Gold Eyeshadow – How to Apply Tutorial, Choose, Best Brands, Tips and Best Gold Eye Shadows Looks
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Gold Eyeshadow – How to Apply Tutorial, Choose, Best Brands, Tips and Best Gold Eye Shadows Looks

Learn how to apply gold eyeshadow, best brands, tips for looks and tutorial for using this eyeshadow in this article. Of course, you should know that no other better way you can gild yourself other than using this eye shadow. You will also get amazing secrets and ideas that will make you rock in your next party!

Amazing Looks

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Gold eyeshadow can help you achieve incredible smoky or sunny gorgeous and uproarious look. Whether you want a daytime look or a sultry look using shimmery gold for an evening dinner, gold eye shadow is a perfect choice.  It is a warm eyeshadow ideal for parties and holidays. It will also work well for all types of skin tones if well chosen other than having the power to pop your irises, make you look awake and brighten up.

How to Choose Gold Eyeshadow – Tutorial

You definitely want to look dramatic and charming in your golden eyeshadows. It all begins with choosing the right shade and matching it well with your face and eye makeup. How to choose it should not be a challenge to anyone since everyone can get a good shade that will make her get the looks she wants.

In fact, your skin tone should not be an issue when it comes to using this eye shadow. The secret for successfully looking great is going for a shade that will blend with your skin tone well. Generally, dark metallic shades that are close to bronze will look well in olive and ebony skin tones while people with fair skin should go for lighter gold shades with yellow undertones.

In addition, the looks you want to achieve will be important as you might want subtle, shimmery, foiled or even a dramatic look. Choose the right eyeshadow for each style. Gold eye shadow will work well with black smoky eyes or bronze. Dark bronze will be ideal for eye creases area while more lighter shades (those more translucent will be ideal towards the brow bone as they both make your eye pop and highlight them well.

Subtle Gold Eyeshadow Looks

On eyeliner choice, if you want to look great, you should go for neutral eyeliner if you choose a bright gold eyeshadow and vice versa. You can use your eyeshadow as eyeliner if you want to get soft natural look. Especially the darkest of all the them you are using (the one you will apply on your crease). You should use a small stiff brush to ensure you apply as close to your lash line base as possible.

Finally, it come in different forms such as cream/gelliquid as well as powder. You should wisely choose the form you like. Combining crème and powder formulas might improve you looks.

Best Gold Eyeshadow – Top Brands

When it comes to choosing the best gold eyeshadow, there is no doubt many shades you can go for. You need to ensure it matches well with your skin complexion. We have already covered comprehensively on how to choose a good shade. You now need to know some of the best brands in the market and when you get an ideal one; you will follow the steps below on how to apply it. So  what are some of the best gold colored eyeshadows.

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Milani Golddust

  • Laura Mercier Baked Eye Colour – Wet/Dry Color Black Karat
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette
  • Urban Decay Half Baked
  • MAC Goldmine
  • Ashley Greene’s Gorgeous Golden
  • Laura Mercier’s Eye Colour
  • MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Amber Lights
  • Milani Golddust Powder
  • NARS Etrusque
  • NARS Single  in Galapagos
  • Revlon SPARKLING GOLDPerle
  • ULTA Eyeshadow Aztec  (GL)
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild Vanity PaletteMake Up For Ever #10 Eyeshadow
  • Shiseido Ocean Sunset (GD 824)

Ensure you compare prices of best gold eye shadows and see customer reviews before you buy any of the above brands. And if you do not see your best in this list, you have no reason to be worried as this list is not all-inclusive. We just picked a few popular brands for people who might not know which brands to buy. However, before you settle on any of the above brands, be certain you know how they exactly look like since they have different color shades.

If you are having a holiday, opting for this eye shadow is a good idea since it can be paired with a number of eye shadows such as bronze, berry or rust, which are essentially warmer eyeshadow. If you love cool eyeshadow, pair it up with teal, blue or violet. Here are some of the best gold eyeshadows you can have for your holidays:

  • Inglot #430
  • L’Oreal Eternal Sunshine
  • MAC Old Gold
  • Make Up For Ever #11
  • OCC Triptych

How to Apply Gold Eyeshadow – How to Use or Wear Tutorial

I assume you already have decided on the color shade combination you want to use. In this discussion on how to apply gold eyeliner, you will learn some of the essential steps and not necessarily, the exact steps you have to follow depending on you the looks you want to get. You could have variations to achieve the look you want. You will get more ideas and secrets for a perfect looks if you go through our tips discussed below.

  1. You need to first apply all your face makeup (clean your face and apply an oil free moisturizer, foundation, etc).
  2. Apply eye primer on your eyelid to the brow bone. This will prevent smearing and creasing of your eyeshadow. It will also help in ensuring it stays is in place for a longer time.
  3. Pick a good eye shadow brush and apply a medium color shade of gold eye shadow on your eyelids – entire eyelid.
  4. Using either an angled brush or the brush you used in step 3 above, apply the darker shade on your eye creases. If you want smoky eye look, you should apply more.  You could alternatively apply a shimmery shade just as you did in step 3. While applying darker it on the crease, blend it on its outer edges to avoid beady and teeny look.
  5. Using a good blending brush, blend upwards until you cannot see any demarcation between the two shades of gold eye shadows you have used.
  6. Take a lightest shade of gold and apply it on the upper side of your eyelid. It should begin from your crease upwards to your eyebrows.
  7. Blend well the upper part of the eyelid, form crease to below brow bone, until you get the look you want.
  8. Using a stiff eyeliner brush, Q-tip or flat eyeshadow brushes, apply your medium shade on your lower lash line.
  9. On the lower lash line, apply the darker gold eyeshadow you used in step 4 on your outer eye corners, on the lower lash line. Black or dark brown colors will still work well too.
  10. Line your upper lash line with preferably brown eyeliner. Black, charcoal navy blue will still be awesome. If you get quality liquid eyeliner, you can use it on your waterlines.
  11. Apply mascara on your upper and lower lashes to make them look thicker. Go for waterproof mascara. If you want, you could use false eyelashes. This is optional but it could enhance your looks.  Avoid opening your eyes until your eyeliner and mascara has dry out completely.

The above steps on how to apply gold eyeshadow should only act as a guide towards your perfect look. You are free to try various variations until you achieve the looks you need. Now let us discuss the best ideas when using an eyeshadow that is golden in color.

Best Gold Eyeshadow Tips, Ideas and Secrets

All that you have covered above is so far very important especially the best gold eyeshadows, how to pick the right color shades. In addition to that, these tips will ensure you end up looking great instead of just knowing how to apply gold eyeshadow and they are what will differentiate you from some of the finest makeup artists. In fact, these gold eyeshadow tips should help you get celebrity looks!

  • If you admire a gilded look and you do not need to look like disco ball lights, you should smudge charcoal pencil eyeliner and blend either brown or black eyeshadow with gold shimmery touch on the eyelid center and eye corners (inner) close to your tear ducts.
  • This eye shadow can perfectly work as an eyeliner which you can line your lower lash line, or use it for brow bone highlighting. Alternatively, you could paint your upper eyelid with it and dust it on your cheekbone to get glowing goddess look.
  • When using any gold eyeshadow or any color, avoid using your fingers because you could touch other parts of the face as you are applying and this will make you look messy.
  • Always avoid heavy use of gold eyeshadow if you do not want look like a clown. It is always better to keep it simple when it comes to gold eye makeup as a whole.
  • When choosing other eye makeup, you should choose colors that will compliment it. Avoid using shimmery gold lipstick or any shimmery gold makeup on your cheeks.
  • Super sparkly and bright gold eyeshadows are ideal for teenagers and if you are not one, avoid such an option. Instead, settle for pure gold shimmer eyeshadow what will highly your eyes and make your other makeup glow.
  • To avoid the tinny fine lines, which will be highlighted by the shimmer gold eyeshadow you have used, apply it to your brow bone. Avoid using deep colors near or on your brow bone unless you are using a neutral.
  • When applying your it, to know how exactly they will look like, use natural light from the sun unless it is at night.


As you will realize, these are often used with other colors for instance, you will find people  it with pink, purple or used alone in its different shades such as rose gold, etc. 


Much has been discussed in this guide and you at least can get one of the best gold eyeshadow, and apply it well following some of the above secrets, ideas and tips. There are many other looks you could achieve if you are willing to try playing around with different shades.

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Which gold eyeshadow do you use and how do you use them? Share, advice and warn.

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