Eyebrow Liner – Best Brands, How To Apply, Semi Permanent & Brow Pencil Liners
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Eyebrow Liner – Best Brands, How To Apply, Semi Permanent & Brow Pencil Liners

Would you like perfectly define your eyebrows? Consider going for one of the best eyebrow liners. This article has what eyebrow liners are, their benefits, best brands, semi permanent brow liners and how to apply them.

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To help define and accentuate your eyebrows, you need to get a good eyebrow liner or definer. As the name suggests, there is pencil like brow makeup use for lining your eyebrows.  These liners or pencils are a good way of getting perfect eyebrows that are well defined and lined.

Although many people use their eyebrow powder to fill and define their eyebrows, you will get better results if you went for brow liners. They are much similar to eyebrow pencils and you could replace them with eyebrow pencils since their difference might be the just brand names.

Benefits of Eyebrow Liners – Why Use Them

To ensure they work perfectly, most good eyebrow liners you will find in the market are soft and they glide on easily while you are applying them. Furthermore, some of the are accompanied with a brow brush to help in grooming your eyebrows. They are a sure way of getting perfect looks.

It is not only defining or accentuating that these liners can help you with; some manufacturers include various ingredients such as Vitamin E, which will be very helpful to your eyebrows making them lush and healthy.

For people who have sensitive skin, they can opt for the dermatologically, ophthalmologically and hypoallergenic (for people who have sensitive eyes). This will ensure you do not suffer from any kind of irritation or allergic reactions.   Furthermore, there are products, which are suited even for people who wear contact lenses.

Best Eyebrow Liners – Top Brands of Eyebrow Liner Pencils

With the above basic understanding of what eyebrow liners are, you must be looking for some of the best eyebrow liner brands you can use to accentuate and clearly define your brows. We researched on a number of products online, read user reviews, saw how they have been rated before coming with the below best eyebrow liners. We do not endorse or recommend any product.

  • Revlon ColorStay®
  • Brow and Kit
  • Avon browliner & brush
  • Define-A-Brow® Pencil Maybelline
  • MAC Veluxe
  • Avon ULTRA LUXURY Brow Liner by Avon
  • Marbella® 24hr Semi-Permanent
  • Super Liner Brow Artist for L’Oreal Paris
  • Mary Kay SignatureDefiner Pencil
  •  Avon Glimmersticks Definer Eyebrow Pencil
  • Eye Studio® Master Shape™ Brow Pencil Liners
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild Brow & liner pencil
  •  Clinique Superfine Liners For Brows

Before you purchase any of the above best eye brow liner, you need to understand that they come in various colors and color shades. Go for a color that is one shade lighter than the natural color of your eyebrows, unless you have colored, dyed or tinted your brow hairs.

Semi Permanent Eyebrow Liner – Long Lasting Brow Liners

If you are looking for eyebrow liners that will last for much a longer duration, you need to consider semi permanent eyebrow liners. Some of the best semi permanent brow liners that will last for up to a day include the following:

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  • Marbella 24hr Semi-permanent
  • Stargazer Semi Permanent Liner
  • Henna Semi Permanent eyebrow pencil Liner
  • Styli-Style Brow Liner 24
  • GOSH Long Lasting BrowPen
  • Model in a Bottle Long Lasting Eye brow Sealer

These are not the only semi permanent or long lasting brow liners. There are many other leading brands you can rely on. Since they are long lasting or semi permanent, you need to know that removing them will need a good makeup remover and they cannot come out easily.

How to Apply Eyebrow Liner – Brow Pencil Liners

If you want to use eyebrow liner, you need to begin with a clean, dry and oil free eyebrows. Wash your face, let the skin dry and begin drawing lines with your brow definer or liner. Depending on whether you want to use the brow liner to while shaping your eyebrows or you want to use it after you have shaped your eyebrows, you might take different approaches.

When you use brow liner to shape brows, you will first apply it after trimming them and create your perfect eyebrow shape before you can either tweeze, wax or thread them. However, if you are using it to fill eyebrows such as thin or sparse ones, you will draw feather like strokes in your eyebrows to make them look more defined and fuller.

Learn more on how to apply brow pencils, how to fill thin eyebrows, how to fill sparse brows and how to fill eyebrows. All these topics will guide you more on how to apply eyebrow liners.

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