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Eyeshadow Primer – Best Eyelid, elf, Homemade, How Apply, Use Under Eye Primer and Why Eye Shadow Primer

Wondering what is an eyeshadow Primer? Learn what are, their role, some of the  cream, powder or emulsion which is often applied on the eyelid area to prepare your eye for  or foundation and add the same amount of moisturizer before stir thoroughly. In you want your homemade eyeprimer to look darker, add more foundation. On the other hand, if you want your homemade eye primer to look lighter, add more moisturizer. This is how to make them!

How to Use Eyeshadow Primers

Eyeshadow primers are used on the upper eyelid surface as well as the lower area and they are applied just before you . Some makeup artists recommend applying eyeshadow while it is still wet.

Eyeshadow primer Tips, Secrets and Advices

How Apply and Use How Eye Primers

You might buy one of the best brands in the market but if you use it incorrectly, you will not have the best of results you desire. By following the below eyeshadow primer tips, secrets and advices and following the above procedure of applying them, success is guaranteed.

  1. Apply thin layers – eyelid primer have a tendency of drying quickly. Ensure you quickly apply only a single consistent layer quickly. Once it has dried, it should form a smooth thin canvas.
  2. If you have used some of the best brand and on applying your eye shadow things do not end up as good as you expected, you might have done one of the below mistakes which you need to correct:
  • The eyeprimer you have applied is not sufficient to give protection to your oily eyelid.
  • You applied to much or too little  and you need to redo the whole process again.
  • You are using a poor quality eyeshadow (poor does not mean low priced)
  • You might be allergic with the ingredients of the brand you are using and you might need to change it.


You have covered the most important aspects of eye shadow primers, which include their significance, some of the best brands and how to use them successfully. You will find them very important in humid conditions as well as avoiding your eyeshadow from forming creases when you blink. They could also make your eye shadows quite dramatic and irresistible!

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