. You could also have some variations during brow arching to get the looks you want. It will be ok so long as they flatter your eyebrows.

Outline Eyebrow Shape

Once you have the three main points, you should outline your eyebrows in the shape you most prefer before you can begin creating your brow arch. Most makeup artists recommend since it is the most precise. However, you can go for other ways such as waxing, threading or even cutting them using a razor blade. See more on tweezing, plucking, waxing and threading for more details.

These are the basic steps for creating an arch on your brows. As you can see from the steps above on how to arch eyebrows, it is something anyone can do. You can thereafter fill your brows if you have thin ones and apply any other eye brow makeup you normally use.

Eyebrow Arching Tips, Secrets and Advices

We have seen the basic steps brow arching. It is time to look at some of the most important tips, secrets, and advice to ensure you just do not create an ordinary but the best arch You do not want to lose of your face shape by wrongly arching your brows!

  • When plucking your eyebrows, you need to pluck the beneath eyebrows in the ‘inside outside direction’. This will help you get the best results as you struggle to get a prefect eyebrow arch.
  • If you are a newbie, ensure you remove a single hair at a time to avoid messing your eye brow arches.
  • While arching eyebrows, always ensure you continually compare the either side eyebrows to ensure they are identical. You do not want to have one arch higher than the other does.
  • If you are new and you do not know how to arch eyebrows, you could go to a professional who will charge a small fee. Brow arching costs is as low as $5. However, this price for arching brows could go high depending on where you get your these services.


Eyebrow arching is a painless and simple process. However, you need to ensure you follow all the above steps on to arch eyebrows if you want to be successful. Ensure you are very patient at first when you begin it. However, if you want y to arch them perfectly within a short time, ensure you practice, practice and practice.

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How do you create distinguishing eyebrow arches? Let us know.

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