Best Matte Eyeshadow – Palette,How to Blend, Apply & Tips for Brands Like Physician's Formula, 88
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Best Matte Eyeshadow – Palette,How to Blend, Apply & Tips for Brands Like Physician’s Formula, 88

What is matte eyeshadow? Get info these eyeshadows that will include best brands (such as physician’s formula or 88 palette), how to apply them and tips.  Of course, many people have heard the name ‘matte’ but they have no idea what it means. Stop being among them today. 

Best Matte Eyeshadow Matte Finish

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What is Matte Eyeshadow?

As you read various makeup articles, blogs and guides, you will hear a mention of the matte makeup. It is therefore important you know what it is before we see some of the best types, how to apply them and much more including tips.

Matte eyeshadow refers to an eye shadow that does not have any kind of light reflectors and does not appear shiny when applied. Like other types of eyeshadows, it comes in many different forms (liquid, glitter, cream, cake, powder etc) and colors such as blackbluegreenpurplepink, etc. In terms of their texture, they are silky just like other types of eye shadows.

When to Wear Matte Eyeshadows

Matte shades are best if worn during the day and correct color choice and blending can make you look exceptional and very attractive. It helps in giving subtle looks that will bring full color. However, if you are going for an evening out and you want to look glamorous, it will not help you achieve shimmery, glittery or shiny looks. You can also use your favorite brand as eyeliner where you will apply it using an angled eyeliner brush.

The Best Matte Eyeshadows

If you are looking for the best matte eyeshadow, we have a comprehensive list, which we found to be both popular, highly rated and it gave excellent results.

Urban Decay

  • Revlon Brands
  • Urban Decay
  • Nyx
  • Too Faced
  • The 88 Cool Palette
  • Pro 88 Color Makeup
  • E.l.f Studio
  • theBalm Meet Matt(e)
  • Concrete Minerals Pro
  • Milani Matte Powder
  • Inglot Refill #388
  • BYS
  • Graftobian UltraSilk
  • Alima Pure Satin
  • Stila In the Know
  • Revlon Single Tempting Teal 006
  • L’Oreal HIP Duos
  • Nars by NARS

The above list of the best mattifying eye shadow is not conclusive and do not get mad if you did not see your favorite brand listed. You need instead to become part of a solution by suggesting some of the best matte eyeshadow.

Matte Eyeshadow Palette

If you want a wide range of color ranges, you need to try palettes. These palettes vary in the number of colors as well as specific color combinations and shades.

Best Matte Eye shadow Palette

To help you choose the best matte eye shadow palette, we researched online on the various palettes available and came with the list below as part of what we found best.

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  • theBalm Meet Matt(e) Palette
  • The 88 Cool Palette
  • Pro 88 Color Makeup
  • Profusion Peal Palette
  • Crown Brush 88 Palette
  • Coastal Scents 88 palette
  • Too Faced Collection
  • BHCosmetics Cool Palette
  • Viseart 12 Palette
  • Kat Von D ALL  palette

Before buying any of the above best matte eyeshadow palette, it is important you know the color range they come to ensure they will flatter your facial features. See more to get a glimpse of best matte eye shadows.

How to Apply and Blend Matte and Shiny Eyeshadows

How to apply matte eye shadow is more or similar to the process of applying eyeshadow because mattifying describes just the way it appears. You will need to follow all the steps on how to apply eyeshadow. However, if you want to blend it with shimmery, it is easy and very simple to do so. Of course, quite a number of the finest makeup artists often encourage blending of matte and shimmery or shiny eyeshadow of colors that complement each other well.

To blend them with shimmery, you should apply the shimmery eyeshadow on your inner eye corners and below your brow bone. A lighter shade will them be applied across the eyelids and finally the darker matte eyeshadow on the creases and outer corners. This way, the shimmery eyeshadow will make you look more awake and brighter while the two matte eye shadow you have used will help in giving you very defining look and add color to your eyes if well chosen.

Matte Eyeshadow Tips, Secrets, Advices and Ideas

Although some the tips will be specific to the color, you are using as well as how you are wearing it. We have gathered a few matte eyeshadow tips that will ensure you get that desired look with them. They will help transform your final look if you are using this type of eyeshadows.

Pink Mattifying Shadow

  • If you go for softer brands especially those in powder form, you might find it a challenge to try to blend because hardly a change will be noticed as you blend. This happens because the brush often holds the powder. You need slightly to tap the brush against a surface like your forearms. This will help make the powder loose and blending will soon be noticed.
  • When using several mattifying eye shadow colors, most makeup artists recommend you apply each first before you blend. This will give you a glimpse of how you are going to look like after you have blended them. It will even guide you on which direction you need to blend them.
  • When blending matte eye shadow textures that are a bit stiff, it is wise to go for a fluffy eyeshadow brush.
  • When using it, it is important you apply eyeshadow primer. (Eye foundation, concealer and other eye makeup will also be necessary). Some makeup artists often advise people to use matte eye primers if they want the best results.
  • The other important mattifying eye shadow tip is to use the base. This is important if you want to achieve excellent results. Using a shimmery or creamy base might reduce the impact your eye shadow will finally create.
  • The final  tip is to use an eyeshadow brush or your finger while applying it and do not swipe. Instead dab it on your lids and then blend it. You will achieve better looks this way.


This discussion has cleared the wind on what they are as well as important tips. You definitely now know all the best matte eyes hadow brands from which you can purchase a good one. However, before you spend money on any of these brands, ensure you know exactly the color it comes in and that it suits your facial features including eye color.

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I know you know something more about matte eye shadow you would like to share, be it a tip, warning, advice or secret. It will go a long way in helping someone. Share it and make a difference!

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