How to Apply Mascara– Tutorial, Tips, Put On Bottom Lash, Upper, Use and Remove Mascara Professionally and Perfectly
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How to Apply Mascara– Tutorial, Tips, Put On Bottom Lash, Upper, Use and Remove Mascara Professionally and Perfectly

Would you like to know how to apply mascara like pro including tips, tutorial on how to put on bottom lash, upper, how to use or remove mascara professionally? There is nothing like a beginner or pro, it is all about learning the correct steps to follow, choosing the best mascara brands and following a few tips and tricks I will discuss.  This guide is also going to introduced you to mascara, give you an idea of the type and steps for applying accompanied with two how to apply mascara videos. 

Great Looks

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What is Mascara?

Mascara refers to eyelash cosmetic designed to darken, thicken, lengthen and define eyelashes as a way of enhancing ones eye looks to make them look much more beautiful. These powerful arsenals for women (and some men) are nothing new, as they have existed for many centuries.  They common come in liquid, cake, cream or fibrous. They often contain ingredients such as pigments, oils, solvents, waxes, preservatives, etc.

When choosing mascaras, ensure you go for the best mascaras only as this will guarantee you excellent results.  There are quite a number of types of mascaras. You need to decide if you want colored mascara or not, for instance. (If you want colored kindly, see how to use colored mascaras first). The common types of mascaras you can use include clear , fiber , tube , falsies , waterproof , lengthening , volumizing mascara , etc.

In addition, there is mattes (not light reflecting particles) and shimmers (with light reflecting particles). People who are so sensitive can go for Hypoallergenic mascaras.  You can even make mascaras at home . All this knowledge is important for people who not only want to know how to put on mascaras but also how to wear them.

Best Mascara Brands

Before we look at steps for applying them, you deserve to know a few great mascaras. You should also ensure you know the pricing for the best mascara before settling on any specific brand.

  1. Diorshow Iconic
  2. The Body Shop Define & Lengthen
  3. Flirt! Far Out
  4. Maybelline Great Lash
  5. Diorshow
  6. Lancome Definicils High Definition
  7. Givenchy Noir Couture
  8. Lancome Hypnose Star
  9. Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long-Wear
  10. Chanel Inimitable

Applying mascaras

How to Apply Mascara – Tutorial for Applying Mascaras

Most ladies fail to get long, defined, voluptuous, thickened and enhanced eyelashes  not because of a bad mascara choice but since they do not know how to apply mascara well. It is time to look at that. I am not going to begin directly on steps but also mention other previous eye makeup  you might wear to ensure you know the correct steps to follow. This is what is going to make a different. You do not want to apply mascara and then start struggling with applying eyeshadow  or eyeliners.  So what are the steps to follow when you want to put on mascaras?

Step 1 – Apply other Eye Makeup

The first step for applying mascara is applying other eye makeup. This will involve the following:

  • Wash your face and apply face makeup including face foundation, oil free moisturizersblushfacial powder , etc.
  • The next step is to apply under eye concealereyeshadow primer  and eyeshadow base  before finally applying your eyeshadow .  Ensure the eyeshadow you use will match compliment your mascaras. If you are going for colored mascara , you might not need to apply your eyeshadow. You will also need to apply eyeliner  before you can apply mascaras.

Step 2 – Curl Your Eyelashes

Using an eyelash curler , you need to curl eyelashes. You could also use curling mascaras if you do not want to curl your eyelashes. This is an optional step as not everyone curls his or her eyelashes when applying mascara. Furthermore, some people prefer curling eyelashes once they are through with wearing mascaras but this is not advisable. When curling your eyelashes, ensure you carefully put it on the base of your eyelashes without getting any eyelid skin to the curler. When curling, press and hold the curler for around 10 seconds.

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Step 3 – Apply Mascara Primer

Once you are through with application of eye makeup, you need to go to the first step of applying mascara, which will be applying mascara primer . This is important in ensuring it adheres well and enhances your looks further. Some people choose to skip applying primer but it is very important.  For steps on how to apply primer on your lashes, see the steps for applying mascara in step 4.

Step 4 – Apply Mascara – Bottom Lash and Upper Lash

Once you have applied your mascara primer, you need to begin applying them while primer is still wet. I am going to dwell on this step to ensure you learn how to apply mascara properly or like a pro. Most people often do a few mistakes here and there as they apply mascara and this might make they look less stunning.  Here is the procedure, which also applies to when applying primer because the two products are basically the same.

  1. Pick the mascara you want to wear and without pumping, ensure it has gotten enough by gently making twirling movements or twists inside the its container (bottle or tube).
  2. You do not want clumping to occur, ensure you get rid of excess mascara first by rubbing your wand or applicator on the inner rim on your  tube. If it is still more than what you need, use a tissue paper to rub off the excess . This step is very important if you do not clumping.
  3. Sit or stand in front of a mirror and look straight and forward to ensure you will be able to swipe your eyeshadow wand or brush easily as you put it on. People who have shaky hands need to place the elbow of their dominant hand on a firm surface to be able to apply mascara perfectly.
  4. While applying mascara on your upper eyelash, place your applicator, brush or wand horizontally on the base or root of your eyelashes and gently comb, glide or pull it towards your eyelash tips. You should make slight jarring or wiggling back and forth movements carefully to avoid clumping and do it until every eyelash has gotten mascara. Ensure you move the wand outwards and upwards to help your eyelashes curl.  Do not blink until it has completely dried.
  5. To create a balance, you need to apply them on your lower lash too. Look downwards and place your wand vertically on the base of your lower lash and run it along your lower eyelashes i.e. when applying on your lower lashes; you need to make outwards and downwards movements. This is only necessary if you have a large mascara wand for applying the upper eyelashes. If you have a smaller brush, you could apply mascara just as in the case of the upper eyelashes while it is held horizontally.
  6. If you do not want to stain your eye with your mascara, you could cover it using a business card or folded tissue paper. Put it under your eyelashes, and ensure it covers your eyelids for the case of upper and lower eyelids.
  7. If you want to apply a next coat, you have to let the initial coat dry first before you go to the next one. Fewer coats will create milder mascara looks while more coats will create bolder looks. It all depends on what you want.
  8. If you want a thin application, lift up slightly your upper eyelid skin with your finger and gently brush through your eyelashes using a wand only a few times beginning from your inner corner to the outer corner.
  9. In case smudging occurs, you will use a cotton bud and makeup remover and once they have been removed, ensure you reapply eye makeup.
  10. To make your eyelashes look much thicker, you could use black eyeliner on your waterline, especially waterproof eyeliner .

If you have trouble in applying mascara on the lower or bottom eyelids, see how to apply bottom lash mascara

How to Remove Mascaras

How to remove mascara has been covered under the topic how to remove makeup in details. See how to remove makeup for more details.

We want you to look great and amazing. We do not want you to look like you visited a cheap makeup artists or it is your first time to apply mascara. These secrets, advices, tricks and tips for applying mascaras are what will make the different because the above steps on how to apply mascara is basically what everyone uses. You might not make a different with them as they have been shared by some of the best makeup artists you know.

How to Apply and Remove Mascaras

  • When applying mascara, you should be very careful to avoid scratching your cornea. Mascara application is  one of the main causes of cornea scratches. In case you poke your eye, wash your eye immediately.
  • Avoid pumping the applicator or wand into the bottle. If you have a challenge of your mascara drying quickly, flaking or clumping, you must be pumping your wand into the bottle.
  • It is advisable to begin with your upper lashes before going to your lower lashes when wearing mascara. This will prevent tiny dots on your eyelids as you apply your lower lashes while looking downwards.
  • Always remove mascara and other eye makeup before you go to bed.
  • If you have very long eyelashes, avoid applying to much, as it can look overdone.
  • People who wear contact glasses should avoid fiber mascara , as there are chances of the fibers getting on to the contact lenses and irritate your eyes. Furthermore, they should wear mascaras for people who wear contact glasses.
  • To minimize eye infection, ensure you replace mascaras after 3 to 4 months since each time you open and close them, some bacteria often get in. If it has become too thick, replace it as thicker mascaras are much difficult to apply and you will get spider like looks.
  • Choose your mascara wands carefully because there are different brushes some of which will help lift and curl lashes , reach eye corners, apply on thick eyelashes, get long defined lashes and reduced clumping. Not every brush will help you achieve the looks you want.
  • People who want natural looks should use only base mascaras, which matches their skin color. Clear mascaras will help creating the impression you are not wearing them at all yet your eyelashes will look thicker, defined and longer.
  • Avoid sharing mascara with your friends to minimize infection and if you feel any form of irritation, you should wash it off immediately and never use it again unless you establish the cause of irritation. Furthermore, if you get an infection, stop using all of them you have, wait until you get well and buy new ones to avoid re-infecting yourself again.
  • After using your brush or wand, it is good to wash it and dry it to reduce clumping during subsequent applications.

How to Apply Mascara Video Guides

Enough of the steps, tips, trick and all that stuff on applying mascaras. We need to go to real things where you are going to see how to apply mascara practically. I decided to include two videos, which show slightly different techniques for you to choose what is best for you.

Would you like to know how to apply mascaras like a pro? This How to Apply Mascara like a Pro Video helps you visualize everything.

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If you want a new technique for applying mascara, see New Way to Apply Mascaras Video . It is just another way of doing it and not really new.

<iframe width=”853″ height=”480″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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We might have not covered everything because different makeup artists suggest slightly different ways to apply mascara. How do you ensure you look professional with your mascara? Share, Advice, Warn and give ideas!

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