Asian Eyes – Tips, Makeup, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyebrows, Differences and How to Get the Asian Eye Looks
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Asian Eyes – Tips, Makeup, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyebrows, Differences and How to Get the Asian Eye Looks

Asian women are the most stunning with adorable Asian eyes and lovely dark hair. If you are an Asian girl, learn more about what your eyes, their differences with Caucasians and makeup tips. On Asian eye makeup, we will discuss eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara and crease). Furthermore, theys are not as round and wider like African Americans or Caucasians. They slightly resemble has a very large impact on how your eyes  will look like at the end of the day. You need to decide on how many .

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sian eyes can determine the looks you get. We are not going to mention more about specific on your lower eyelid. This will help define your eye shape making it much bigger and rounder.

  • Blend and Blend – for great looks, ensure you have blended your eye makeup well until it is seamless and it has not demarcations.

How to Get Asian Eye Looks

How to get Asian Eye Looks

If you would like to get Asian eye looks, you need to know how to use eyeliner and eyeshadow as well as general face grooming. So how do you go about when you want to get Asian eyes?

  • Brush your hair backwards and secure it with a hair bad or ponytail holder that is sturdy. This will help in pulling back your hairline and skin around your eyes will be pulled back. You will immediately notice them getting the elongated Asian eye look.
  • On your eye creases, use a light beige or white eyeshadow to help hide the shadow formed by your eye creases since Asian eyed people do not have such a crease i.e. they do not have double eyelids like the western people.
  • Apply mascara on your outer up and bottom eyelashes lightly to help emphasis your eyes and make them look like those of Asians.
  • Use chapstick on your lips especially lipstick , lip stain or lip gloss to help emphasis your mouth shape and make it look like the one of Asian girls.

If you want to get permanent Asian eyes , you need to consider plastic surgery. This is rather a costly process, which will make you have these types of eyes forever.


We have looked at Asian eyes including what they are, their differences with Caucasians and African American eyes as well as makeup tips. On makeup tips, we covered eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, and eyebrows makeup. The above Asian eye makeup tips should help you create the best looks ever.

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  1. 1. Not all asians have monolids. Many have double eyelids. ‘Asian eyes’ come in different types so putting them as 1 category really doesn’t make sense. Certain makeup techniques can’t be applied to work on all asian eye types. Perhaps, you should have gone with the term ‘ asian- monolid makeup’ instead.

    • I am totally agree with you,my said the true opinion very good.with best wishes

    • You’re right. The first picture even shows an Asian woman with a fold in her eyelid while the text beside it says the exact opposite! Some of us have a natural crease and some of us don’t. This article can only be applied to certain types of Asian eyes.

  2. There’s no such thing as Asian Eyes. If they exist, so does European eyes? Asians have different eye shapes. But the most commons are oriental and almond. I’m an Asian myself.

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