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Hooded Eyes – Eyeshadow, Eyeliner and Eye Makeup Tips and Celebrities with Hooded Eyelids

Would you like to know what hooded eye are and how to apply eye makeup for hooded eyes? Get information on what they are, celebrities with hooded eyelids, makeup tips for these eye types including  whose upper eyelids are completely hidden or almost completely by the upper eye part especially when your eyes are open. This creates a hood like look on your eyes hence the name. When you have hooded eyelids, you can hardly see the natural crease on eyelid because of the above extra skin that hides it. This does not mean you have ,  or , close set eyessmall eyes, round eyes, etc. that also hooded, ensure you keenly consider each of these features and follow the application method for the feature you make to make least visible. For instance, you might be having big hooded eyelids and you want them to appear small. You then need to follow steps for applying makeup for big eyes.


We have comprehensively covered on hooded eyes, from what they are, makeup tips (including eyebrow grooming, eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner) and much more. Not to over emphasis, that they are lovely and a charm and should not be confused with saggy or droopy eyelids.

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Do you have hooded eyelids? How do you apply makeup for hooded eyelids?

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