How to Shape Eyebrows – Tips, Costs, Shapes, Best Shaping Kits, Men and Women Eyebrow Shaping
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How to Shape Eyebrows – Tips, Costs, Shapes, Best Shaping Kits, Men and Women Eyebrow Shaping

Wondering how to shape your eyebrows? This article, on eyebrow shaping, will guide men and women on how they should shape their brows at home perfectly.  You will also cover the best eyebrow shaping kits, shapes, and the costs of professional services.

Eyebrow Shaping Guide

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Well shaped eyebrows can enhance your visual appearance other than making some individual features magnificent. Although it is common in women, it is equally important for men, especially to those who have   since it will ensure you can easily shape them. Long eye brows can mislead you while you are shaping them. Most women and men often pluck much hair as they shape their brows because they have long eyebrows. If they are busy, see  .

The shape of eyebrows you will go for will be influenced by two major things, the style you want to create , your their shape and the your face shape.

In fact, in choosing any style, you need to bear in mind your face shape. People have six basic face shapes, which are oval, round, long, heart shaped, diamond and square shapes of faces. Each of this faces will require a certain eye brow shape. See more on while marking the inner starting points.

While doing all this, your target is to have your upper nose bridge aligned with the starting point of your eyebrows. However, depending on the .

The final thing to do before you start the actual process of eyebrow shaping is to locate where they will end. Simply place a ruler on your outer nose and tilt it to you outer eye corner. Where it cuts the eyebrow should be the end.

In most women, a slight bit of their eyebrow would be outside the above line. To women who have over s while plucking them to make them less visible. If you want this area to remain hairless, you could follow the follow step 4 for locating starting point of brows. However, doing so will be a bit awkward and you should leave it to women.

  • When shaping them, let it be as mild as possible. Avoid going deep when removing lower or bottom brow part. Take hairs that are only outside your normal brow shape.
  • People who want more defined eyebrows can go for . This will ensure easy shaping and perfect looks. If you are fond of plucking them quite often whenever you see one that is straying, do not touch it until the time you go to shape them. Otherwise this can result to brow hair loss .
  • The other tip is that, if you are going to a shaping expert or professional, ensure you know which eyebrow shape you need, thickness and other styling looks. Without clearly explaining what you want,  might be messed up and it takes a long time before your eyebrows can grow back .
  • Going on with these tips, after brow shaping, you need continually to maintain them until the next time. To keep your new eyebrow shape for long, continually pluck any hairs that grow in areas you do not want them to do so. However, ensure you do not overpluck them.
  • To give  them polished looks, go for brow gels , especially waterproof ones. They will help you get the most natural looks.
  • Although some makeup artists will recommend to you not touch the upper side of your brows, you can actually do some clean up and get rid of any stray hairs. This will help in creating one of the perfect looks that is much defined.  However, while following this very important tip, ensure you do not overdo it.
  • While shaping brows, avoid standing so close to the mirror. You need to be at a distance where you can easily create a balanced look. In fact, it is important occasionally to walk a distance from the mirror to see your looks.
  • The final tip is avoid using ice to make your skin numb. Some people who cannot stand the pain often do this. This will instead make your hair follicle firmer. You should instead use warm water to make your skin softer or go for a good grade numbing spray.


While shaping eyebrows, ensure you follow the ten steps on how to shape eyebrows, tips, advices and secrets. Men and women will also get information on how to shape eyebrows to ensure they get the best looks.

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