Eyebrow Shaper– Best Brands, Kits, Noxzema, Personna, NADS, and How to Use Brow Shapers Perfectly
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Eyebrow Shaper– Best Brands, Kits, Noxzema, Personna, NADS, and How to Use Brow Shapers Perfectly

To shape your brows perfectly, you need to have the best eyebrow shaper brand. This article will give you some of the best eyebrow shapers (including Noxzema, Panasonic, Nads, Hair off Instant, NYX, and Personna), how to use brow shapers, what they are (meaning) and much more on this brow shaping kits.

Using an Eyebrow Shaper

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What is a Eyebrow Sharper (Kit)

Eyebrow shapers (kits) refers to tools used to trim, shape or comb your brows. They often contain an eyebrow razor and sets comb to help you trim your eyebrows in various designs. Some of these shapers are actually the ones used for waxing of brows.

Although the common ways to shape your eyebrows is waxing, plucking (tweezing) or threading, if your brow shaper has an eyebrow razor, it can be used in shaping your eyebrows too, other than trimming them. However, these brow shaping kits are often used in trimming and combing brows to desired designs and not shaping.

There are two types of brow shaper tools or kits you can go for. The first one is the electric shaper while the other is disposable blade too. The former uses small batteries and it can be used several times while the later requires you to trim your brows manually and dispose it afterwards. Some of the brow like Nad’s Hair Removal Facial Wand Eye brow Shaper come along with creams which will ensure hair removal is smooth.

It is worthwhile noting that most of the shapers for eyebrows, especially those with razors are battery powered and they are the only ones that can be used to change actual shape of your eyebrows. Otherwise, if they have only combs, they cannot change your brows basic shape.

Best Eyebrow Shaper – Top Brands

Using a good brow shaper brand can influence the results you get. There are so many brands in the market that might confuse you. However, if you are looking for the best eyebrow shapers, some of the highly recommended brands include the following.

  • Noxzema 3 Pack
  • Nads  (Facial Wand Brow– Nads)
  • Panasonic ES2113 Eye brow Shaper Trimmer
  • Personna El Perfilador
  • Trim Specialty Care Eye brow Shapers
  • Surgi Hair Removal Brow Shapers
  • Pretty Smooth
  • Clinique – Brow Shaper
  • ESCA Cosmetic Groomer
  • Bobbi Brown – Natural Brows Shaper & Hair Touch Up
  • NYX eyebrows shaper (pencil)
  • Lillibeth
  • Electric Lady Shaver Bikini Legs Brows Shaper Trimmer Hair Remover

These are not the only best eyebrow shaper brands in the market.  There are many others that include Remington MPT3000, Eylure, Studio 35 Beauty, Hair off Instant, among others. From our extensive research, we realized that Noxzema, Panasonic, Nads, Trim, NYX, and Personna were among the most popular brands that have also been highly rated. If used for shaping, some of them use waxing principle while others work like brow razors.

However, before you buy any of the above best eyebrow shapers; you have a responsibility of going through user and expert reviews, ratings, and comments. This will guarantee you that the best brand you have gone for is indeed great. You are also likely to avoid inferior brow shapers that have been overhyped.

Note – If you go for NYX Shaper, you should understand that this is actually an brows shaping pencil and not like the other brow shapers you will find in the market.

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How to Use Eyebrow Shapers

If you have purchased any of the best eyebrow shapers, expect it to have instruction to guide you on how to use them. Generally, you will be required to select the right comb that will trim your brows to the height you want as well as the angles you desire. Most brands will give you a guide on selecting a comb that will suit the style you want.

Choosing Eyebrow Shaper Comb – Brows Shaper Stencil

When deciding which eyebrow shaping comb will be ideal, consider your eyebrow shapes and chose what will work best for your brow shape. The comb should be able to compliment the shape of both your eyebrows and eyes. It will work as your eyebrow shaper stencil and like other brow stencils; it should create a shape that will best compliment your face shape. See more on eyebrow stencils.

Most of the shapers for eyebrows, which have only combs, will have one side with stiff bristle while the other side has soft bristle. Stiff side is used while your brows are wet and while the softer ones can be using during the day.

Trimming and Shaping Brows

Once you have the right eyebrow shaper comb, you will then be expected to align your eyebrow shaper on your eyebrows accordingly and run them from top to the bottom of your eyebrows 4-5 times or until the desired height is achieved. If you choose well, you can be able to achieve salon looks at home.

Eyebrow Shaping Kits – Most people often confuse brow shapers and brow shaping kits. Eyebrow shaping kits refers to the various tools used to shape eyebrows i.e. it could be your waxing kit or threading kits or even eyebrow  shaper kit too.

Hair Off Instant Eyebrow Shapers Cold Wax Strips – These brow shapers, unlike the other are pre-shaped and pre-cut eyebrow shaping kits that will perfectly and precisely remove brow hairs following their shape they have. You need to choose a shape that compliments your eyebrows.  They are simply brow waxing kits. See more on brow waxing including best kits to use.

Virtual Eyebrow Shapers – These are online programs where you upload your photo and see how you would look like if you shaped your eyebrows in different ways. Virtual brow shapers can be very important for people who are seeking to know what brow shape will be best for them. See more on best brow shapes for different face shapes.

I hope that when you meet with terms such as eyebrow shaper stencil,  hair off eyebrow shaper tool or kit you will no longer be confused on what they are.

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