Eyebrow Transplant – Costs, For Men, Women, Before and After Photos, Best Surgeons, Surgery Procedure, Where to Get Eyebrow Hair Transplants
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Eyebrow Transplant – Costs, For Men, Women, Before and After Photos, Best Surgeons, Surgery Procedure, Where to Get Eyebrow Hair Transplants

Can eyebrow transplant help you get the Kate Middleton, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, Keira Knightley or Cara Delevingne stunning eyebrows? Learn what eyebrow hair transplant is, surgery procedure for men and women as well as how much eyebrow transplants costs. You will also get insight on where to get best brow transplantation, the before and after surgery looks and much more.

Eyebrow Transplant - Before and After Eyebrow Transplant – Before and After

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No one can deny the fact that bold and well-defined eyebrows can make you look alluring and everyone wants them.  However, not everyone is blessed with the thick lush brows. If you have tried all the other ways to grow back eyebrows, without success consider going for transplant. So what is this brow transplant?

What Is Eyebrow Hair Transplants

The first step towards any successful surgical procedure, especially cosmetic surgeries understating what these surgeries are and what they intend to do. According to , “Transplantation to the eyebrows is a procedure designed to restore growing hair to eyebrows that are overly thin, scarred, or completely missing.” Absence or eyebrow loss can be spurred by a number of things such as eyebrow plucking (over tweezing, waxing or threading), sparse eyebrows, trauma, prior laser hair removal or electrolysis hair removal, hormonal abnormalities or thyroid problems, among many others.

Eyebrow transplant surgery might not just involve brow hair implants but also some reconstruction of the brow areas in cases of trauma, scars, growths, or congenital abnormalities that might be hampering their growth. Ensure you discuss with your brow transplant surgeon to assess your needs before go for the procedure.

Eyebrows Hair Transplant Procedure for Men and Women

The exact procedure and equipments used for eyebrow hair transplants might vary from one clinic to another. We are not going to discuss their details. Furthermore, eyebrow transplant for men and women is similar in most aspect except for the eyebrow design part where women will be given different design compared to men i.e. more feminine designs such as a raise arch.

Generally, during the procedure, you will first get the eyebrow design you want have at the end of the procedure. Afterwards, surgeons will get donor hairs from the donors scalp (a thin strip about 4-5mm thick and 6-7 cm long), often behind the donor’s ears since the hair there resembles eyebrows and it is soft.  A stereomicroscope is then used to separate each donor hair to single strands.

The hairs from the donor will then be transplanted, one at a time to the recipient’s brow area in the design they wanted (or at times two at a time) using a thin needle. This is done carefully to ensure they resemble actual eyebrows including in the angle they are fixed or angle they will be growing towards. This procedure need great precision since they are planted a half a millimeter from each other i.e. incisions should be made at this distance. To ensure small incisions, microscopically grafts or dissections are used. This ensures little damage on already transplanted or existing brow hairs.

Depending on your needs (such as amount of existing hair, desired density and thickness), you could have between 50 to about 400 hairs placed into your eyebrow. It takes about 2 hours and it is done under either local anesthesia or oral sedatives. You will take about 2-4 days to get well. You might experience some scabbing, itchiness and mild swelling. The implanted hair will fall off after two weeks and within a month or two, new ones will begin growing and grow for the rest of your lifetime. However, being hair from the scalp, expect it to grow faster and you will be expected to trim it more often i.e. can still trim, tweeze, thread or wax your eyebrows and they will grow back again.

Eyebrow Transplant Cost and Prices – How Much

If you are considering eyebrow hair transplant, the cost you will incur is definitely very much. I have seen many people online asking one of the below questions on the prices of this procedure:

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  • What is the eyebrow transplant price?
  • How much does eyebrow transplant cost?
  • How much is eyebrow transplant?

We will attempt to answer all these questions not just by giving you one round figure but trying help you come up with what you expect on the eyebrow transplant costs.

To begin with, expect to pay around $3000 to $8000 as the total cost for brow transplants. This fee includes the cost of hair transplant equipments or facility, consultancy fee and anesthesia fee. Some clinics will break down the cost for eyebrows transplant while others will give you one figure.

In some clinics, patients and doctors will pay co-insurance cost before transplant of eyebrows, which could range from 10% to 40% ($300 to $3600) and an initial consultancy fee of up to $300.

The other factor that can affect the amount of money you will pay for eyebrow transplant is the number of hairs you need. Patients who want full eyebrow hair transplant (requires up to 400 hairs on each brow) will pay more than those who require only partial brow transplant or touchup. Some surgeons will charge you between $5 and $8 per one follicular unit.

Although we have given you figures or cost of eyebrow hair transplants, you still need to visit a surgeon (eyebrow cosmetic surgeon if you are doing that for aesthetic reasons) and get your own personalized quotes. Some eyebrows transplant price might be lowered or raised due to the specialized transplants you need.  Also, never forget to ask for discounts.

Eyebrow Transplant Reviews and Best Eyebrow Transplants Surgeon

When hunting for the best place to go for brow hair transplants, you need to compare prices, read many eyebrows transplant reviews and search for the best eyebrow hair transplanting surgeons. Ensure you go for board certified surgeon i.e. a certified plastic surgeon who is highly experienced. Go to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for referrals if you need one.

On the specifics and credentials to look at while going through reviews and portfolios of different plastic surgeons, can be of much help. One thing you should never forget to consider is the experience and the number of surgeries performed by a certain surgeon. Look at part of his or her work and satisfied clients.

Eyebrow Transplant Before and After Looks – Eyebrow Hair transplant photos

You might have found the best eyebrow hair transplant surgeon, and you known the cost, it is good to see some of the before and after eyebrow hair transplant photos or looks to decide if it is worthwhile. Here some of the few we found that can help you visualize.


The above before and after eyebrow transplants looks should encourage you to go for these procedures. However, you deserve to know that it is by working with only the best and experienced brow transplant surgeons that you can get such looks. Many people get dissatisfied or experience numbness after the procedure, especially when they get this service inexperienced or new cosmetic surgeons.

Where to Get Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedure

You now know the cost of eyebrow transplant. You may be wondering where to get these services at best prices. Just search for terms such as “eyebrows transplant New York,” “eyebrow hair transplant Dallas,” “eyebrow hair transplant Seattle,’ ‘eyebrows transplants Houston’ or “your town + eyebrow transplant” and you will get various locations, clinics, etc.

When you finally identify a few clinics in your area that offer this service, you need to ensure you have done a thorough research on the previous works they have done, and see some eyebrow transplant reviews they have received. Do not forget to look at the qualification and experience of their transplant surgeons, the prices or costs they will charge you for the various procedures among many factors.  Work with board certified surgeons (especially in facial plastic surgery and hair restoration surgery) only as they are likely to give you better results.

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