Red Eyeshadow – Best Looks, Brands, How Apply Tutorial, Choose, Tips for Best Red Eyeshadow Makeup
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Red Eyeshadow – Best Looks, Brands, How Apply Tutorial, Choose, Tips for Best Red Eyeshadow Makeup

Learn more on red eyeshadow including best looks, brands, how

apply tutorial, choose, and best brands. You will also get very helpful tips, ideas and secrets. Before you try it, you should know that it could give you ghostly look or like a Halloween clown. However if you know how to choose the right shade and how to apply it, you be able to achieve subtle, expressive or dramatic looks.

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Red Eye Shadow Looks

Red eyeshadow is a truly coveted eye makeup to say but many people often stay away from it because it is not straightforward to use as other eye shadow. If you use is badly, you could end up looking ghostly and even scare people.

Many people find using this quite a challenge. However, if you can correctly choose the right color and apply it well, you will be stunning! Just like any other type of eyeshadow, you could go for glittermatte, pencil etc. Furthermore, there are different shades including dark redbright red, or you can blend black and red, etc.

How to Choose Red Eyeshadow

If you want great looks with red eyeshadow, you have to know how to pick the right shades. The general rule when choosing it is going for deep red if you have darker skin tone while those with pale skin should go for lighter shades.

To be precise, if your light complexion has some red undertones or pinkish, you will have to go for red eye shadow shades that are closer to brown or orange. People with darker complexion will look great in brick red, hot or cherry pink. Red really stands out with people who have dark complexion. Finally, for people who have olive skin tone or have yellow undertones should go for magenta or rose.

Applying it on Eyelids

Mascara and Eyeliner with Red Eyeshadow

When it comes to using red eyeliner, it is advisable you use mascara and eyeliner heavily to avoid your eyes looking swollen or bruised. Red color eyeshadow are likely to make magnify the redness in the eye and you might look sleepy and tired if you do not use dark mascara and eyeliner.  Get more insight by reading how to choose eyeshadow color.  If you have a light complexion that has red undertones, ensure you go for  and apply it along your upper lash line to help in highlighting your eyes and reduce the overwhelming effect.

  • Smudging this eyeliner on your lower eyelash line will make you look more dramatic. You could apply the outer half corner of your lower lash line if you do not want your eyes to look smaller and make the sharp edges of your eyeliner much softer using cotton swab.
  • For dimension, you should use a ‘sheer highlighter’ on your inner eye corners and brow bones to create a polished look that will not take way the attention from eye shadow you have applied.
  • Apply eyelash curler and some Vaseline on your lashes.

Red Eyeshadow Tips, Secrets and Ideas

You have seen how to choose and apply and some best brands. It will be ideal if you find their shades suitable for you. However, you need the below red eyeshadow tips if you have to get best looks. This is what perhaps will differentiate a pro from a newbie!

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  • You stand a chance to look stunning if you correctly choose the shades you will be using. There are many shades available and it might require lots of experimentation to come up with a perfect look.
  • Instead of using it alone, you could pair it another eyeshadow colors, especially darker ones like brown, plum or charcoal. If you do not want to pair up with another eyeshadow color, you could add shimmer dash on your inner eye corners.
  • If you want to get subtle look, you could line the darkest shade you have as your eyeliner, both on your upper and lower lash line.
  • If you have wrinkles on your eyelids, you should go for matte since trying shimmery red eye shadow will draw much attention to your wrinkles and they will be more noticeable.
  • If you want vibrant looks, invest in a good quality and heavily pigmented brand.


It is time to change your mentality that this will make you look ghostly and scary. It is indeed one of the very daring eyeshadow that will make everyone notice you. Follow the above tips, step for using it and choose the correct color shade that will match well with your facial features. If you are, newbie and you can begin with some of the best red eyeshadows suggested and see how they will look on you. It is good to test as well as try to see how you look like.

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I know you have a way you do red eye shadow that tremendously transforms your look. You could share and leave your link in your comment. I will refer my readers to your site. It has however to be real.

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