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Downturned Eyes & Upturned Eyes – Makeup Tips, How Apply, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Mascara for Down Turned Eyes

Do you have downturned eyes and you would like to know how you could use ; however, the natural upwards lift on the outer eye corner makes them different as it is more pronounced.  This givens the lower eyelid of people with upturned eyes more emphasis and it will look much longer. So what are some of the eye makeup for upturned eyes?

Makeup tips for Up Turned Eyes

If you have upturned eyes, while applying eye makeup, your objective should be to create a downward illusion on the up turned outer corner of the eye.

  • One way of achieving this objective is applying dark eyeliner on the outer corner. Most people often turn to on top of the dark or .  If you do not know how correctly to . Of course, you will need to apply eyeshadow base and eyeshadow primers first. Use a softer eyeshadow from the inner eye corners and as you approach the outer eye corner, make it bolder and heavier. Warm brown will be ideal for your creases.
  • Your eyebrows can help in reducing downturned eye looks. You need to a pply eyebrow pencil making it thicker from inner eye and thinner as you move towards the outer corner.

If you follow the above steps, you will be able professionally to create sultry looks on your downturned eyes and no one will notice they are down turned. Is that not the objective of using makeup?


We have discussed what they are as well as some of the makeup for downturned and upturned eyes. For downturned eyes, you are trying to create an illusion of straight looks which means you will be trying to lift the turned down eyed while on up turned you will be trying to pull down the upturned outer eye corner.

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Do you know anyone who has upturned or downturned eyes?

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