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Black Eyeliner – Best Brands, Tips, How to Use, Put on, Wear or Apply and Choose Black Liner Shades

Black eyeliner is a sure way of looking irresistible and dramatic if you know how to use it. Learn how to apply, wear or choose the best or top brands. You will also get valuable tips, ideas, secrets, shades and ways you can ensure your liner does not fade.

How to Choose the Best Eyeliner - Ebony Skinned with Black Eyeliner Ebony Skinned wearing Black Eye liner

Black eyeliner is one of the most popular and widely used eyeliner that defines eyes well, making them brighter. With it, you can create.

  • Dramatic Looks – If you want a dramatic look, you will need to slightly smudge it after applying it using a cotton swab or your fingers,
  • Small Eyes – People who have black eyeshadow on top of the eye liner. This will not only make it last the whole day but also make it more intense.
  • Just as you do the on your face, use a good a foundation on your eyelids before applying any eye makeup. Liquid foundation is particularly good in ensuing your eye liner does not fade away. However, it should match the color of your skin. Ensure you let your eyelid surface dry after applying foundation before going on with the rest of your eye makeup
  • After you have applied it, putting a light powder on your eyelid is important in ensuring your it does not fade as well as offering a protective seal.
  • Use an applicator that is marker like to ensure your eye liner is kept in place.
  • Use a liquid eyeliner as it has a tendency to remain in place the whole day.
  • Going for waterproof eyeliner is a great way of ensuring you keep it in place.


You can look dramatic or natural with this eyeliners. The most important assignment you will have is choosing the best shades that matches your features as well as using it correctly. However, if you find black eyeliners very heavy, you could try dark blue shades as well as dark brown as they will equally work well.

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Do you find black eyeliners too much as I do? Share your experience with black eyeliners.

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