Eyebrow Restoration – Brow Hair Restoration Costs, Surgery Procedure, Before and After for Men and Women
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Eyebrow Restoration – Brow Hair Restoration Costs, Surgery Procedure, Before and After for Men and Women

Are you considering eyebrow restoration surgery? Get details on what it is, the procedure for men and women as well as the brow restoration costs. You will also get insight on choosing best surgeon and clinic and the before and after eyebrow restoration photos.

Eyebrow Restoration - Restored Brows Restored Brows

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According to , “eyebrow restoration is a surgical procedure intended to permanently restore and/or customize the appearance of your eyebrows.” It was initially for people who had had thin, scanty or no eyebrows. However, it has evolved and currently used as a cosmetic procedure, which helps people who would wish to have fuller, thicker and perfect eyebrows.

For people suffering from a condition that has lead to eyebrow hair loss, they can sigh with relief since through eyebrow hair restoration, they have a chance to have eyebrows back again! This procedure is traditionally done by certified surgeons who have specialized in eyebrow transplantation. However, most of the hair restoration surgeons can also perform eye brow restoration since the two involve the same procedure.

Eyebrow Restoration Surgery and Procedure – For Men and Women

While discussing the eyebrow restoration procedure or surgery, you need to know it involves two important aspects i.e. aesthetical brow design and hair follicle transplant. Each of these is done my specialists to ensure you get best of the looks. The procedure of eyebrow transplant for women and men is the same with the only difference being aesthetic designs.

Aesthetical Design of Eyebrows

Since eyebrow restoring is very artistic, you need your brows to be designed to look great, bearing in mind the facial features you have. See more on best eyebrow shapes for different face shapes. A beauty specialist or experienced physician will help you decide on arch shape, thickness of eyebrows you will want, space between them and the brow length that will be most flattery. Once this is done, you will move to the next stage, the actual brow hair restorations.

Follicle Transplant Procedure

During eyebrow restoration, various surgical procedures and medical equipments are used. Among the most popular eyebrow restoration surgery or procedure used is the follicular unit transplantation. This involves removal or obtaining donor follicles and surgically from back of their heads since this place is hardly affected by baldness and stitching back so that no scar can be seen.

Once the hair to be used has been obtained, it will be transplanted to the patient brows (affected areas) and it will afterwards be growing just like normal brow hairs. We will not go into the details of the surgical procedures used. You will precisely be taken through the process the moment you go for restoration of brow hairs by your plastic surgeon.

Brow restoration procedure takes a couple of hours, normally 2-3 hours. It could take longer or shorter depending on the exact procedure you want since you could go full restorations, touchup or just enhancement of eyebrows.

Full Brow Restoration – It is done on people with no eyebrows or those who have patchy and scanty brow hairs due to illnesses, genetics and other reasons. It involves transplant of over 200 brow hairs to create a beautiful and natural looking eyebrows.

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Eyebrow Enhancement –It is done for people with very thin eyebrows and not on people with without eyebrows at all. Involves transplant of between 100 to 200 brow hairs and it will permanently enhance your looks. After years of tweezing, threading or waxing, you expect to have thin brows and this enhance can better your looks.

Touchup – Sometimes, you might need to make your brows fuller and reshape them better. You can go for a touch up, which requires between 50 to 100 eyebrow implants. This will save you the trouble of filling your eyebrows daily using eyebrow pencils, powders, gels, etc.

The General Process involved

General process is initial surgeon consultation to discuss desired shape where people with alopecia areata or trichotillomania will be ruled out. Surgery will be done with a local anesthesia or oral ones.  Afterwards, there will be minor scabbing and a patient will recover after a short time during which aftercare instructions will be given.

Eyebrow Restoration Costs

When going for restoration of eyebrows, the procedure could involve replacement of your entire eyebrows or touchup on some areas (that could result from over plucking eyebrows, harsh eye makeup etc) which do not have eyebrows (with baldness). Of course, each of these instances might affect the eyebrow restoration costs. Furthermore, the specific plastic surgery clinic you go for might determine how much you will spend on this procedure.

You need to understand that restoration of eyebrows is costly and expect to spend between $3000 and $8000 since they are only a handful of exceptional eyebrow restoration surgeons. However, depending on whether you want a full restoration, touchup or enhancement, you could get much lower costs. The actual costs for restoring eyebrows will vary depending on your individual needs.

For instances, on women choosing eyebrow implants to improve their looks reveals that the cost was between $6000 to $8000 i.e. “they cost between $6,000 and $8,000, depending on how much hair needs to be replaced.” These costs are broken down to facility fee, surgeon fee, anesthesia fee, cost per follicle unit, etc. Some clinics will breakdown the costs for eyebrows restoration while others will give you one figure.

Where to Go for Eyebrow Hair Restoration – Read Reviews and Do Research

You cannot miss a good place to go for restoration of eyebrows. There are many good places where you will get these services. In fact, by just googling, you will get various places i.e. just search eyebrow hair restoration and your location for instance ‘eyebrow restoration NYC’ or ‘eyebrow restoration Chicago’.

Once you get some of the eyebrow restoration clinics and eyebrow restoration surgeons, you need carefully to access their credibility, experience, success brow transplants or restoration and a lot more. This will enable you to decide where you will get the best services.

My Advice – Before you go for restorating surgery for eyebrows, ensure you consult a board certified dermatologists or plastic surgeon. Get guidelines from for choosing a surgeon. Common brow hair restoration risks include scarring, numbness and dissatisfaction in with what has been done.

Eyebrow Restoration Before And After

To help give you a glimpse of what you expect after you have gone for restoration of eyebrows, we have decided to include the below before and after looks (images and pictures) to see for yourself.

Other than depending on eyebrow restoration before and after looks and pictures, you need do further research to know if it is worthwhile. Search for success stories, benefits, risks, limitations, maintenance, side effects, experience of people who have gone for these procedures, and much more. This will ensure you have made a good choice you can live with.

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