Fiber Mascara Review – Best Brands, Benefits, Risks, How to Apply and Remove Fibre Mascara
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Fiber Mascara Review – Best Brands, Benefits, Risks, How to Apply and Remove Fibre Mascara

Do you have short and scanty eyelashes and you want to make them longer? Nothing can help you achieve that other than the fiber mascaras. This article will let you know what are, how to apply them, some of the best fiber mascara brands, risks and a lot more.

Fibre Mascara Looks

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What is Fiber Mascara?

Fiber mascara is a type  that has tiny or micro-fibers (thread like fibers) made from rayon, silk or nylon, which attach to your eyelashes to make them look much longer and much fuller. They have a tendency of clinging to the eyelashes and stick together because  any type is sticky. They are one of the best options for people who would love to have longer lashes but they do not want to put on fake mascaras  since the their results could be comparable.

What Are Their Benefits

If you have opted for fibre mascara, you should know that they have a number of benefits, which include some we have already mentioned. To summarize, here are the benefits of fiber mascara:

  • They will help in achieve longer and fuller eyelashes.
  • You do not need to use glue as in the case of false eyelashes , which is both tedious and time consuming. There is also the risk of getting glue to your real eyelashes when you use false eyelashes, which could have many detrimental effects.
  • Some brands have conditionings and nourishments, which can help, promote the health of your natural eyelashes .

The prices at which you are going to buy fibre mascaras will vary depending on the specific brands you go for. However, they are generally more expensive than the traditional mascaras because some fiber has been included and this makes them more functional. They are however much cheaper than false or fake eyelashes.

Best Fiber Mascaras – Top Brands Review

If you are looking for the best fibre mascaras, you should be aware that many brands exist. Some of the brands are packed like the ordinary mascaras. Inside it, some fibers have been included. Other type come separated, a tube of regular type and another one containing only fibers that are to be brushed after you have applied mascara . Do not be surprised if you get brands that have only fibers with no traditional brands. This is good for ladies who want to use their favorite mascaras, which does not have fibers but still apply the fiber.

Furthermore, they come in different colors and you have the advantage of choose one that matches the color of your eyelashes or whichever color you like. So, what are some of the best fiber mascara brands?

Shu Uemura Fiber Xtension Lengthening

  • ModelCo Fibre Lash
  • Maybelline Illegal Length™ Fiber Extensions
  • Too Faced Better Than False Lashes
  • Love Alpha
  • Studio Secrets Professional Fibre
  • Shu Uemura Fiber Xtension Lengthening

The above list of best fibre mascaras is not all-inclusive. Furthermore, you deserve to read reviews, user experience and ratings before using your money on any of the above best fiber mascara brands.

How to Apply Fiber Mascaras

How to apply fiber mascara is highly dependent on the form, which they come in as already, seen when we were discussion on the best brands. If you buy the one, which has fiber inside the mascaras, you need to apply it just as you apply your ordinary mascaras.  See how to Apply them . On the other hand, if you went for the option where mascaras and fibers are separately packed, then you will have to apply usual brands  first, clean up your eyelashes before you apply the them (fibers).

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How to Apply Fiber Mascara Video

For more information on fiber lashes, watch the video on what they are and how you can perfectly apply them:

How to Remove Fibre Mascaras

How to Apply

You have known how to apply them, what about removing them? Is it a hard tedious task to remove fibre mascaras? To remove fiber mascara, you need to either use warm water or soap or makeup remover . The actual procedure of removing them is more or less the same as the one you would follow when removing other traditional brands.

Risk of Fibre Mascaras

If you are using  them, you need to ensure you have gone for a good quality that will not flake away and end up in your eyes. People need to be particularly very careful and only go for the best brands. Furthermore, people who wear contact glasses nee

d to be particularly careful about the use of fibre mascaras.


We have seen what they are, their benefits, risks, and some of the best brands. How to apply and how to remove them has also been covered. The bottom line on this is that although slightly expensive than ordinary types, they will make your eyelashes longer.

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What is your fiber mascara experience? Share, Advice and warn!

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  1. I found the best brand of Fiber Mascara to be an Australian brand called Cherry Blooms! The fibers are black and stay on all day! The mascara itself has a high grade beeswax that’s actually nourishing for your lashes and will help them grow on their own. I wear this product everyday and have compared against brands listed above and nothing compares! its only $13 shipping overseas too but well worth the extra money ????

  2. The one I have found (after trying all those on the list and some) is Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes from Younique Products! It is natural and chemical free. Plus, t comes in two tubes. One is the transplanting gel and the other is dry fibers. They are tiny tea tree fibers! You apply the Gel, apply the fibers and seal with the gel! You can order them for only 29.00 and the set lasts 8-10 weeks! If anyone would lke to do a review on them, contact me!

    • I don’t know if you are still offering for somebody to do a review on your Younique lashes or not, but I would love to try them and review them for you. Please let me know if you are still offering the trial. =) Thanks!

      • I love the look I get with Younique’s 3-d fiber mascara. I fell in love the first time I tried them. I immediately registered with the company to become a presenter because I knew I had my hands on an amazing product.

      • Terri…

        contact me at

        I would love to have an honest review of 3D Fiber Mascara!

    • I found that the 3d fiber lashes may have some chemicals in the gel (not fibers which is all natural), which could be eye irritants. Please let me know.

      • I have somewhat sensitive eyes and wear contacts…have been using Younique 3D fiber lash mascara for about 2 months now…no issues at all and I love the look! Truly the best that I’ve found…and I used to represent a slew of cosmetic lines…!

    • Hi Christen, Its not all chemical free has propylene glycol in it. Yes green tea fibres which is great but the mascara isnt all natural…

    • Hi! I’d like to do the review on Yonique.

  3. I recently bought Cherry Blooms fibre lash mascara and it’s seriously good. I was surprised at how long it made my lashes look and I’ve been receiving so many compliments since I bought it. Cherry Blooms is a must try.

  4. I tried this. Two tubes – one that included fibers. I applied it exactly as instructed, & tried every way suggested on website. It was a mess. Fibers fell into my eyes all day, as well as onto my face which left black smudges. The fibers hurt my eyes. Then they would water & it would smudge worse. Eye doctor advised not to use. Can cause eye infections & nor good at all with contacts. Lashes look good, but only for a little while because once fibers begin falling the nightmare begins.

  5. I ordered Love Alpha, and it is amazing. It really makes my eylashes longer and thicker. I figured, that if I apply the fibers to the upper end of my lashes, it won’t get clumpsy and stays on longer. It lasts quite a long time, but you shouldn’t rub your eyes! ????

  6. I’ve tried cherry bloom massive reaction but with Younique it’s the only mascara I can wear day in day out and even sleep in that I don’t get a reaction from! Wish it had been around years ago when I was dancing full time would have saved my eyes a lot of pain.

    I do my lashes and then use a hair dryer, never had flaking or fibers come off. I’ve thrown away all other mascara for life!

    • Excellent, Kathryn….I sell this mascara and have found it to be exactly as you just wrote…it’s the best!!

    • Hi Kathryn, Just wondering what you think the ingredient in Cherry Blooms that caused such a reaction. It doesnt contain Propylene glycol and a million other ingredients like Younique… Ive been using Cherry Blooms for years and found it lightweight and nourishing for my eyelashes expesically the beeswax ????

  7. I have spent more money than you can shake a stick at on mascaras! Falsies are just unnatural for me…and eyelash inserts are not good for my eyes. I found Younique 3D and just love it! Fibers stay on…does not cause me problems with eye irritation/contact lenses, etc. Water resistant, but not water proof…so cleans off easily. $29.00….it’s the best bang for my buck!!

  8. Is there anyone on this site besides younique presenters. I just need an honest evaluation. No one product can be the best for everyone and no one have complaints. It is actually turning g me off from the product because I can not get an honest evaluation from anyone.

    • Hi, I wrote an honest evaluation. See below. I swear by Blinc/Kiss me (tube your lashes) and Cherry Blooms fibre mascara. Younique was one of the worst mascaras I have ever tried and I have tried them all…in every price range.

  9. I actually just started using Younique 3D Mascara, and I love it. However, I’m all about finding stuff cheaper, and found out that this product is made in China just like freaking everything else is, so I have a much cheaper alternative on the way, Love Alpha…Younique is approx. $30 and Love Alpha purchased on ebay for less than $10.

  10. just learned some make up tricks from some girl friends two of us novice makeup geeks tried younique fiberlash today and were extremely pleased with how long the lashes look. Have had it on about z4 hours and it looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hi,

    I have been using kissme/blinc mascara for over a decade and never thought I would switch mascara’s. I am the type of person who goes to bed with mascara on. Blinc came off easily in the shower with just warm water. A girlfriend sent me Cherry Blooms for a birthday present and I was hooked. My lashes never felt stiff, I could wear it all day, go to bed, never have raccoon eyes, and it was removed just as easily in the shower. I don’t wear makeup,to the gym but I will on occasion wear mascara to the gym in the am or even for a 10 k running race. Both Blinc and cherry blooms pass that test. I tend to be generally warm and most mascara would melt off and give me raccoon eyes. So…for Younique…my other friend was selling this brand and it is half the price of cherry blooms so I thought why not? I love fiber mascara and have stopped using my favourite tube mascara. Younique was a huge disappointment! My lashes were not soft, I had raccoon eyes by the end of a work day, and forget wearing this mascara to the gym or overnight. My eyes also felt itchy all the time. Sine I did not have itchy eyes with the cherry blooms I knew this wasn’t an issue with how I applied the product. But the worse issue with this mascara is that it was extremely difficult to take off. After a shower, with warm water, eye make up remover, vitamin eye cleansing cream, you name it, I could not get this product 100% off my face. It left my eyes red, swollen, and still raccoon eyes like with black rings. I would never recommend this product and you do not get what you pay for. Younique is worse than a department store mascara and does not live up to the hype. I will stick with my $25 blinc tube mascara or the $70 cherry blooms depending on my mood. This is an honest review from a mascara lover, I do not leave the house without it. I wanted to love younique but it was an epic fail. Thanks.

  12. I’ve tried SEVERAL of the big fiber mascaras. The ONLY one I’ve used without having all of the flakes, smudging, and irritation is the moonstruck 3D Mascara from Younique. It’s really the top of the line.

  13. I have thin Asian lashes and have tried everything: lash extensions but hated the cost and the maintenance; Latisse but hated the cost and the chemical drops on my eyes; then theres the various drug store mascaras but got tired of spending the money then being disappointed. I did some research and kept running into cherry blooms; the cost prevented me from purchasing for a while but I kept reading the reviews and finally caved in. It was a little tricky at first but soon after I was hooked! I was happy with results and noticed my natural lashes growing. Shortly after a friend of mine started selling Younique mascara. I told myself I’d give it a try after I was done with cherry blooms. It took me 3-4 months to get thru CB and start Younique. I was anxious for my friends product and the price tag was cheaper. Sadly about a month in Younique I noticed my lashes getting thinner and sparser, and the mascara has become clumpy. Sorry friend, I’m going back to cherry – my time, money and lashes are worth it. i also want to give their brow fiber a try as well.

  14. I.m surprised you didn’t review the Moonstruck fiber lash mascara? It really is the best mascara out there for lengthening, and volume. anyway-great reviews but younique is really incredible

  15. I’ve been asked to write a review on this product, and after trying it, I’ve become a representative for their company, I should say it’s pretty popular and my lashes become very long after just 2 coats. If you have any questions regarding this mascara…(ingredients, best way to apply, etc.) I know it all. If you just interested in purchasing it, here is the link

  16. Have tried using the Younique fiber lash now for a couple of months. It isn’t the great wonderful product that people have tried to sell me on. I end up with mascara on my lids, a big mess, that has to be cleaned up before I can put on eye shadow – don’t do in reverse or you will be removing eye shadow and re-applying. Then, I have to clean black flecks off my face all day. My sales person said to be sure not to use any oil base cleansers as this can cause the mascara not to hold. Done. Try hitting the mascara with a hair dryer after applying. Done. Still, black flecks under my eyes and on the tops of my cheeks. Even tried just using on top lashes and none on bottom lashes. Still a mess. I won’t be wasting another $30 on this product again.

  17. scam sight. where is my reply?

  18. I asked my eye doctor about these products and he said they are not safe. They can cause serious eye infections even eye abrasions. Some people even had thinner eye lashes or they started falling out all together. Even the beauty store told me they aren’t safe. So be careful.

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