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Bushy Eyebrows – Tips & Advice on How to Trim, Fix Big Bushy Eyebrows for Men, Girls, Actors with This Brows

What are bushy eyebrows? How do you trim or fix big them? Bushy and luxurious eyebrows are so fashionable they say. Others argue otherwise. We are going to discuss how to fix such for both men and women, some male  or actors  and celebrities with very big bushy eyebrows and give advice on whether to trim or not trim bushy Say?

Proponents of bushy eyebrows have many reasons why they think they are fashionable. When we asked a few people why they though bushy brows were great, this is what they have to say:

  • They are super hot and very gorgeous
  • They make faces that is sexy more sexier
  • They are wild, with no inhibition and so free.
  • They are bold, mysterious and they give the face a sexy frame.
  • Having bushy brows is like having abs.
  • Bushy brows are so thick and will make you charm.

These are the feeling that people have towards bushy brows, especially men, who love such eye brows. However, there are those who feel that such brows are a way to backward evolution. Whichever way you look at them, you are right. While discussion bushy eyelashes, there are a number of questions which will answer which include the following?

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  1. Hi, Just want to know if someone have waxed her eyebrow completely and have applied kohl kajal on it how many days or weeks will it take to grow as it is already 10 months and her eyebrow has not yet grown.

    • Thank you for your questions. Eyebrows normally take 4-8 weeks to grow after waxing. See more How to Grow Eyebrows Fast. Your eyebrows have taken much longer than expected. You need to also see more causes of eyebrow loss, remedies and much more to see if you could find answer to why they are not growing back.

  2. I love my eyebrows, they have a sense of belonging. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. They are apart of my apperance and my identity.

  3. Hi,i have very thick brows is there any treatment or lasic hair removale to make it normal

    • @sumit. If your eyebrow is extremely big and you do not like it, you can go for laser hair removal from an expert. They should get them into your desired shape.

  4. My eyebrows are joint together and r very thick…

    Thickness is OK for me but they don’t look good joint with each other what shud I do expert please help.

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