Pink Eyeshadow – Best Brands of Hot, Soft, Light, Palette, How to Apply, Ideas, Tutorials for Pink
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Pink Eyeshadow – Best Brands of Hot, Soft, Light, Palette, How to Apply, Ideas, Tutorials for Pink

Do you want to illuminate your eyes? Pink eyeshadow will do it perfectly for you. Learn how to apply pink eyeshadows, best brands including soft, hot, palette as well as ideas, etc. If you are keen, you should be able to get looks of the famous Hollywood celebrities, singers, actress and models since we will also cover how to choose them.

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Pink eyeshadow can help you look awake if you are tired and sleep deprived. If you tried it today, you will notice a spark of brightness on your eyes thus your eyes will end up being brighter and whiter if you used it.

Once you have picked one of the best pink e

Pink eyeshadow Guide

yeshadow brands, the next step will be applying. Many people often find this color very intimidation, that is true to some extent but if you take time to learn and practice, everything is going to be a breeze. If fact, you can try using pink lipstick and blush to see how you will look like just like what you can see on the photo besides:

How to Choose Pink Eyeshadow – Soft Pink, Hot Pink and Light Pink  and Other Shades

Amazing looks will be accompanied with the right choice of  of this color. Let us look first on how different skin shades will pick.

If you have a light skin, use light pink eyeshadow shade and sweep them on your eyelid. Charcoal, or  and rusty eyeshadow could help in creating emphasis on outer eye corners and creases while a neutral eyeliner and mascara will be ideal.

Dark Skin Tones – people with mahogany, caramel or dark chocolate skins should wear pink eye shadows that are darker. Go for shades with tones of apricot and rust will be good if you have a skin that has golden or warm undertones. Tempered pink with purple or beige will be ideal for people have cool skin tones with olive undertones.  To create pop eyes, try mahogany or brownish purple eyeshadow on your eye creases and outer eye corners. Apply neutral eyeliner and mascara.

Girls, who are pale with some pink undertones, blue eyes or blonde hair can look amazing in this color if they pick pink shades that have some golden undertone. Pastel, soft pink or baby pink will be great, especially if it has golden undertones.

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To add intensity, pair up these shades with bronze. Bronze should be used on eye creases and inner and outer corners of your eyes.

If you have dark haired or skinned lady with brown, hazel or green eyes, go for vivid, hot pink or highly pigmented shades of pink.  You should add some drama on creases and eye corners (outer) combining theses shades of pink with white silver shimmery eyeshadow.  Finally create contrast by using a dark eyeliner and mascara.

Finally, it can be worn during both the day or night.  You should choose mid pink shades during the day and vivid and darker ones during the night. Glittery and flashy pink shades (those that shimmer) are ideal for evening and night outs.

Best Pink Eyeshadow Brands /Top Brands

You have known how to choose the best pink eye shadow color.  It is important that we see some of the best of pink eyeshadow brands. We did much research, tested and came up with this list and it is not all inclusive.  Ensure you know the exact color shade of any pinkish eye shadow brand before you buy it. They also come in different forms including powder, gel, matte, glitter, etc.

  • Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Tattoo Metal
  • Milani Shocking  Powder
  • Loreal Color Infallible  in Forever
  • Stila Sakura Collection Trio
  • L’Oreal Infallible Sapphire Review
  • Urban Decay Heartless
  • Colorbar  Expensive
  • Maybelline Eye studio Quad “Pink-Persuasion”
  • Burberry Eye Shadow Quad
  • Milani Twice Baked
  • Crown Brush 88 Pink-Palette
  • Lumiere Shimmer
  • Estee Lauder Pure Color in Ice
  • Avon Color Trend in Petal
  • Make Up For Ever Neon  #75 
  • NARS Nepal ( soft rose-pink that looks almost shimmery)
  • Urban Decay Hotpants (shimmery medium )
  • NARS Fathom – Greyish-Pink  with silvery shimmer

Best Pink Eyeshadow Palette

If you want to get a wide range shades, you need to consider buying pink eyeshadow palette. Some of the best pink eye shadow palette include the following:

  • Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Eye Palette
  • 15 Eyeshadow Pro Pink Palette- Single Color Makeup Case-BH
  • Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette #2 and Pencil
  • Eve Pearl The Eye Palette-Pretty
  • Crown Brush 88 Palette 

How to Apply Pink Eyeshadow

In applying pick eyeshadow, just like the other eye shadow, you have the freedom of combining several shades, ranging from the light pink eyeshadow  to the darkest or use a single shade. It is however; better to use different shades if you want to create expressive effect.

As we give the steps on how apply pink eyeshadow, we assume you already know how to prepare your eyes for makeup and you have already applied your eye foundation and under eye concealer.

  • Apply eyeshadow primer and then eyeshadow base on your eyelid to the brown bone. The first one will help in ensuring that your shadow does not crease and lasts longer while the later will ensure your pink color becomes more intense.
  • Take the lightest shade (depending on your facial features and skin tone) you have and apply it on your whole eyelid. You do not have to go to your brow bone. Blend it thoroughly until there are not demarcations. You could choose to skip this step and go to the next one. It all depends of the effect you want to create.
  • Take the darker shade and apply it on your eyelid beginning from your lash line to your slightly above your eye creases. To create balance, rim your lower eyelash with the same eyeshadows.
  • To add depth to your eyes, apply the darkest shade of pink you have on your creases and outer corners of your eyes.  Alternatively, you could apply any other color you want to use on your creases such as bronze, brown, grey, etc.  Blend thoroughly until you cannot see any demarcations.
  • Apply your black, brown or grey eyeliner on your upper lash line. Use creamy eyeliner. If you want to create a special effect, you can use any other color of eyeliner. However, it has to it compliment well.  For instance, people with warm skin undertones can try green while those with cool will look better in silvery gray eyeliners.
  • The final step is to curl your eyelashes before applying two coats of dark mascara. Stick to brown and black mascara colors. Your lashes need to be much defined since pink eyeshadow makes them more noticeable. You do not want to look like a Barbie doll!

The above steps on how to apply it are the very basic ones. If you need to create various effects such as pink smoky eyes, bold or dramatic looks, you need to learn steps to achieve such pink eye shadow looks.

Pink Eyeshadow Tips, Advice, Secrets and Ideas

To be on the safe side, you need to ensure you follow the below pink eyeshadow tips, secrets, ideas and advice. In an attempt to look gorgeous, you might end up look sick if you do not know how to put on well or fail to follow the simple tips discussed here:

  • If you want to use your it as eyeliner, avoid putting too much of it since it could make you look sick or as if you have some allergy, you are trying to hide.
  • People who have redness on their nose bridge or eyelids should always use a pigmented under eye concealer to hide them.
  • Reddish-pink eye shadow colors should be only for parties or going to clubs. Avoid wearing them during the day, as they will make you look as if you have been crying the whole day. Most people will find it quite overwhelming.
  • When using bright pink, you need to be very careful since it is what makes people look as if they are deprived of sleep. Be careful when using this shade.


We have looked at how to choose pink eyeshadow depending on your facial feature and hair and some of the best brands. While covering steps on how to use them, we guided you on how to apply it. Now you can try it on your own and ensure you follow the tips, secrets and ideas for great looks

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