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Best Eyebrow Pencil – How to Use, Apply, Choose Waterproof, Black, Blonde, Red, Benefits and Tips for Brow Pencils

Looking for the best eyebrow pencil? Learn get not only the best waterproof, conditioning, natural looking or top overall but also how to use, apply and choose eyebrow pencils. You will also learn more on black, blonde, red brow pencils and some tips and secrets. 

Various Colors and Shades

A good eyebrow pencil when used together with a .

They are not permanent makeup where you can easily clean them using a .

When applying pencils for eyebrows, you need to have an eyebrow brush, mirror, sharpener, makeup brush, and cotton pads or swabs. Here are the steps on how to use them.

  • Pick the correct pencil shade. If blunt, sharpen it to ensure it has a pointed tip, not to sharp to poke you. This will ensure you have best and most natural looks.
  • Brush your eyebrows, and begin applying eyebrow pencil form inner eye corners outwards using feathery strokes in an upward direction while following your brow shapes . Apply mild pressure and ensure the strokes are short and light.
  • Clear any mess using the cotton pads including any smudges, unnatural strokes, stray lines, or uneven lines.  Cotton swabs will be ideal for clearing any straying marks you have created.
  • If you necessary, an eyebrow brush should be used to ensure your brow pencils is evenly applied. Brush in the same manner you did as you were applying them.

How to Apply Eyebrow Pencil Video Presented by Lancôme

<iframe width=”576″ height=”324″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/Q_sEFBaToUU” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

In addition to the how to apply eyebrow pencil steps covered above and the video, you need to know a few tips , secrets and advice to avoid making silly mistakes or ruining your looks.

  • Avoid using brow pencil on your skin. It should be used on your eyebrows if you want the most authentic looks.
  • Invest in good quality or best brand that will assure you best results. Going for an inferior quality might not give you the best of looks.


How to choose and apply eyebrow pencil should be very clear. The above tips should make everything much easier. If you practice well, the process requires less than two minutes of your time and it is much easier than applying other eye makes like mascara , false eyelashes , eyeliner or eyeshadow .

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