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Close Set Eyes – Meaning, Makeup, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Eyebrow Tips, Actresses, Personality of Close Set Eyed People

In this article on close-set eyes, you are going to learn about what they are, people and celebrities who have them and personalities of people who have them.  Also you will learn on how to apply eye makeup for close-set eyes, you will learn about on your closed set eyes is to make them appear as if they were a little further from each other. The general way to create this illusion of eyes that are slightly far apart will be using darker eye makeup on the outer corners and lighter on the inner corners. Do you have these eye type and you always wish to hide using glasses? You do not need to do so; here are some of the simple tips, secrets and ideas on how to make them look great as you use eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and your eyebrow makeup:

Eye Brow Makeup for Close Set Eyes and Tips

The way you shape and pluck your eyebrows can have an impact on the general appearance of your close-set eyes. The object is to create an illusion of far apart eyes or draw attention away from your inner eye corner. Here is what you should do:

  • Avoid plucking your eyebrows back since they will draw much attention on the middle part of your eyes and people will easily notice them. Eyebrows should begin from a vertically line drawn from the middle of each of the nostril to the eyes. See more on , you need to apply it both on your top and lower eyelids but from outer eye corner to midway your iris. You can create winged or cat eye looks if you like.
  • Run lighter eyeliner on your inner corner of the eyes. This area is most recessed and darker which if left will make the eyes even more closers. Lighter eyeliner will besides making your eyes apart brighten your eyes and make you more awake.
  • Another eyeliner makeup for close-set eyes is using blue eyeliner or any other eyeliner that will make your eyes to pop up. This will create an illusion of more open eyes and diminish their far close appearance. The exact eyeliner color you choose to make your eyes pop up will be depended on your eye color .
  • Finally, avoid lining your inner eye rims with dark eyeliner, as they will trace your eye shape making the other eye makeup you applied to have a lesser impact. If you have to line your inner rims, you have to use white eyeliner and put more emphasis on the inner eye corner.

Mascara for Close Set Eyes and Tips

Did you know how you use mascara can have an impact on your overall appearance if you have close-set eyes? Here is how you can use mascara to help create an illusion of far apart eyes.


These are the steps on how to apply makeup for close-set eyes. I hope can now tell if you have them or not, how to create the illusion of wider eye and much more.

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