Eyebrow Dandruff – Causes, Remedies or Why My Eyebrows Have Dandruff Especially During Winter
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Eyebrow Dandruff – Causes, Remedies or Why My Eyebrows Have Dandruff Especially During Winter

My eyebrows have dandruff, what causes them? Which eyebrow dandruff remedy can I opt for? Get answers to all these concerns and an in-depth coverage on eyebrow dandruffs. If you have them, you will admit they can be a bit embarrassing and you quickly need to get rid of them.

What Are Dandruff on Eyebrows

Eyebrow Dandruff

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Do you often notice flaky snowing particles falling off your eyebrows whenever you mildly rub them? It is possible you could be having eyebrow dandruffs. Just like the scalp dandruffs , these are nothing other than the shedding of dead skin from your brows and it is normal if it is not too much.

If you do not know what they are, dandruffs are a scalp disorder that affects almost a half the world population. The affected people often experience large amounts of flaking, which could at times be accompanied with some irritations and rednes s.

Having dandruff in eyebrows can cause social and self-esteem problems, a reason why anyone who has them will want to treat them immediately. Before we go to the eyebrow dandruff remedies, it is good to know what could be causing them.

What Is the Eyebrow Dandruff Cause?

Unless you know the causes of eyebrow dandruffs, treating them, natural or home remedies for dandruff in eyebrows might not make sense.  In fact, knowing the causes will make treatment, getting rid or remedies to be used clearer. So, what are the causes of eyebrows dandruff?

  • Having some skin conditions such as eczema , seborrheic dermatitis (cause larger yellowish dandruff on brows) could be a possible cause of this dandruffs.
  • Fungal Infections such as malassezia (yeast like looking fungus that eats up excessive oils causing skin irritation, extra skin growth and afterwards, flaking).
  • Eyebrow Psoriasis could also cause dandruff on eyebrows when it affects your scalp and face. You might see patches of this condition on other parts of the body.
  • Excessive skin drying is another possible cause of dandruff in eyebrows. Flaking due to dry skin is common during winter when skin drying is possible.
  • Allergic reactions to some eyebrow makeup , skin care products or other cosmetic products you might be using on your face or hair (bangs).

Symptoms of Eyebrow Dandruff

The symptoms of dandruff on eyebrows could be experience or not experience depending on what actually causes them. If causes by infections such as seborrheic dermatitis , you might experience some or all of the below symptoms:

  • The initial symptoms when you are suffering from this condition include increase tearing, itching, burning sensation, minor irritations, crusted and dry brows among others.
  • Chronic eyebrow dandruff symptoms include eyebrow hair loss, inflammation of other tissues in your eyes as well as swollen and red eyebrows.

Best Eyebrow Dandruff Remedy – Get Rid and Treat Home and Medical

If you have eyebrow dandruffs, you will concur that they are really awkward and you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Some of the common remedies for eyebrows dandruff we will discuss will include home remedies, cures and treatments. So, what are so of these methods?

Exfoliate or Scrub Brows in Circular Motion – The first remedy or way to get rid of eyebrows dandruff is scrubbing your brows often in circular motion to remove any dead and dry skin using your fingers while you wash your face.  Rinse your face well, getting rid of any soap residue before you can pat it with a towel to dry them. You can also use a mild exfoliator or soft toothbrush while scrubbing your brows.

Use Light Eye or Face Cream – The second eyebrow dandruff remedy is the use of a light face or eye creams around and over your eyebrows while avoid using the normal body and hand creams as they are rich and greasy or can even cause breakouts on your brows. Creams such as Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream and Philosophy Hope in a Jar can be of much help.

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Use Good Moisturizers – Further, on ways to get rid of eyebrows dandruff, it is advisable to ensure your eyebrows are moisturized thoroughly. Dab moisturizers throughout the day to avoid flaking. This will help prevent dandruff due to dry skin, especially during winter season.

Avoid Eyebrow Waxing – If you have eyebrow dandruff problem, you need to avoid eyebrow waxing as it can cause a flare up. Often go for eyebrow tweezing and be gentle. Furthermore, you should reduce the duration that eyebrow makeup such as pencil stay on your skin.

Mild Soaps and Sensitive Skin Foaming Cleansers – Avoid using the normal facial soaps and go for mild facial soaps such as Oil of Olay , Dove Soaps, etc.  You might be having eyebrows dandruff because your eyebrow skin dries too much due to the facial soaps you use.

Dandruff Shampoos – Nizoral shampoo , Head and Shoulders and Johnson’s Baby Shampoo are other products that most people have recommended in dealing with dandruff on eyebrows. However, be careful since under eye skin is very sensitive . Get a dermatologists advice before trying any shampoo.

Tropical Creams – The other remedy for eyebrow dandruff is the use of eyebrow creams. This is advised if specialized dandruff shampoos do not help. Creams such as steroid creams could help but they should not be used for a long time.  Others you can try include Goldbond cortizone cream w/ aloe

Neem Leaves and Basil leaves – Add a half a cup of clean basil and neem leaves to one cup of distilled water, boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Cool and strain the mixture and use them over your eyebrows after cleansing your face. Let them stay for 30 minutes before you rinse it off.

Hot Oil Massage and Baby Oil – Hot oily message done weekly can help reduce dandruff on eyebrows as well as applying soothing gel or baby lotion (both should be water based) before going to bed.

Egg yolk mask – Use egg yolk mask and some sugar on your eyebrows and wash them off after 20 minutes. They help in conditioning your brows and eyebrow skin.

Other common home remedies include warm compresses on your eyebrows, applying lemon juice or and wipe it after 20 minutes, use henna paste to reduce itchiness, amla paste, antifungal creams, raise personal hygiene, eat good diet among many others. Also, check any products you might be allergic to, stop using them, and avoid astringents or acidic products.

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