Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes – What Color, Best Tips, How to Apply, Choose, Put On, Buy, Use Blue Eyes Shadow & Eyeliner
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Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes – What Color, Best Tips, How to Apply, Choose, Put On, Buy, Use Blue Eyes Shadow & Eyeliner

Are you wondering what color eyeshadow for blue eyes? Learn what color, best eyeshadow colors to use, tips, how to apply, choose, put on, buy and use blue eyes eyeshadow and eyeliner. We will also discuss the eyeshadows for different skin and hair colors include the redheads, blonde-haired people, etc. 

Gorgeous Looks

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You have lovely blue eyes and you would like to make them irresistible and very pretty? You must know how to wear eyeshadow colors for blue eyes. Although a wide array of eyeshadow colors will look good on these eyes, there are some colors, which will make them look better than others by making them more intense and outstanding.

In addition, while choosing the best eyeshadows for blue eyes, you also need to bear in mind your hair color and skin tone because they can have an impact on the looks you will end up having. Someone with baby blue eyes and blue hair will look different from someone who is blue-eyed dark brown hair.

Best Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes – What Color to Go For

In this part, we are going to discuss some of the best eyeshadow colors that blue-eyed people to buy. We will also name a few eye shadow brands, which come in those colors. We do not want to make you dependent on what we suggest but know how to choose colors.  The general rule to observe when choosing the best eyeshadow for blue eyes is the complimentary and monochromatic rule of colors

Complementary Colors – If you want them that will compliment well your blue eyes, go for copper, peaches, yellow, orange and brown-based eyeshadow. These are colors, which are at the opposite part of blue shades on the color wheel, and they make eyes pop up. Whether you shift to warmer hues of complementary colors or cooler ones will be depended on other features such as your skin tone and hair color.

Best Eyeshadows for Blue Eyes

Monochromatic eyeshadow colors – Here you need to choose colors which below to the same family as blue. The best monochromatic eyeshadows you should go for include navy blue, gray and silver based on blue.

Moving away from the complimentary and monochromatic eyeshadows for blue eyes, we need to discuss some of the common shades you should go for. They should be chosen carefully by looking at other features that an individual has.

Orange Eyeshadow Shades

Many ladies tend to avoid orange eyeshadow shades because they imagine it can make the look crazy. However, going for orange eyeshadows is a good idea i.e. orange eyeshadows for blue eyes has hue that will contrast with your blue eyes and thus your eye color will pop. You could avoid neon or bright orange brands and choose the following colors:

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Copper e.g. NYX Single  Copper, Colorbar Eye Shadow Copper Crush, NARS Isolde, MAC Amber Lights and Giorgio Armani #5

Peach e.g. Incolor Professional  in Peach, Innoxa peach , Revlon Matte Eye Shadow-Peach Sorbet (002) and MAC  Singles Orange/Peach/Coral

Coral e.g. L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow Magnetic Coral, Maybelline Eyestudio Quad Eye Shadow Coral Drama  and MAC Coral

Rust e.g. Nyx Cosmetics Single Eye Shadow Rust, NYX  Trio in Copper/ Rust/ Bronze, Dianna Agron Rust  and NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil – Rust

Bronze e.g. MAC Bronze , Stila Baked  Trio, and Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense , Bronze

Cool Colored Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

Many blue-eyed women will look hilarious in cool color shades. Some of the great brands include the following:

Colorbar Copper Crush

  • Pale Medium
  • Pale pink  shades
  • Violet
  • Purple
  • Midnight or deep-blue
  • Turquoise

Dark Blue Color Shades for Blue Eyes

Dark blue color shades are excellent brand for these eyes. They will help in bringing your natural blue eye colors and this will give you and you vibrant and brighter look. Women who have bluish, hazel or green touch should go for teal eyeshadow as they will bring out hazel or green in blue eye color making them look amazing. However, you need to be very careful when using teal shades not to overdo it since it is a brighter eyeshadow.

Lavender and Violet Eye shadow for Blue Eyes

Another good eye shadow color for blue eyes is lavender and violet eyeshadows. They are ideal for people who have blonde hair and baby-blue eyes. The light purple shade in these blue eye eyeshadow makes most blondes with fair skin quite flattering. People with dark hair could also try them.  Violet should be used on eyelid and creases while using a light shade of lavender above your eyelid crease will give you dramatic looks suited for evenings. However, during the day, stick with neural colors but purple eye shadow will always look good at any time.

Neutral Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

If you want to get a neutral look, you should try neutral eyeshadows. Go for neutral shades like Taupe, Champagne, Brown and Tans. Tan and Brown eyeshadows will really compliment your eye shape and shade without overpowering your other features like hair.

Others you should consider include

  • White
  • Gray shades
  • Camel
  • Chocolate brown
  • Khaki eye shadow colors

If you have red hair, the best brand you should go for is brown. It will complement blue eye while letting your hair and skin color remain vibrant and natural. People who love colors can try green or any other color that will capture everyone’s attention.

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Evening Best Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

Although black eyeshadow might look a bit overwhelming during the day, they will look perfect during evening. They will provide the contrast need to make your eyes standout out and their blue color intense. Use your black eyeshadow to create smokey eye looks while you use it along the upper eyelid for more emphasis. Black and light blue blend will be ideal for smoky eyes effect. You can add some turquoise, fuschia and silver for funky dramatic night looks. Shimmering gold eyeshadows will still work well.

Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes Buying Tips – Blue Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes

When buying the best brands, you need carefully to choose from the many brands available. It is important you know the color of the specific brand you have gone for since they do vary in their exact shades. Alternatively, if you do not want to struggle in choosing the best eyeshadow for blue eyes, you can go for eyeshadow palettes for blue colored eyes. They are predesigned and you you can try on and see what works best for you.  If you want eyeshadow palettes for blue eyes, here are some of the best available in the market:

  • Almay Intense I-Color palettes – This manufacture has a number of eye shadow palettes designed different types of eye colors.  Some of the shadow trios and mascara they have are designed for people with green, brown, blue and hazel eye colors.
  • Sephora Colorful Pro Palette– It has six eyeshadow colors that include earthy russet, glittery bronze, bright white, midnight, pale and medium blue eyeshadow colors.
  • NYX Ten Color Palette  – Buying this set is a good idea as it gives you  wide range of colors to use that range from light bronze, slight blue to cool grays. NYX sPalette- Sexy Blues will be a good choice.
  • L’Oreal Infinite Eye Shadow – L’Oreal is one of the world’s renowned cosmetic manufactures with a wide range of highly reputed products. It has neutral shades that are commonly called the ‘Desert Sunrise’.

Other reputable brands include the following

  • MAC   e.g. MAC Amber Lights – peachy-brown, shimmery golden Color
  • Urban Decay e.g. Half Baked” by Urban Decay – Gold Rich

How to Apply Eyeshadow Colors for Blue Eyes – Steps, Tutorial

The process of applying eyeshadows for blue eyes is more or less same as the standard procedure for applying any other eyeshadow. The only difference is that going for colors that will accentuate your blue eye color. See more on how to apply eyeshadow. This is the same procedure you will follow.

Blue eye Eyeshadow Tips, Secrets and Advices

The magic to look stunning with blue eyeshadow lies in not only in choosing good eyeshadows but also using them correctly. Different makeup gurus will have different recommendations of how to use eye shadow for blue eyes. We have compiled some of the best blue eyeshadow tips, secrets and advices to help you.

  • Fair-skinned blue eyed blondes – the best eyeshadow for blue-eyed blondes should be rich brown, warm plum or pink eyeshadow colors. You should generously apply mascara and use brown eyeliner instead of black one. Use subtle eyeshadow shades and intense color at the crease to make your eyes pop. Using pink and gold colors will make you exceptional especially as you blink.
  • Dark haired, fair-skinned women – The best eyeshadow to go for should be bolder such as brighter pink and metallic gold eyeshadow shades. A darker colored mascara and eyeliner will be ideal and if possible, go for an eyelash lightener. Use subtle on the eyelid towards the brow bone while darker shades closer to your lash line will make you very dramatic. Sultry looks suitable for nightclubs will require smudging it just below your lower lash line.
  • Redheads – the best eyeshadow for blue-eyed and redheads is copper and dark rusty shades and perhaps sage green for a softer accent. Brown eyeliner and brown mascara will be great in softening your eyes. Pale colored shimmery eyeshadow applied to the brow bone and dark eyeshadow near the upper lash line will look great.
  • Brunette that has a summer tan – For blue-eyed brunettes, richer shades will ideal in creating eyes that seem to pop. Deep plum, peach or silvery shadow will make them striking if they have a brighter color on their crease. Eyeliner and mascara could be black or brown. Experiment until you find something that will be great on you.
  • Finally, you should not match your clothes with your eyeshadows. Instead, compliment them.


Much can be done to make your blue eyes expressive when it comes to the world of eyeshadows. The only limitation you can have is your creativity. Generally, they works with neutral eye shadow even those with warm tones, smoky gray, peach and the above eyeshadow colors for blue eyes.

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