Bottom Lash Mascara – How to Apply, Put on, Best Lower Lash Mascara, Tips, Tutorials and Secrets
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Bottom Lash Mascara – How to Apply, Put on, Best Lower Lash Mascara, Tips, Tutorials and Secrets

Do you find it a challenge to apply mascara on your bottom or lowere lash and rather ignore them? This article will serve as a good guide in applying bottom lash mascaras including best brands, as well as how to put on or how to apply bottom eyelash mascara, tips, secrets and step by step tutorial. You will also have a Clinique Bottom Lash review and a video guide. 

Clinique Bottom Lash

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Challenges of Applying Bottom or Lower Lash Mascaras

Many users of mascara find it very difficult to use it of their lower lashes because most of the best brands come with a larger applicator, wand or brush. These larger applicators of course help in creating larger eyelashes. However, they often make it hard to apply mascaras on your lower lashes and thereby you are likely to have messy looking eyelashes. Clumping, smearing and flaking is also common on your lower lashes if you do not apply mascara correctly and this will make your dark circles and eye wrinkles more visible.

Solutions to Bottom Lash Mascara Challenge

Some companies have noted the challenges of applying bottom lash mascaras we have discussed above. They are coming with either specialized  products or smaller brushes that can do the work perfectly well. For companies that have invested in such mascaras, they ensure that their formula helps in achieving a consistent coat on the lower lashes and they accompany such mascaras with smaller brushes.

If you want to continue using your normal mascara on your bottom eyelashes, there is no problem. You only need to buy a smaller brush suitable for applying mascara on your bottom eyelashes. However, going for them is a good idea as these products are made in a way that they help reduce flaking or smearing. Furthermore, these formulas also last longer and come with special techniques for removing your them. Let us review one such product, the

Clinique Bottom Lash Video Review

If you are looking for eyelashes, which have been specifically designed, for your lower eyelashes, you need to use the Clinique. Here is a review of CliniqueVideo.

How to Apply Bottom Lash Mascaras – How to Put on

Lower Lash Mascaras Tips and Secrets

Instead of relying on products like Clinique Bottom Lash on your lower eyelashes, you can still learn how to apply any brand and do it like a professional without any challenges. You need to get the right brush to be able to apply your regular mascara on your lower lashes.  Even without spending another cent on a smaller brush to apply mascara on your lower eyelashes, you can still do it without much difficulty. This will however need some practices to perfect it.

Steps for Apply Lower Eyelashes Mascaras

If you want to be able to apply your lower eyelash mascara more easily, you need to ensure you follow the correct steps. This will ensure even with your regular wand or brush, you are able to apply them perfectly.

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  1. Before you apply them, you need to ensure you eyelids are clean and moisturized. You will be required to apply other eye makeup such as foundation, eye concealers, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow base, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. This is required every time you want to apply them.
  2. Once you have dipped your wand or brush in your mascara, you need to get rid of the excess on the brush using a tissue paper. Flaking and smudging is often a result of using a wand that is too much mascara. This way, no clumping at all. If some clumping occurs, you should immediately remove the clumps using your wand or brush.  If you have a problem of smudging, it is wise to invest in waterproof mascaras. This will ensure it is not transferred to your lower lash skin.
  3. To avoid smearing your lower eyelid while applying mascara, you should use a tissue paper and hold it using your less dominant hand to cover the lower eyelid as you will be using your dominant hand. Fold the tissue paper into half. This technique is very important for those who have shaky hands.
  4. When you begin applying them, ensure you wand is vertical and not horizontal as in the case for applying them on upper lashes. If you want a very natural look, touch the tips of your lower lashes with the brush. For people who want more intense and smoldering looks, they can apply more mascara on their lower lashes.

See How to Put Mascara on Your Lower Eyelashes

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Lower Lashes Mascara Tips, Ideas, Advices and Secrets

How to Apply them

You have covered much on bottom eyelash mascara including specialized lower lash mascara products such as Clinique Bottom Lash and how to apply mascaras on your lower eyelash. It is now time to learn the tips that will ensure you look great.

  • Lower lash mascara is very important, as it will help in creating a more balanced eye. However, ensure you do not overdo to overwhelm upper lashes since your eye might look heavy on the lower side.
  • When applying them, you need to be very gentle on how you handle your lower eyelids. Avoid pulling them downwards while applying your mascara.
  • They could be could be neutral, brown or even black. This is more of your personal choice. However, black looks best followed by brown while colored mascaras could help you add more drama.


Whether you will go for specialized or not is upon you to decide since we have seen you can still apply mascaras on your lower eyelash perfectly. If the pain of applying them is so much, you could invest in products such as Clinique Bottom Lash, which will make life easier for you.

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