Chola Eyebrows – How to Do Chola Eyebrows, Sharpie, Pictures, Mexican Gangsters
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Chola Eyebrows – How to Do Chola Eyebrows, Sharpie, Pictures, Mexican Gangsters

Are you new to chola eyebrows and you would like to know what they are? This article will let you know what they are, guide you on how to do chola eyebrows, as well as discuss something small on chola tattooed eyebrows and  sharpies. You will afterwards have some photos to make everything much clearer.

chola Eyebrows chola Eyebrows

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What Are Chola Eyebrows

Chola eyebrows are part of the Hispanic and Latin American gangster culture, which is depicted by the way of dressing and makeup use i.e. the chola makeup. (NOT EVERY LATIN AMERICA IS A CHOLA; IT OFFENDS TO USE THE WORD OR ANYONE).

Cholar makeup originated for East LA in the 20th century where cholas (women) members often had thin and very angry looking arched tattooed brows (chola tattooed brows) or pencil on brows. The very thin, arched, and angry looking brows that were drawn (eyebrow sharpies) on or tattooed are what is known as chola eyebrows.

Furthermore, the cholas will then use dark red or brown lip liner, have some nose piercing, flannel shirts, jewelry (gold), tats, nose piercings, Nikes or Converse, bandanas, white tank tops, button plaid shirts, military style women belts, crunchy gelled hair or high ponytails  cascading straight on their backs or at times they would mousse down their hair. We do not intend to go deeper into the details of cholas and Cholos (men) culture but discuss more on these brows.

In some way, some popular celebrities and girls like Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga (Telephone video shakin), Jennifer Lopez, and Sandra Bullock have had some elements of chola makeup. This should assure you that chola makeup is trendy.

How to Do Chola Eyebrows – Steps and Tutorials

If you would like to try them, they are very easy to do. Generally, the their makeup is very heavy and bold, suitable for evening and partying events. So how do you do chola eyebrows?

Preparation – If you do not want to shave off and drawn on your eye brows, you should following three hide your natural brows.

  1. Wash your face using a mild facial soap and dry it by patting it with a towel.
  2. Rub downwards your brow using glues stick
  3. Dap concealer on your brows until they are invisible and afterwards coat the invisible brows with concealing cream.  Continue with the step of for people who have shaved off their brows since you have already concealed yours and it is as if you do not have them.

If you have shaved off your eyebrows, you will directly go to drawing the arch shown on the chola eyebrow photo besides. Use a dark or black brow pencil and ensure your lines are very thin and in the shape shown i.e. “Start drawing from the inner edge and draw upwards and bend the pencil to draw diagonal shape and stop at the arcs of your natural or concealed brows”

Chola Tattooed Eyebrows

Instead of having to draw the chola brows, you can decide to go for chola tattooed eyebrows where a tattoo that resembles them will be done on your eyebrows. Since tattoos are semi permanent makeup that can last for several years, be sure you want to create them. See more on eyebrow tattoos including costs, benefits, procedure, etc. If you have decided to go for the tattoo, you will either be shaving off your eyebrows, concealing them or go for permanent removal.

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Chola Eyebrow Sharpies

If you would wish to try chola eyebrow sharpies, you need first to shave off your brows and them using a soft black eyebrow pencil, draw on your eyebrows.  Although these eyebrow sharpies were common among the Hispanic and Latin Americans, the trend is again becoming popular across the world. However, most of the people in the US actually find sharpie eyebrows awful. However, for some people, they only create the illusion of shaved eyebrows without actually shaving them off.

Chola Eyebrows Photos and Pictures

After a lengthy discussion on cholas brows, it is worthwhile to view some of the chola eyebrow photos and pictures below. These pictures should help you understand more clearly, what these they are. Do you think they are trendy or awful? Let us not base our discussion on any form of racial discrimination but share our thoughts on how they look.

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