Drawn On Eyebrows – How to Draw Eyebrows,Thick, Are They Horrible, Ugly, Tips, Pictures and Photos
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Drawn On Eyebrows – How to Draw Eyebrows,Thick, Are They Horrible, Ugly, Tips, Pictures and Photos

Do you like drawn on eyebrows or do you find they horrible? Learn what they are, how to draw them on your brows including thick drawn on brows, pictures of drawn on eyebrows, and much more. Among the tough things, we anticipate to tackle, include the following:

  • How to draw in your eyebrows or how to drawn on brows
  • How to avoid badly drawn on brows
  • Why do you get horribly drawn on eyebrows
  • Why most people consider drawn brows to be ugly
  • Are thick drawn on eyebrows trendy?

Perfect Drawn on Eyebrows Perfect Drawn Eyebrows

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Have you lost your eyebrows? Are they very thin, sparse or missing on some sections of your brows that make you look awful? Overplucking brows and many other reasons often make people to lose their eyebrows (see cause of brow hair loss). If you are one of them, drawing on your eyebrows can actually help you create the illusion of fuller and thicker brows.

For those who do not know what they are, drawn on eye brows refers to either shaved brows which have been drawn by a good eyebrow pencil or drawing on your eyebrows without shaving them (if they are scarce or sparse).

I have found people with many opinions on drawn eyebrows. Most of them think they are awful, horrible, unnatural, and look ugly. I share their sentiments to a certain extent, especially when they are poorly done or if your shaved brow hairs have began growing back as you will look like your brows have the 5pm shadow (due to those growing). Furthermore, some people also exaggerate them making them so unnatural. On the other hand, they trendy and fashionable if they done professionally and perfectly. Fashion is all about what you find appealing to you. It does not have to appeal everyone.

Although mainly girls who have drawn brows, there are some men like Tomm Watt with who draws in his brows. For those who do not want the much work of having to draw their brows every morning, they can opt for tattoos. See more on eyebrow tattoos including cost, benefits, risks, and much more.

How to Draw on Eyebrows – How to Draw Your Eyebrows

For anyone who loves drawn on eyebrows, he or she will concur you need to be keen if you want to get best results that will look as natural as possible. We have dedicated this section to give you a step-by-step guide on how to draw on eye brows without looking horrible or ugly.

While looking at how to drawn on brows or how to draw your eyebrows, we will follow steps for people who have not completely shaved their brows. Even those who will shave them will follow just the same procedure because the procedure to follow does not matter whether you have your brows or you do not have them.

Step 1 – Mark the starting, highest point of your arch and end of your brows. This will guide you while drawing on your eyebrows. You can opt to get a good eyebrow stencil to help you. See for detailed steps on how to shape eyebrows and how to arch eyebrows for clear steps on how to go about this step.

Step 2 – Create an outline, which will give you the basic shape of the eyebrows you want to draw using a good pencil eyeliner or eyebrow pencil. Check to see if the outline is what you wanted to achieve.

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Step 3 – Begin to fill in the brow using feathery thin strokes that will make them to look like real eyebrow hairs. You can use a good brow pencil or sharpie pen if you want sharpie brows. You are done with your drawn on eyebrows.

Step 4 – Repeat step 1 to 3 on your other eyebrow ensuring they are symmetrical and identical. As mentioned earlier, an eyebrow stencil will ensure you get best of the looks and a very symmetrical look. People who shaved their brows should be more careful since they are likely to have more challenges trying to ensure each of the drawn in eyebrows are symmetrical.

On the shapes you can create, the sky is the limit as you can decide to go for either soft or sharp arches, angled, round or straight depending on your face shape (see best eyebrows for different face shapes including round, oval, oblong etc). If you want something a bit more dramatic, consider going for chola brows or brow sharpies.

Secrets, Ideas and Tips for Good Looking Drawn on Brows

We have looked at the steps for having flattering drawn eyebrows. It is time to look at some tips, secrets and ideas that will ensure you look great. These tips will ensure you do not end up with horrible drawn on eyebrows or ugly ones.

Draw with Your Brow Hair On – For most natural looks, we the recommend you not shave your brow hairs but simply on them i.e. with the brow hairs underneath.

Choose Brow Pencil Color Carefully – If you want subtle and natural looks, never always go for a brow pencil that closely matches your natural eyebrow colors or compliments your hair color. Going for very black one if you have blonde hair might not make you to look stunning. Avoid brow colors darker than your hair color.

Make them to mimic natural brow shapes – While drawing on your brows, try to ensure that they mimic the common brow shapes. Avoid going for strange shapes such as the chola eyebrows as they might make you not to look very good.

Avoid Exaggerating – If you are not doing them as a costume for evens such as Halloween, try to ensure you do not exaggerate their appearance.  Some people will want to make them to look like the Nike sign, have very big curves, raise them too much or make them too thin or too thick. This will make them not to look best.

Avoid having the same thickness – Having brows that have the same thickness might make them look unnatural. Ensure they are slightly becoming thinner as you move from your inner eye corners to outer corners.

Thick Drawn On Eyebrows

If you have decided to try them, you can decide to go for thin or thick drawn on eyebrows. Thick drawn on brows means you go for thicker and bolder looking brows. If you want to go for thick brows you have drawn, you need to know that they might look a little unnatural if you exaggerate the thickness.  The besides picture of drawn thick eyebrows should explain it all to you.

Eyebrows Drawn On Dogs – If you have had about brows drawn on dogs, this is nothing much but human crazy where eyebrow shaped as features are drawn on dogs. This might sound funny but some people might be too curious to try.

Pictures of Drawn on Eyebrows

I hope you can know how to draw in eyebrows and you can tell someone what they are with much confidence. It is time to have a look at some of the pictures of drawn on eyebrows for you to see if they are indeed good or not. What do you think about drawn in eyebrows? Are they cool or not? Share!

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