Eyebrow Piercing – Pain, Care, Jewelry, Anti-Eyebrow, Horizontal Types, Healing, Price, Procedure and Infections
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Eyebrow Piercing – Pain, Care, Jewelry, Anti-Eyebrow, Horizontal Types, Healing, Price, Procedure and Infections

Do you love an eyebrow bar or ring? Learn more on eyebrow piecing including the types of eye brow piecing such as anti eyebrow piercing, horizontal, vertical, spiral, etc, costs/prices, the process or procedure, jewelry, scars, pain, healing, as well as the necessary after care for brow piecing to avoid infections. You will have the most illustrative and insightful information. Before pierce your eyebrows, it is very important to understand what you are getting into, potential risks and every other detail.

Types of Brow Piercings

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Eyebrow piercing refers to any kind of vertical (common type) or horizontal piercing of the eyebrows. Irrespective of where it is pierced and how it is pierced, you cannot use it and orientation to guess someone’s sexual orientation. Where you put it is a personal preference.  Eyebrow piercing is nothing new as it has been in existence since the 1960s.

To be honest, some people find tthem very trendy and a must have while others simple see them as disgusting. It depends on personal taste. This is what beauty, and fashion is all about. To demystify a myth, brow piercing does not cause the side of your face to go numb even if incorrectly done since it is not deep to reach nerve bundles that are near the bone, just below muscles.

Process or Procedure of Eyebrow Piercing and Correct Eyebrow Jewelry for Starters

If you are considering brow piercing, you need to seriously research on the whole affair.  Ensure you have important information about the whole process and that you have talked to professionals piercers to give you more details about the process and choose the kind of jewelry you will be wearing. The jewelry you choose will determine which type you will get. See some of the best brow jewelry available to buy.

In most cases eyebrow piercing is done 35 degrees from you outer eye corner. It is not advisable to have it above your eyes since that section has the orbital nerves, which should never be touched or injured. Furthermore, it is done at an angle to add aesthetics to your looks.  

Eyebrow Piercing Photo

Pros and Cons of Eyebrow Piercings

Eyebrow piercing has many benefits, which include the following:

  • It can be done by both men and women
  • It is not painful; the only slightly painful part is puncturing
  • It attracts much attention to the eyes and people will never miss to see your eyes.
  • It has a relatively short healing time and it is not very complicated.

On the other hand, brow piercing has some disadvantages, which include the following:

  • Eyebrow piercing has a possibility of causing nerve injuries to your eyes and it should be done carefully. Any main nerve injury could impair with eyesight.
  • Chances of blood and under skin infection are often common.
  • Chances of the eyebrow jewelry being trapped makes eye brow piercing very risky.

Types of Eyebrow Piercings

Over the years, eyebrow piercing types and eyebrow jewelry have greatly changed. You will get new and better designs each single day that will flatter your looks so much. Some of the very popular ones you should go for include the following:

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Vertical Brow Piercings

Vertical Eyebrow Piercings

This is the most popular type of that is done vertically on your eyebrows ridge. According to Wikipedia, the, “usual place to pierce the eyebrow is at a 35 degree angle from the outside corner of the eye, however, it may be pierced anywhere along the brow from directly above the eye, to the edge of the eyebrow”. Vertical eyebrow piercing suffers from eyebrow migration just like any other types and it could be done using either barbell, captive beard and it is the most standard type.

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercings

Horizontal Brow Piercing

In horizontal eyebrow piercings, the jewelry is allowed to run horizontally on someone’s upper eye brow ridge. This should be done commonly with a surface bar. The surface bar will go perpendicularly into someone’s skin, then horizontally at equal depth. It will work better than a l. Here your eyebrows will be pierced horizontally “across the upper brow ridge”. Often a surface bar is used where it is made to go perpendicularly into your skin then it will travel horizontally across your skin under uniform depths.

Bridge Piercings

Nose Bridge Piercings

If you want the bridge piercings, it will go across your nose bridge on the part between your eyebrows that is fleshy. It is done using either a surface barbell or straight one and not everyone can go for this type of piercing. Only people who have fleshy skin that is not too tight skin can have the bridge piercing. Otherwise, you will end up with a crooked looking bridge piercing or suffer from jewelry migration.

Anti Eyebrow Piercings

Anti Brow Piercing

Anti eyebrow piercing often known as tear drop brow piercing is where a piercing is placed on the area where your eyebrows would have been placed if you had an upside down face. The anti brow piercing is therefore but on the lower side instead of the usual eyebrow position. This piercing often adorns cheeks and not eyebrows due to its location. A surface bar is common used in anti eyebrow piecing in place of a barbell.

Spiral Eyebrow Piercings

Spiral Brow Piercings

Another trendy piecing on eye brows you could go for is the spiral eyebrow piercing. As the name suggests, this is a special spiral jewelry being used where two or more consecutive holes are made and the spiral shaped jewelry passes through them.

T- Eyebrow Piercings

T- Brow Piercing

This involves creating a normal horizontal brow piercing and a vertical one to form a T shape like pattern i.e. you will have a horizontal and vertical one on immediate proximity to form the T eyebrow type.

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Multiple or Combination Eyebrow Piercings

Multiple or combination brow piercings

This combines various types of eyebrow piercings. It does not refer to a specific kind.

How Long Will It Take for My Eyebrows Piercing to Be Healed

A very important question that people often ask is the eye brow piercing healthy duration or time and the necessary after care to ensure you quickly heal. The average time required for eyebrow piecing to heal is about 6 – 8 weeks if you did not experience any problems during brow piercing process. However, for people who have problems, healing time might be longer and you should ensure you are completely healed inside the piercing. This can take up to three months or more.

During the this healing phase, you are not supposed to take off your jewelry. If you remove your jewelry during this phase, you might find it impossible to replace it back. Alcohol and drug consumption can slow down healing. On the other hand, avoid using aspirins for the first two days after you have gone for eyebrow piercing to minimize eyebrow bleeding.

During the first two days after brow piercing, expect some bleeding that will be insignificant and reddening. Reddening can extend to three or four days. During the first two weeks, expect high sensitivity, white yellowing liquid oozing out from the wound and shrinking of puncture size as healing continues.

Eyebrow Piercing After Care

As seen above, the time it takes for an eye brow piercing to heal is very long, you therefore should ensure you clearly understand ways you can take care of the piercing to enhance healing and avoid infections.  Furthermore, during this phase, your brow piercing is the jewel you must take good care of. Some of the important brow piercings after care include the following:

  • As already mentioned, avoid removing your eyebrow jewelry before it completely heals. Removing it could not only make it difficult to return it but also lead to filling up of the hole.
  • Avoid using Dakin, Hexomedine, Mercyl, alcohol (70° or 90°) Hydrogen peroxide, after shaving creams, brow makeup , and hair gels.
  • During the first two months, you should not go to swim or saunas.
  • While it is still healing, avoid brow waxing as well as other ways of plucking brow hairs .
  • Any infection on your eyebrow piercing should be fixed immediately. Go to qualified health professionals in case you get an infection whether it is during healing process or after healing, is complete.
  • When you are going out, some of your friends might want to touch the jewelry, warn them that your piercing is still healing and do not allow them to touch it.
  • Carefully sleep on the side where there will be minimal interference on your piercing brow jewelry.
  • Avoid cleaning your them severally a day since it will damage the very delicate skin on your eye brow region and consequently trigger an infection.

Eyebrow Piercing Cleaning to Avoid Infection

An important aspect of eyebrow piecing after care is cleaning. You need to ensure the piercing is as clean as possible to avoid any chances of infections. During the first two weeks after your brow piercings, you should follow the below steps for cleaning your eyebrow piercing:

  • While taking a shower, ensure the scabs is softened using hot water. Afterwards, you should use a liquid soap with neutral pH to remove carefully all the impurities present. Avoid forcing your scabs from falling off since they will fall off by themselves.  Instead, soak your brow piercing for about two minutes using warm water. Anti bacterial soaps such as Sea Salt or Dial will be ok. All the other soaps, shampoos, conditioners should not enter the brow piercings.
  • After taking your shower, you should clean your jewelry and piercing using a cotton bud soaked which has been soaked in an antiseptic solution. This will ensure all germs are killed and you do not suffer from any infection.
  • Finally, before you go to bed, ensure you clean the them and jewelry again using a cotton bud that has been soaked in hot water before finally using one that has been soaked in an antiseptic solution.
  • In all instances when you are cleaning your jewelry and piercing, always ensure you thoroughly rinse them as you rotate it back and forth to ensure it is well cleaned under running water. No soap or cleanser traces should be left on the piercing and jewelry.
  • When done with cleaning, dry using a Q-tip, Kleenex or any other disposable paper.
  • You can also use mildly salty water soak once to twice a day.

Once the first two weeks have elapsed, you need slightly to change how to clean your eyebrow piercing since you will have gone to the healing phase. Here is how you should go about it:

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  • When you wake up in the morning clean the them using a neutral pH liquid soap without using an antiseptic
  • When going to bed, clean the brow piercings and jewelry using a cotton bud soaked in warm water before applying a good physiological serum to quicken healing process.

Eyebrow Piercings Costs /Price

The cost of eyebrow piercings varies from one studio to another depending on many factors such as popularity, location and service levels offered. The average cost will vary from $20 to around $100 dollars. Ensure you compare prices as well as expertise level. The kind of jewelry you will use might also affect the cost. However, never compromise the quality of service while seeking for a cheaper eye brow piercing cost or price

Recommended Jewelry Size

As a starter, the correct jewelry you should go for after piercing your eyebrows should be 18-12 gauge CBR, captive bead ring. Its diameter should be 3/8″ to 7/16″ and at least 1/8″ wider than piercing diameter to avoid scar formation. This eyebrow jewelry is easier to clean and move while cleaning. Alternatively, a mini curved barbell will work well for starters. Immediately after piercing your eyebrows, the soft tissue that is pierced does swell a lot. This is a reason why a good piercer should use larger jewelry that will accommodate the much swelling. In fact, some shops include a small price for the initial jewelry and after you have healed, they will remove it free of charge and get the right one. Ask the policies of people piercing your eyebrows.

There are many other jewelry used in, the common ones include straight and curved barbells as well as captive bead ring. Although some people opt for surface bars, they are not common for starters or initial eye brow piercings.  When choosing eyebrow jewelry, you need to ensure it is thick. Very thin eyebrow jewelry tend to be rejected quite often. Furthermore, they can easily tear the piercing if they are accidentally pulled. Similarly, a too heavy jewelry will cause migration and it might not fit in the tissue available.

Eyebrow Jewelry

Before you pierce eyebrows, you need to decide on which eyebrow jewelry you want to use. Generally, there two types of eyebrow piercings jewelry i.e. the bars and rings. Eye brow bars are the simplest brow jewelry you can wear. They come in many funky colors, designs and looks. You can decide to go for either curved or straight eyebrow jewelry. On the other hand, you could choose to wear eye brow rings, you will also get a wide variety of these rings that include the smooth segment, circular, ball closure among others. Each of these rings have their own benefits and downsides.

The exact type of eyebrow piercing jewelry to buy will be dependent on your personal preference as well as the type of brow piercing you have. In fact, as mentioned already, the jewelry you choose will affect the type of piercings you will get.

Risks and Dangers of Eyebrow Piercing

Whereas some people find eyebrow piercing and jewelry a charm on their eyebrows, they should be away of the possible dangers and risks of eyebrow piercing.

  • The first risk or danger of piercing eyebrows is eyebrow migration. This often happens when the piercing is not properly done or very heavy eyebrow jewelry are worn. Nevertheless, migration can happen naturally and it does happen. When it happens, it will often irritate the eyebrow hairs around the jewelry’s entry points. Most people often opt to plucking eyebrows around it to avoid this irritation.  In worst cases, people often experience swelling or tendering of the brow piercings that has already healed.
  • Furthermore, brow piercings are much vulnerable to infections, due to dirt as well as hair follicle that both infect it. You have to ensure you always maintain highest level of hygiene.
  • The second risk associated with eye brow jewelry and piercings is being hooked to clothes, especially during healing phase. Always wear hook free jewelry while still in the healing phase.
  • Some people’s bodies often reject the specific jewelry used. This means they will not heal at all and they have to be removed.  If you do not remove if before complete rejection, you risk developing scars.

Eyebrow Piercing Tips and Secrets and How to Avoid Scars

Other than the lengthy discussion on brow piercings that covered various aspects, you need to know some tips, secrets and advices. Most of these advices will ensure you do not develop infections or scars while wearing your brow jewelry.

  • Whenever you go for your hair to be done, it is a good idea to cover your piercings with a bandage to avoid it being trapped or pulled by your hairs.
  • If you want to get best results, go to eye brow piercers with proven records. They should have highest levels of hygiene, sterilization, techniques and a good understanding of the industry.
  • Avoid fiddling with your eye brow piercings as this could introduce infections as well as distort the initial shape of your piercing. Avoid touching or playing with the jewelry or piercings.
  • Brow piercing are not permanent, they will with time grow out as the underneath skin layers continually replace replacing each other and this will push the jewelry outwards until it will drop. The moment you notice the skin surrounding your eye brow jewelry has diminished, you should seek attention of a professional to remove it. This should be the case if you notice any blistering, peeling or reddening of the skin that surrounds the jewelry. Ignoring it might cause permanent scars.


This has been a long discussion on eyebrow piercings but no doubt very important and a great learning deal. You need carefully to consider the various things discussed including brow piercings after care, types, costs, dangers, risks, choosing the right jewelry for these piercing and so on.

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