Best Eyebrow Stencils – How to Use, Choose, Tips for Printable, Pre-waxed, Celebrity, Plastic Stencils for Eyebrows
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Best Eyebrow Stencils – How to Use, Choose, Tips for Printable, Pre-waxed, Celebrity, Plastic Stencils for Eyebrows

Are you looking for the best eyebrow stencils including printable, pre-waxed, celebrity inspired or plastic ones?  This guide will let you know what they are, how to choose them, and the common types. You will also know some of the best eyebrow stencil kits you can buy as well as how to use brow stencils, tips and secrets.

Look at the points A, B, C, D on you brows when choosing stencil

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Buy good eyebrow stencils that will give you a good eye brow shape  will help in accentuating your looks. You however, need to know your face shape as well as the . People have different brow shapes, which could be curved , round , angled , flat , or soft angled . Once you have known the basic shape of your eyebrows, you can go ahead to the next step for choosing them.

  • The second step is to decide on the brow thickness you require. Eye brow thickness is completely personal and has to go with what you like. Common thicknesses include ultra thin for people who want extremely thin eyebrows, thin (a quarter an inch), medium, thick (3/8 inches and above).
  • The third step for choosing a good eyebrow stencil is measuring the approximate length of your eyebrows. You should measure a straight line from inner to outer edge of your eyebrows. Typical lengths of eyebrows are from 1.5 to 2.6 inches. You should choose your them i.e. their length basing on the dimensions of length you have gotten.

When choosing eyebrow stencils, go for a slightly wider and .

You will not be required to . Any long eyebrows should be trimmed and brushed in the direction they grow if you want to get the best results.

  • Carefully align your brow stencil on your eyebrows and ensures it covered the desired areas and hold it firmly without letting it slip or move after you have decided where it fits.
  • Using a  using a good brow pencil  , powder or gel. This will give you very accurate and professional looks. However, you should avoid shimmery, glittery brow colo r and go for colors that are, as close to your eyebrows as possible if you desire to get a natural look.
  • Newbie in using these stencils should first try printable online stencils since they are one time.
  • Once you have outlined your eyebrows using a stencil, you could fill them with a different color to help you quickly get the impression of how you will look like when you finally pluck those you do not need.
  • If you are using pre-waxed eyebrows, you have to be certain that the shape formed is what you need since when you remove them, they will remove all the hairs around your brows.


Eyebrow stencils are a great way of avoiding the troubles of having eyebrows that are poorly shaped or taking much time trying to figure how to shape your asymmetrical eyebrows.

You have learnt a great deal including how to choose and some of the best eyebrow stencil kits. Following the above steps for using these stencils and having the correct types will ensure you get perfect natural and stunning brow looks.

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