Tube Mascara – Best Tubing Brands, Tips, How to Apply, Wear, Remove, Technology Review
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Tube Mascara – Best Tubing Brands, Tips, How to Apply, Wear, Remove, Technology Review

Tube mascaras is the new way to go if you are tired of the traditional types. This tubing mascaras review is going to give you what are, some best tube mascara brands or tubing , how to apply them, how to remove tube mascaras and much more on this new technology. 

Tube Mascara Review, Best Brands, Tips and How to Apply Tube Mascaras - L'Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara L’Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes Looks

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Tube or tubing mascara sounds strange. It is how

ever a new opening to the endless inventions in eyelash products.  Unlike the traditional mascaras, they encase your lashes with small, tiny tubes, which work like eyelash extensions. They come in different colors and you are supposed first to apply you your lash primer or traditional brands as your base coat before you finally apply them. Of course, you cannot apply tthem and then curl your eyebrows since this will mess up with the impact created.

Tube mascaras actually lengthens your eyelashes i.e. it a true lengthening mascaras, unlike the traditional mascara, which only give a false impression of longer eyelashes.  To ensure they work properly, most of the them are waterproof; they do not smudge or flake. They often do not come out until you deliberately want to get rid of them.

In addition, the technology use is a more recent one and not many mascara manufacturers have began making it. Expect to spend slightly higher to buy them as opposed to the traditional brands and some users do not justify the high price.

Best Tubing Mascara – Top Brands

Unlike other types, these brands are not so many. If fact you will barely find other brands besides the once provided in this article. Just like the traditional brands, tubing mascara come in different colors. Choose a color that suits your eye, hair and face color especially if you are going for colored mascaras. After conducting our research on them, we came up with three best tube mascara brands:

Blinc Tube

  • Blinc
  • L’Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes
  • Eyeko London

Among the three best mascara listed above, Blinc Mascara Tubing is the best overall with many people having rated it highly and are very happy about it. To have an experience, especially the L’Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes, watch this L’Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes review now

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How to Apply Tube Mascara – Wearing Tubing Mascaras

Best Brands and Looks

The moment you buy your favorite tubing mascara brand, the next headache will be how to apply it. Surprisingly, how to apply tubing mascara is very simple and follows the normal steps of applying mascaras.  So how to you apply tubing mascara?

  1. The first step in applying them is to apply your lash primer or base coat. This will be important in making your eyelashes fuller since theyhave the main role of actually lengthening your eyelashes.
  2. Add second layer of this if you want more fullness.
  3. Apply tube mascara in the same way you apply others.

While applying them, a few users have complained of clumping and that it is much harder to apply compared to the normal types. You need to try it out to see if it is real or not since there are many users who have reported dramatic results.

How to Remove Tube Mascaras

You have applied them and you look very nice. However, you cannot stay with it forever. You have to remove it.  To remove tube mascaras, you need to use warm water and rub your eyelashes gently just as you do when showering. While removing them, you will see some tubes that slide off your eyelashes.

Tube Mascara Tips, Secrets and Advices

You have learn how to apply and remove tubing mascaras, it is time to learn a few tricks, tips and ideas that will ensure you have a wonderful experience. We do not want you to start complaining or get disappointed.

  • Since the they are more durable and have a stronger construction, ensure you remove them before you go to bed. This is important if you want healthy eyelashes.
  • Although most users have reported that removing tubing mascaras is very easy, a few have complained it is tedious. You therefore need to be very careful to avoid removing your eyelashes as this could cause temporary loss of eyelashes.


Most users who have reviewed  them have confirmed that they last the whole day, even when you go to the gym or run your usual daily activities.  You know how to apply tube mascaras and remove them. What are you waiting for? Try them to see if they could unlock the beauty, you have been hiding for long!

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