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How to Do Cat Eye Eyeliner or Winged Eyeliner, Apply, Get, Tips, Secrets for Cat Eye Makeup Looks

In this article on  cat eyes or winged eyeliner, you will learn how to do, apply, wear it, some of the popular variations such as 1960s, long winged, cleoptara, colored, and a lot more. There is also a video to help you perfect your cat eyes looks. 

Cat Eye Eyeliner Winged Eyeliner Photo Image Cat Eyes Photo Image

Going for cat eye eyeliner or winged eyeliner can add charm and glamour to your looks. You definitely must have seen how dramatic and crazily beautiful Taylor Swift and Rachel Goodwin look when they do cat  eyeliners. You can also get those looks by following simple steps, which might look a bit tricky at the start, but pretty easy as you practice them.

However, before we look at how to do cat eyeliner, you deserve to know something more about this he 1960s Winged Liner Cat Eyes Eyeliner on the upper lash line beginning from your inner eye corner outwards just as you normally do when applying upper lash line eyeliners.

  • To create the 1960s winged-eyeliner, take a thin pointed brush and make a line from the outer eye corner upward and outwards beyond your eye by an angle of about 45 to 55 degrees. This line should be the lower edge of your winged liner while its tip will be your wing’s liner tip and it would serve as a guide as you apply more eyeliner.

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  1. I have gone through this article on cat eye eyeliner and found it to be very comprehensive. I wish you could add more on the different winged eye eyeliner looks for me to try out.

  2. this was an excellent. it helped me alot. getting better at it daily thanks.

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