Wide Set Eyes or Far Apart Eyes – Meaning, Makeup, Tips, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Mascara, Attractive and Personality
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Wide Set Eyes or Far Apart Eyes – Meaning, Makeup, Tips, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Mascara, Attractive and Personality

Do you have wide set eyes and are looking for information? This article will give you more information on what are far apart eyes, personalities of people who have these eye type, and how do you make them look closer using eye makeup, such as eyeliner, . This eye types tend to make someone to look youthful and much more open in their appearance. If you did not know, they are attractive  and they should not worry you.

People with Far Apart Eyes

The far apart eyes are lovely and considered most beautiful. After all, Amanda Bynes loves Drake, the rapper, even though Drake has them. Apart from Drake, other celebrities with these eye type include Uma Thurman, Jessica Alba, Oprah and Kate Moss.

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Wide Set Eyes and Personality

On personality, ancient Chinese believed that people who have them were not keen to details but put much attention to the bigger picture. For instance, if you have a boss who has wide set eye type , you need to look at the whole picture while passing your idea around and not go to details. This way, he or she is likely to understand faster.

What Causes Eyes too Far Apart

Other than genetics, there are various conditions, which can cause them. Some of the conditions, which are said to cause these eye type, include, Rieger syndrome ,Turner syndrome , Trisomy X , and Dysosteosclerosi. This is just a by the way and not the main emphasis in this article. Let us now look at makeup for eyes too far apart.

towards the outer eye edge. This will make them look shorter and help in inward framing of your face. Read more on the and under eye concealers (if you have dark under eye circles on your eyes to hide any imperfections) before you can apply your eyeshadow primer on your eyelids.

  • Apply the lightest shade of eyeshadow or highlighter, commonly the neural eyeshadow, on your eyelids, from brow bone to the lash line and on your lower eyelids if you want dramatic looks.
  • Apply medium eyeshadow color on your eyelids, beginning form outer eye corner crease towards your inner eye corner, increasing its intensity as you approach inner eye corner and eyelids. This will help make them appear closer.
  • Take the darkest eyeshadow and begin applying it from your slightly from outside your outer eye corner, across your upper lash line to your eye creases. Also, apply it on your lower eyelids without extending it beyond the outer edge of your eye. This will draw attention from your inner eye corner which will make people notice you have  far apart eyes.

Applying Eyeliner for Wide Set Eyes

One you are through with eyeshadow application, you can go to eyeliner application . This will involve applying eyeliner on your upper and lower lash line. To do so, apply eyeliner only towards the outer lash line using a thin soft stroke.  One tip for using eyeliner is to use white eyeliner on your inner eye rims to help open them up and not to overwhelm them.

Applying Mascara for Wide Set or Far Apart Eye Types

To finish applying eye makeup, generously apply mascara on your eyelashes. It is preferable to use back mascara on your upper eyelids to create an illusion of l onger and thicker eyelashes .


Wide set eyes are a great feature that you should not bother so much. However, if  they are too far apart, you can use the above steps for applying makeup to make them look closer. I hope you now have a clear understating of what they are and makeup tips.

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How do you make your far apart or wide set eyes look closer?

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