Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes – What Color, Best, Tips, How to Apply, Do, Smokey and Blue Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes
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Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes – What Color, Best, Tips, How to Apply, Do, Smokey and Blue Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

Get insight on the best eyeshadow for brown eyes in this guide that covers what eyeshadow color to use, best brands to go for, tips, how to apply it, brown smokey eyes and blue eyeshadows to use . You will also get tips for using them for natural, stunning, dramatic, etc.

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Choosing the right eyeshadow for brown eyes can help in accentuating your best features including the brown eyes! It might not be easy to get all the colors of a rainbow you your eyelids if you have theses eyes but there are several colors, which you could go for. Brown color is quite versatile and it will work well with many other colors. This makes it a very easy task to them pair up with the correct eyeshadow as you add dimension, depth and flatter your adorable eyes!

Basis of Choosing Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

The largest part of the world’s population has brown eyes. This makes it very important you understand the basis of choosing them. It is not rocket science because you need to understand what to go for, and from the few we will suggest, everything will be very easy.

To know which eyeshadow colors you should use, you need to decide if you want to compliment the brown eye color or choose shades that closely resemble (monochromatic shades).

If you want to compliment, you need to choose colors that are on the opposite side of brown on the color wheel.  It is that simple.

Best Eyeshadow for Brown eyes

Perfect Eyeshadows

Let us discuss some of the best eyeshadow for brown eyes by going through a few individual colors. You should note that the exact shades might vary depending on the specific brand you go for. Since there are many eyeshadows you can use, we are going to discuss, you should go for one that will complement your skin tone and hair.

1.      Brown Eyeshadow Shades

Brown eyeshadow will work best with brown eyes. However, you need to select a shade that will not make you look dull. Any matte brand will work well. You should apply them on your eye crease and if you are going for a night out, you can make it heavier for a dramatic look.  Some of the great brown eyeshadow for brown eyes include MAC- Espresso and Almay Intense i-Color Play Up. The latter is formulated specially to bring attention to your eyes and works well for different skin tones.

2.      Purple Eyeshadow Shades

Purple eyeshadow shades are ideal for brown-eyed people and you will look great in them. When using purple eyeshadows, you might be challenged a bit depending on your skin tone. Lavender will work just as purple will. Furthermore, purple eyeshadows come in a wide range of color variations and you should choose one that complements your skin well.

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If you particularly want your brown eyes to pop up, go for Mac Crème de Violet, which has some reddish tone and gold pearl frost.  DuWop Violet Eye Shadow Palette is another type you can try. It has a large variation of the purple colors ranging from amethyst, to lilac to shimmery violet. You can also try the Laura Mercier Kir Royal Eye shadow.

3.      Green Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

The other ideal color is green. Since brown might not be having exact compliments, green will make it pop. Green eyeshadows will give your eyes the most natural look. For sultry look, go for forest green or olive. If you have brown eyes that tend towards hazel color, green will  be best. Some of the these green eyeshadows you should try include Laura Mercier SherazadeMAC Cosmetics EspressoSenna Metallic Eye Color in De-Vine and Urban Decay’s Mildew.

4.      Blue Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

Another great color of eyeshadows worthwhile trying is blue. Most makeup artists recommend this it. It has many color shades that will work well with your eyes such as crystal blue, turquoise, etc but should not be overdone. It will best complement people who have brown eyes that are almost orange or have a red tone.  Some of the blue eyeshadows you should try include Estee Lauder’s Smoky Twilight (lightens and brightens your eyes adding some smokey eye looks) and Nars Cosmetics China Blue (it is royal blue and will work best for people who have darker skin tones.). You could try electric blue eyeshadow and navy blue eyeliner if you want to get the Gwen Stefani looks.

5.      Neutral Eyeshadow

Brown eyes will work well with neutral eyeshadow such as peaches and taupe. Dark-brown particularly will give you a natural look while black will be ideal if you want intense appearance.

Smoky Brown Eye Look

The best eyeshadow for smoky brown eyes is going for metallic bronze, gray shades and beige.  Graphite and onyx eyeshadow colors work well in creating brown smoky eyes and they will make them breathe-taking and quite stunning.

Eyeshadow Kits for Brown eyes

Sephora Colorful Pro Shadow Palette

If you want to get a wider variation, you need to try some of the eyeshadow kits specifically formulated for people who have blue eyes. Some of the best eyeshadow kits include the following:

  • Urban Decay Smoked Eyeshadow Palette
  • Sephora Colorful Pros Shadow Palette
  • Pop Beauty  Eye Class
  • Sephora Brand Mono Kit
  • NYX 10 Color  Palette
  • POP Beauty Eye Class Eye Shadow Palette
  • MAC Trax

Other Eyeshadow To Try

As mentioned earlier in this article, these eye color works well with a wide range of eyeshadow colors. Here are the other great eyeshadows you can try include the following colors

  • Bronze
  • Cupper
  • Gray
  • Silver
  • Burnt Orange
  • Gold
  • Amber
  • Mahogany
  • Coral
  • Aqua

How to Apply Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

The procedure of applying  them will be dependent of the form of eyeshadow you are using. Different forms such as liquid, gel/cream, powder, glitter, among many other form. You could even use a standard procedure for applying eyeshadow, which will serve as a good guide. When applying it, the general rule for using several eyeshadow colors from the same family such as three will be using the darkest on the crease, medium on the eyelid while the lightest is applied on above the crease towards the brow bone.

Brown Eyes Eyeshadow Tips, Advices, Ideas and Secrets

We have seen there are many eyeshadow colors to go for. In order to look outstanding, you need to below ideas, advices and tips for best looks.

  • Complement your eye shadow with the right eyeliner – Depending on which color you have chosen, you need to match it with the right eyeliner color. You might look awful if you eyeshadows and eyeliners clashed.
  • Right Attire – Ensure you have compliment eyeshadows you have chosen it with the right attire that will not steal attention from your eyes. You also need to compliment it well with your lipstick color and other facial makeup.
  • We have said if you are brown-eyed, eye shadow choices. This is not a chance for you to clash colors, as you will instead look like an acrobat if not a clown. For instance, if you want to pair up gray with blue eyeshadow, do it only for a nighttime activities.
  • It is advisable not to use yellow as a way of bringing some of the yellow undertones that might be having.
  • Use blue eyeliner on your waterlines if you want to achieve a nice contrast and make the white part more visible.


Going for a complimentary color or hues of brown can still make your eyes charming and make you look awake. You do not deserve an old sleepy look on your eyes because you did not get the right eyeshadows yet you have seen some of the best eyeshadow for brown eyes and the basis for choosing them. Always ensure the actual colors you settle for match well with your skin tones.

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