Purple Eyeshadow – Best Ideas, Brands, Palette, How to Apply, Wear, Choose and Tips for Best Purple Eyeshadow Looks
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Purple Eyeshadow – Best Ideas, Brands, Palette, How to Apply, Wear, Choose and Tips for Best Purple Eyeshadow Looks

Purple eyeshadow is a powerful way of making statement! In this guide, you are going to learn about some of the best brands including palette, how to choose the right purple shade for your eyes and steps on how to apply them for perfect purple looks. You will learn about some important ideas, tips and secrets that will ensure you are hilarious. 

How to Apply Purple Eyeshadows

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Purple is a great eyeshadow to try. It does not really matter which shade you want because you can look great in many shades ranging from soft tones such as lavender to electric violet. If poorly done, you could get a bruised look or you could look comical and tacky.

When choosing them, you need to consider your facial features and eye color. Generally, purple works well with a number of eye colors such as hazelgreen and brown and it will make them look exceptional and very expressive. People who have blue eyes should carefully use purple eye shadow to ensure it does not overwhelm their blue eyes.

Deep purple and lavender eyeshadow color is good for almost every skin complexion. You should choose deeper purple eyeshadow if you want bold look while for subtle look use light and medium shade.

Best Purple Eyeshadow – Top Purple Eyeshadow Brands

Before you even look at the list of some of the best purple eyeshadow, you need to know that they come in many different color shades. Ensure you know the exact color shade a certain eyeshadow shade has before you invest your money in it. Some of the common shades include bright purple, deep purple, pink shades, among others. After reviewing several brands, we have the below as some of the best purple eye shadow brands that will not let you down.

Yves Saint Laurent’s Ombres 5 Lumieres in Lilac Sky

  • Yves Saint Laurent OMBRES 5 LUMIERES5 Colour Harmony For Eyes – 4 Lilac Sky
  • Nars Single Eye Shadow in Matte Dusty Lilac
  • Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Eye-shadow in Dusk
  • NYX Nude & Kit
  • Avon True Color Quad in  Haze
  • L’Oreal Perpetual  Infallible
  • Urban Decay Single Haze
  • NYX Loose Pearl Eye Shadow 29 True e Pearl
  • Rimmel Glam’Eyes Quad Eyeshadow Smokey
  • MAC
  • e.l.f. Passionate  Pigment
  • Sugar Pill Poison Plum
  • NYX Violetta
  • Inglot Matte 37
  • Makeup Forever #160
  • Urban Decay- Ransom
  • Ben Nye Amethyst
  • MAC Deep Purple Pigment
  • MAC Vibrant Grape
  • MAC Red Violet

Best Purple Eyeshadow Palette

Since you can hardly use a single color, another great option is buying the best purple eyeshadow palette. Such brands that come in sets of several purple color shades. Some of the best palettes in purple and its shades worthwhile trying includes the flowing:

Best Purple Eyeshadow Looks

  • Bobbi Brown Bobbi Brown Peony & Python Palette
  • Revlon CustomEyes Palette in Party Pops
  • Smoked Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay
  • Colorbar Enchanting Trio  Palette Gorgeous
  • Urban Decay Fun  Palette
  • Lancome  Palette
  • Bella Il Fiore Eye Shadow Palette, Anabelle
  • Rimmel Glam’ Eyes HD Quad Eye Shadow Palette
  • Urban Decay Vice Eyeshadow Palette
  • Lancome Palette

The above list is only a representative of some of the popular or best brands and not conclusive. You should also review various brands of eyeshadow before you invest your money.

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How to Apply Purple Eyeshadow – Wearing

You have chosen some of the best brands and shades you think will look great on your eyes bearing in mind their color and other facial features. Ensure you have several shades of purple to be used to create different looks and effects. They should range from lighter to darker shades. You now need to follow the below simple steps on how to apply purple eyeshadow and you will be done.

Step 1 – Preparation

Before you begin applying it, ensure you have cleaned your face, used an oil free moisturizer and other face makeup. These procedures are standard for any type of eyeshadow you will want to wear.

Step 2 – Eyeshadow Primer

The next step is applying your under eye concealer then eyeshadow primer. Concealers will be applied if you have something you need to camouflage.

Step 3 – Apply Lightest Eyeshadow Shade

You need to apply the lightest shade on your upper eyelid. You could also use other neutral s

hades or light silver shade and this should cover from lash line all the way to your brow bone.

Step 4 – Medium Eyeshadow

You can now apply the medium shade from your eyelashes to the eye creases.  Ensure you blend it well. This step is important if you want exceptional looks.

Step 5 – Darkest Purple Shades

Next, you have to apply the darkest shade of purple on your creases to help accentuating your eyelids and add some depth aspect.  Most makeup artists encourage people to line their lower lash line with this shade to bring harmony on their eyes before you apply your mascara. An angled brush will work well. You could also apply it at outer corners of your eyes.

In this step, you could alternatively apply the darkest shade up to the outer corner, you should blend it inwards, upwards and downwards so that it covers about 1/3 of the outer part of our eyelid, (you could think of making an inverted v-shape).  Creases should have the darkest purple eyeshadow shade but you should begin by applying small amounts and gradually increase to the desired look. You can make the corners of your creases to be darkest. If you want your eyes to stand out more or pop, consider applying the outer 2/3 of your lower and upper eyelids with a dark purple eyeshadows.

Step 6 – Apply Eyeliner, Mascara and Highlight Eyebrows

Once you are through with applying it, you can line your upper and lower lash line with black, dark purple, dark blue or brown eyeliner color. If you so wish, you can apply mascara, after you have curled your eyelashes.  Finally, if you would like to, you can highlight your eyebrows using a white shimmer eyeshadow and ensure it is well blended.

Purple eyeshadow Tips, Ideas and Advice

Other than following the above steps on how to apply them, you also need to know a few tips that will ensure you end up look incredible. So what are some of these tips?

  1. It is advisable to stay away from with red undertones. You could however use one with brown undertones or deep purple hues with some blue tinge.
  2. Your cheek and lips should have a subtle makeup to avoid stealing much attention. Soft pink shades will be ideal for people who used purple eyeshadow that had cool undertones while peach pink blush makeup will be ideal for warm undertones.
  3. The secret to success in using this eye shadow lies in your ability to match the various shades of purple and blend them well. You also need to ensure you have the correct type of brushes as they can make a big difference as you are applying or blending.

Summary and Conclusion

You should be having an idea about how to choose, some of the best brands available in the market and how to wear purple eyeshadow. There are limitless effects you could create with this eye shadows such as purple smokey eye looks. You need to practice with different effects whether you want purple smoky eyes, your eyes to pop or whatever look you want to achieve.

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Do you have an exceptional way you apply your purple eyeshadow you would wish others to know. Kindly share the steps you follow.

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