Black Eyeshadow – Best Brands, Tips, Ideas, How to Apply, Use, Choose, Wear, Tutorial and Black Eyeshadow Looks
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Black Eyeshadow – Best Brands, Tips, Ideas, How to Apply, Use, Choose, Wear, Tutorial and Black Eyeshadow Looks

This article on black eyeshadow will give you some of the best brands, tips, ideas, how to apply, how to use, how to wear, how to choose, tutorial and perfect black eye shadow looks. You will also get insightful tips that will ensure you get celebrity looks without visiting any makeup artist. For those who have tried it, they will concur this eye shadow is a hot  and it gives tantalizing looks and add much drama to your looks.

Black Eye shadows Best Brands

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Black eyeshadow can help you achieve a lot ranging from the dramatic looks especially if you go for black smokey eyes. Furthermore, when you create smoky eyes give both sex appeal and great attitude. You could make you eye color to pop if you like such a style. Although many people confess they really want to wear this eyeshadow, they often find it quite intimidating. You need to be very careful when using it and know how to blend it if you want perfect looks.

Best Black Eyeshadow – Top Brands

Before you buy any of the black eyeshadow shades, you need to know that they come in black color shades that slightly vary from one another. After reviewing many products, we could come across and reading user feedbacks, we came with the list below as some of the best eyeshadow brands you can purchase.

Best Black Eyeshadow - CoverGirl Smoky ShadowBlast in Onyx Smoke CoverGirl Smoky ShadowBlast in Onyx Smoke

  • CoverGirl Smoky Shadowblast Onyx Smoke
  • Milani Powder
  • Sugarpill Pressed  in Bulletproof
  • wet n wild ColorIcon Single in Panther
  • MAC Carbon
  • Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow Aqua
  • Urban Decay Zero
  • Milani Pitch Powder
  • MAC  Tied
  • NYX
  • Colorbar  Tie
  • L’oreal Cosmic Infallible

If you would like to buy palettes, some of the best black eyeshadow palette you can go for include the following:

  • Urban decay 15-Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection
  • Urban Decay Naked Basics  Palette
  • The matte black from the Sleek Original Palette
  • Bobbi Brown Pearl Palette
  • Black Radiance Eye Appeal  Palette in Urban Jungle
  • Jenni Rivera’s 36 Color  & Blush Palette

If you do not see your favorite brand, you need not to worry but list it down on comments. Of course, the list is not all-inclusive. See more best black eyeshadow brands,some of which which have not been covered.

How to Apply Black Eyeshadow – Tutorial, How to Wear, Use

How to Apply Black Eye shadow

When it comes to the steps on how to apply black eyeshadow, they are more or the same like other eyeshadow. However, there might be a few changes in the way you go about it since it is a heavily pigmented eyeshadow.  For instance, whereas in other eye shadows you apply them after face makeup, here you will begin with it and then go to face makeup. This will ensure you minimize blackish powder drops on your face for instance. Once you have worn it, you could then apply other face makeup. So how to you apply back eyeshadow?

  1. Prepare your face, moisturize it and apply your eyeshadow primer to help hold your eyeshadow in place, create a canvas that is not greasy and prevent creasing. If you have any wrinkles you want to hide, an under eye concealer will be ideal.
  2. If you want more emphasis, you should apply
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    Do you have a special way you apply your black eyeshadow that is the best? Share it so that other readers can try to get your good looks. Do not be jealous that someone is good to look good as you do!

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