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Large Eyes – Meaning, Makeup, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Celebrities with, and Why Men Love Women with Larger Eyes

Large eyes are a alluring if you know how to enhance them. Get accredited information on what they are, why men prefer them, and some of the girls and women with large eyes. You will also learn about .

Why do Men Prefer Large Eyed Women – Are they Attractive?

One question, worthwhile tackling in this discussion is reasons why men love large eyed women. Of course, not every man loves them. There are two separate answers to reason why men love large eyes. Women with eyes that are larger, , maybe a little bit of . However, if you use makeup wrongly, you might make them even larger and look like the large eyed lemur. This is on a light note.

We are going to discuss various ways you can put on makeup if your eyes are large to make them look exceptional and draw attention to them since they are already attractive. You really need to know how to apply eye makeup since I know a few people who feel their eyes are too big and they overwhelm other facial features.

, dramatic or subtle.

To begin with, you need to know  for Larger Eyes

If your eyes are large, you need to apply about two coats of mascara. Some

of the recommended types of mascaras to go for are either the thickening mascaras or lengthening mascara.

Furthermore, you need first to curl your upper eyelashes, especially with the heating eyelash curler to help give them more open look before you can apply mascara. See more on how to apply mascara.

If you do not particularly have lush eyelashes, you can consider going for either eyelash extensions or false eyelashes. They will create the same effect of longer luscious eyelashes that will make them more open.


We have looked at what larger eyes are, how to apply eye makeup including eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara. You have a list of women with eyes that are large; why men love such women and a lot more.

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How do you apply makeup on your large eyes?

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