False & Fake Eyebrows– Best for Women, Men, Babies, Cancer Patients, How to Make and Draw Fake Brows
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False & Fake Eyebrows– Best for Women, Men, Babies, Cancer Patients, How to Make and Draw Fake Brows

Would you like to try false or fake eyebrows? Get insight on what they are, best brands for men, women, and cancer patients. You will also cover how to choose fake brows, how to put them on, remove them, and where to buy false eyebrows. There will also be a small mention on fake eyebrows on baby, fake eyebrow piercing & fake brow ring much more in this article.

False or Fake Eyebrow Wigs False or Fake Eyebrow Wigs – As you can see, they are close to real brows and it is not easy to tell if they are fake. Cancer victims or those who have lost their brows can depend on them

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What Are Fake Eyebrows – False Eyebrows Meaning

False or fake eyebrows means any product used to create eyebrows-like looks for people who do not have brows hair i.e. men and women. They are made to mimic real eyebrows in many ways and they are done professionally, you can hardly notice they are not real eyebrows.

These products can really help people suffering from brow hair loss. Some of the causes of eyebrow loss include chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients, eyebrow plucking, genetics, stress, trichotillomania, Alopecia, hormonal imbalances (and thyroid problems), aggressive eyebrow makeup use, as well as other diseases and conditions. See more on eyebrow hair loss and remedies.

Whether you are a man, woman or cancer patient, there are false or fake brows for men, women and cancer patients. Furthermore, you can decide to go for makeup based fake eyebrows i.e. drawn on fake eyebrows or hair fake brows also known as brow wigs. They vary in color, sizes, shapes and thickness to suite every user. If you do not get the color that suits you, you can modify their appearance using eyebrow makeup i.e. you can apply a lighter or medium eyebrow powders, or eyebrow pencil once you have worn them

Each hair on a false or fake eyebrow wig has been carefully placed to help stimulate the growth of your natural hair. They are applied in the morning and they have to be removed at the end of the day before you go to sleep. Sleeping with them might make them fall off. Furthermore, they can be applied of sparse eyebrows but they will work best if applied on bare skin. Depending on the brand you go for, some can allow you to go swimming but if you do this frequently, you will reduce their lifespan, which is usually between 2 to 4 months per one reusable brow.

Makeup Fake Eyebrows – Faking Eyebrows with Makeup

If you are suffering from temporary eyebrow hair loss, you have sparse eyebrows or very thin ones; you can decide to use eyebrow makeup to create an illusion of fuller false eyebrows. Some of the common makeup based fake brows you can go for include pencil, eyebrow gel, powder, drawn on eyebrows, eyebrow sharpies etc. We have comprehensively covered each of these false makeup based brows. For details, see each of the following topics:

  • Brow pencils – best brands, how to use them, tips and secrets
  • Brow gels – best brands, clear, tinted, homemade and how to use them
  • Eyebrow powder – best brands, how to apply use and choose
  • Eyebrow tinting – Best tints, how to choose and tint brows
  • Drawn on eyebrows – How to draw and tips for perfect looking drawn
  • Eyebrow Sharpies – Meaning, Chola, pictures and much more

Since we have covered each of the above topics in details, we do not intend to focus our discussion on makeup based false eyebrows. We will instead be discussion the hair and wig fake eyebrows. However, will still mention something on how to make or how to drawn fake eye brows.

False Brow Hairs and Wigs – Fake Eyebrow Hair

To many people the makeup based false brows lack depth, are cumbersome since you have to keep on applying them every day, look unreal, smudge or run. Therefore, they opt for those make from human hairs as they find them more desirable. They will easily be able to cover completely lacking, thin, overplucked, sparse eyebrows. As we know, eyebrows are very important since they help give our eyes their frames, brighten our face and make us look gorgeous. Not having them can make you look funny.

False brow hairs and wigs refer to ‘woven, human hair, eyebrow shaped false eyebrow wigs’ on a backing transparent, translucent or matching wearer’s skin color.

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Best Fake Eyebrows – Top Brands

Are you looking for the best fake brows, we will give you not only a list of some of the best products but also give you important ways to choose them. Unless you know how to choose the correct ones, having the best brand might not guarantee you best of results.

How to Choose Best False Eyebrows

When looking for the best false brows, you need to ensure you have considered the following very important factors that will ensure you get the most natural looks.

Brow Hair Color – Always ensure the fake eyebrow hair color you go for is 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color. Blondes might go for slightly darker shade while brunettes should ensure they have slightly lighter color of brows.

Brow Shape – They should mimic your natural brow shape and flatter your face shape see more on best brow shapes for different shapes include round, oval, oblong, etc. Ensure they can perfectly frame your brow bone with arch at its right position without being too round or too sharp to avoid drawing much attention.

Skin Color – The thin base that form part of the fake brow’s attachment area should match your skin color, be clear or translucent. However, they should not be shiny i.e. ensure they are not noticeable.

Attaching Means – When buying the best false eyebrows, ensure you consider their way of attachment. Some are pre-glued i.e. they come with peel away sticky back while others need special kind of a glue. If you have a sensitive skin, ensure it can tolerate them.

Eyebrow Construction – When choosing good fake eyebrow hair, they should be make to encourage or stimulate growth of your natural eyebrows i.e. the individual hairs should be aligned well not to hinder growth of your natural brow hairs and not cover all the space.

Flexibility – If they are not to be seen, the false brows you are wearing must be very flexible since if they are stiff, they will easily be seen.

Best False or Fake Eyebrows – Top Brands Human Hair and Wigs

Since you know how to choose them, it is time to mention some of the best fake brows in the market. If you really want to try them, here are some of the best brands in the market.

  • Nu-Brow
  • Natural Brow™ Wigs
  • Head Covers Realistic Brows

Besides the best fake eyebrows, we also are going to mention something small on fake eyebrows for women, men and cancer patient.

Fake Eyebrows for Women – There is a slight difference in how women and men’s eyebrows look like. Manufacturers are also aware and they tend to ensure they look different. All the above false brows are indeed for women.

Fake Eyebrows for Men – If you are a man without eyebrows, you need to either apply fake brow makeup or get fake eyebrow wigs for men. Some of the common brands that have been designed to look like men’s eyebrow include Head Coves Realistic Brows for men, NuBrows False Eyebrows for Men, Fake Eyebrows Men’s  100% Human Hair Glue On, etc.

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Fake Eyebrows for Cancer Patients – If you are a cancer patient who has lost his or her brow hairs, you can go for eyebrows for men or women, depending on your gender.  If you are a man cancer patient, you will wear men’s while woman will wear those that belong to women. You do not need special fake eyebrows for cancer patients since any brand can help create the illusion you have real brows.

How to Apply Fake Hair Eyebrows – How to Make Fake Eyebrows

Once you have decided to go for fake brows, you need to ensure you know how to apply fake hair eyebrows. One thing you should know about them is that they can be adjusted, repositioned, trimmed or reshaped before wearing them to ensure they exactly come out, as you want them. However, you cannot pluck, tweeze, thread or wax them, as they are likely to be damaged.

Depending on the specific brand you have purchased, expect to get instructions on how to use them. You will apply a special adhesive and wait for it to become tacky before placing them on our natural brow line and pressing firmly with your fingertips.  While applying them, ensure they are symmetrical and are well laid on your brow bone to mimic natural brow looks. If you went for a good quality of false eyebrows, they can last for much longer since you can reuse or reapply them severally.

Before applying your false brows, you need to ensure you have tested to see how they will look like by putting them on your brows and holding them with your hands. This should also be done when buying them. Here are the steps you should follow when you apply fake eyebrows:

  • Wash your brow area using a mild cleanser and dry it
  • Rub the area with a lint free cloth dipped in alcohol and if you have a very dry skin, skip this step.
  • Get your false brow wig and using blunt tweezers or your fingers, remove any adhesive or glue that might be on its back.
  • Using a tweezer, hold the false brow wig to the center of your brow areas to determine which size and shape will be most flattering. Trim it using your eyebrow scissor to the size you want.
  • Again, place it on your brow bone and make small marks using your eyebrow pencil where it best fits. Do the same thing to the other brow and ensure they are symmetrical.
  • Place your brow wig on a clean surface with the hair side facing down and apply or smear a small amount of adhesive in a zigzag manner.
  • Pick the glued brow using your tweezer at its top center and place it on your brows to fit in the marks you created. Do this carefully and reposition it until it is fits into your brow bone well.
  • Press firmly using your tweezers or fingertips and give it time to become firm i.e. typically, after applying, you need to give them some time to set, during when you should minimize touching them or facial expressions

Once you have applied your adhesive, ensure you adjust them quickly since they dry quickly and once they have dried, adjust them is not advised.

How to Remove Fake Eyebrows

On how to remove the fake eyebrows, you will be given instruction. However, you need to rub with water moisten cotton swabs in the direction of hair grow and slowly rip it off from your brow area. Avoid using cotton swabs moisten with alcohol or makeup remover unless told so. Some manufacturers will give you eyebrow adhesive remover to use. Any glue or adhesive residue should be removed using your makeup remover. Store your wig in its card if it is the reusable type.

Where to Buy Fake Eyebrow Hair

If you think fake eyebrows are suitable for you and you want to buy them, there are places you can get them such as Nu-Brow, NaturalLash.Com, EyeBrowz.Com, and HeadCovers.com. You can also get them in the most reputable hairpieces and wig retailers and stores. Unfortunately, there are no so many places to buy these brows and they are a bit costly. Most of the best quality human hair eyebrows will cost you something between $30-50.

If they use a special adhesive or glue, ensure you also buy it since you will need to use it. However, if you go for brands that are pre-glued, you will not need the adhesive.

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Fake Eyebrows on Baby, Babies, Baby with Fake Eyebrows

Some people actually put fake brows on babies. Such fake eyebrow on baby could be drawn or the wig types that are stuck on brow area. In fact, just search online for “baby with fake eye brows’ and you will see many of them, some having funny shapes drawn on them that closely resembles the chola sharpies. Would you actually create fake eyebrow on a baby? I am just wondering. Maybe you can create fake eyebrows on baby for Halloween.

How to Make Fake Eyebrows – How to Draw Fake Eyebrows

Some people do not want to struggle with the fake brow hairs. They would instead want to drawn on their eyebrows. If you are looking for how to make fake eye brows or how to draw fake eyebrows, see more details on Drawn on eyebrows – How to draw and tips for perfect looking drawn for deeper insight.

Note – Do not be confused by various terms used such as how to fake eyebrows, fake brow hairs, etc. They all mean the same thing. Furthermore, fake eye brow piercing or fake eye brow ring have nothing to do with fake eyebrows. They are instead eyebrow piercing that are not real. You simply need to buy a fake eyebrow ring and stick it on your brows.

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