Clear Mascara – Best Brands, Uses, Benefits, Tips, How to Apply Colorless Mascaras & Reviews
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Clear Mascara – Best Brands, Uses, Benefits, Tips, How to Apply Colorless Mascaras & Reviews

Get insight on what is clear mascara, best brands, uses for men and women, benefits, tips, how to apply them and clear mascara reviews. You will also know why should mascaras that are clear. This article will answer all your questions. You will know some important secrets for using this type.


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Doesn’t it look ironical that you have to wear clear mascaras yet it will not color or darken your eyelashes? That is the though you are likely to have before you know their benefits to your eyelashes. One thing that is for sure is that any newbie will find it a good choice before they go to other bolder colors.

Benefits of Clear Mascaras – Why Should I wear and Ways to Use

This mascara is must to everyone who wants to get exceptional looking lashes without having to change their color. It has many benefits, which many people often ignore. So why should you use it or what are the benefits of clear mascara?

Base Coat – It works like hair gels do by making y

our eyelashes darker and have a super sleek wet look. This will be very helpful even for women who have darker eyelashes. In fact, there is no reason you should not use it to accentuate your eyelashes even if they are thick and dark.

Natural Makeup – Slight use of clear mascara that is tinted lightly with blush, eyeshadow or facial powder can help create the most natural looks ever. You will look much neat finished and no one will know you are even wearing makeup. TV stars and actors/actress often go for natural makeup when they are in a plot where they should not apply makeup at all to ensure they look great. For instance, when they have just woken up or they have been lost for several days where they cannot buy makeup.


Stop Flaking – Going on with their benefits, you can also use it as a ‘touch-up’ over the ordinary mascaras you wear. This stops flaking. You cannot keep on reapplying your black, brown or colored mascara time and again as they might make your eyelashes look very thick, clumpy or uneven. However, you can use this to tidy your lashes as well as ensure even distribution of colored tints to avoid eyelash caking with mascara.

Contact Lenses – People who wear contact lenses and have sensitive skin should take advantage them.

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Help Keeping Eyelashes Curled – Using it after curling your eyelashes can ensure they remain curled.

Defining Eyelashes – It helps defining eyelashes and quite a number of men are turning to this product.

Eyebrow Taming – Lastly, you can also use it on your eyebrows to tame them in a direction of your choice.

The above benefits happen to have answered the question ‘how to wear clear mascara’ because it takes about benefits and how to use it.

 Best Clear Mascaras – Which Brand Should I Buy or Top Brands

Their uses are many and you should or must be thinking about buying it. We have reviews, tried, and tested some of the best clear mascara brands we could get and come up with a list we think will be very helpful. This list of best brands is subjective especially depending on what is available in your locally and it is not a means of endorsing any specific mascara brand.

over Girl Professional Natural Lash

  • Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash
  • Maybelline Great Lash
  • E.L.F. Wet Gloss Lash & Brow
  • SEVENTEEN Clear Definition
  • Sephora’s Professional Clear Natural
  • Jane Iredale PureBrow Fix and
  • e.l.f. Essentials Wet Gloss Lash & Brow
  • Avon Simply Pretty
  • Miss Sporty Just
  • Yves Rocher

Before you buy any of the above mentioned best brand, you have an obligation of reading many reviews, see how they are rated and go for what is best for you. You should also consider the cost of that best brand you want to buy too. Some beauty products are associated with prestige and this affects their price while they might not be the best.

How to Apply Clear Mascaras – Tutorials for Putting On

Once you are armed with your best brand and you have decided how you are going to use your it, you need to know how to apply clear mascara. To get all the steps to follow, see how to apply mascara. However, here are a few additional to ensure you look stunning:

  1. If you are using only the this, you should then apply it after you have curled your eyelashes. This will ensure that it holds them in place.
  2. As a base coat, you can curl your lashes first, apply it and follow coats of other mascara colors.
  3. If you want to use it after applying your main mascaras, you should then curl your eyelashes just before you apply them.

Checkout the Video to Learn How to Apply Clear Mascaras

Clear Mascara Tips, Secrets, Ideas and Tricks

Their successful use might begin with choose one of the best clear mascara brands. The next step is applying it correctly and of course you need the below very important tips, secrets, tricks, ideas and advices.

Before and After Applying Clear Mascaras

  • Contamination is common when applying them over colored or neutral mascara colors. This might make it to be slightly dark, dirty or cloudy. Ensure you use a clean dry wand. Avoid returning it back the tube after applying on eyelashes that already have other mascara coats. Instead, put a small amount of this on a lid like container and use it from there.
  • They can be used before and/or after you have curled your eyelashes. If you use it before, you want them mainly to give you defining eyelashes although it can still help in ensuring your lashes are stay put. Using them after curling your lashes will ensure lashes remain in place. These two uses also come with the rest of their benefits.


You have learnt on how to apply, reasons why you should use and a few clear mascara tips. Although many people would want to ignore them, they are very important because of the many benefits they have. Men and women can use them to give their eyelashes dazzling looks.

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