Best Eyeliner – Cake, Organic, Powder, Long Lasting, Smudge Free, Gel, Pencil, Semi, Permanent Eyeliners
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Best Eyeliner – Cake, Organic, Powder, Long Lasting, Smudge Free, Gel, Pencil, Semi, Permanent Eyeliners

Are you wondering what is the best eyeliner?  We’ve got the answer for you. This article has the best cake, organic, powder, long lasting or best smudge free, liquid, gel, , 

  • Wear Infinité® Soft Powder Eye Liner
  • Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil
  • Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Liner
  • Trish McEvoy Eye Definer/ Eye Liner
  • No7 Smokey Powder Eye Liner
  • L’Oreal Minerals Kohl Powder
  • L’Oreal Paris Wear Infinite Soft Powder Eye Liner
  • essence I Love Glam Powder  and Eye Shadow
  • Sudi’s Sormeh Powder
  • Jane Iredale cream to powder
  • Jane Iredale mystikol powdered and highlighter
  • Smashbox Soft Effects Powder Eye Liner

The above list of best powder eye liners in powder form is endless. If you do not find your favorite powder eyeliner in this list, you have nothing to worry you. Furthermore, read various powder eyeliner reviewscustomer rating and comments before selecting a certain top brand. Do not forget to , and so on.

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The Best Organic Eyeliner – Top Brands

Many companies and manufacturers claim they have the best organic eyeliner. Some of the best organic eyeliners, which are truly or certified organic eyeliners, include the following:

Best Eyeliners - Organic Eyeliners or Natural Eyeliners Organic or Natural Eyeliners

  • Organic wear™ 100% Natural Origin
  • Mineral Wear™ Talc-Free Mineral Eye Liner Pencil
  • Organic Cake by NVEY Eco
  • Lavera
  • Josie Maran
  • Midnight Mineral Eye Liner
  • Oak Mineral Eye Liner
  • NVEY ECO’s High-Definition Cake – Organic Cake
  • Vapour Organic Beauty’s Mesmerize Smokey Eye Tool
  • Inika Organic Duo
  • Terra d’Oc – Kohl Liner
  • Organic Glam – Mineral Eye Pencil
  • UNE – Absolute Blacks Kohl

If your best eyeliner brand, which is organic in nature, did not appear in the above list, it does not mean it is not certified organic. The above names are simply some of the popular brands. It is time you should go organic if you are conscious of your health and you want to avert some of the possible side effects of non-organic eyeliners. Also, read organic eyeliner reviews, ratings and customer feedback if you want to get some of the best brands.

4. Long Lasting Best Eyeliner – Smudge Free

Long lasting eyeliners is not a type or special category. They are the best eye liners, which have a tendency of staying in place for a long duration of time. One unique feature that these eye liners have is that they do not smudge or smear easily when exposed to normal environmental conditions. How to wear long lasting eyeliner is depended on their type and form. You could have powdered, cake, organic, gel, pencil, glitter, liquid and many other forms of these eye liners. However, it will follow the Best Eyeliners - Long Lasting Eyeliner (Various Colors – This is Brown)

  • Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel
  • arte emphasEYES
  • Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting
  • NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker
  • Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof Long Lasting

The list of the best long lasting eyeliner is endless. The above is a representation of some of the best eyeliner that lasts long and/or popular and not necessarily the only ones. You did not see your favorite long lasting eyeliner? There is no need to worry so long as it can last for at least 12 hours without smudging, flaking or fading.

5. Semi Permanent Best Eyeliner

Best Eyeliners - Semi Permanent Eyeliners Semi Permanent Eyeliners

Imagine the struggle of having to wake up every morning to apply eyeliners or after you shower, go swimming or when your makeup smudges. You can say goodbye to all this hassle with semi-permanent makeup, they are among the best brands that are gaining popularity amongst many people. Some of the benefits of semi permanent makeup are similar to the ones of permanent ey eliner.

Semi permanent eyeliners can be looked at in two ways. One is a scenario where eyeliners are placed under the dermal skin layer. They are often oxides of iron where you preferred color is implanted below your skin on the upper and lower lashes and will remain intact for a period ranging from two to five years.

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This kind of semi permanent eyeliners can be done by either makeup technicians or doctors in the cosmetic field. Depending on the expertise of the person who did it, you could achieve a natural or dramatic look, depending on what pleases you. The procedure is more or less the same as that one of Best Eyeliners - Pencil Eyeliners Permanent or Tattooed Eyeliner

Imagine if you had beautiful permanent eyeliners, which require no more makeup. This sounds great doesn’t it huh? With the permanent eyeliners, you have a chance to look either natural or dramatic. They are also known as tattooed eyeliner where a tattooing procedure is used on your eyelashes to enhance their appearance.

This permanent pigmentation procedure involves using various techniques and specialized machines to introduced desired color pigments under the lash line skin. It might also involve increasing the eyelashes for people who have thin, few or lost them because of one or the other reason.

Wait a moment, being a permanent procedure; you should be informed about it before you go for it. It can be removed but the process is very painful. Do you need to know more about permanent eyeliner, their benefits, risks, dangers, and much more? Visit Best Eyeliners - Glitter Eyeliners

  • Bobbi Brown Glitter Liquid Eye Liner SILVER
  • Milani Glitzy Eyes Retractable Glitter  Pencil
  • SEPHORA COLLECTION Liner Electro – Glitter Eye Pencil
  • 12 LA Colors Shimmer Sparking Glitter Eye Liner Set
  • Victoria’s Secret ‘Beauty Rush’ PURPLE POP Glitter Eye Gel
  • NYX Cosmetics Slim Pencil Eye Liner 9pc Glitter Eye Liner Pencils
  • Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Glitter Liquid Liner – Mirrorball
  • Zink Color Gold Leaf Flake Elegant Eye Body Makeup
  • Avon Solutions Plus+ Total Radiance Eye Gel
  • Beauty Treats Long Lasting Smooth Glitter Liquid 6 pcs Set

This list should not intimidate you as it only contains some of the popular brands of glitter eyeliner and not necessarily the best only. Whatever glitter eyeliner you are using could be better. Again, before switching to any of the best eyeliner brands above, ask yourself if have research by reading glitter eyeliner reviews, ratings and customer comments. This can help you know if you are making the right decision or not.


Finally, on the eyeliner types, we have the gel eyeliner. They are also called cream eyeliner as they come in form of a cream or gel. They are very simple to apply as they easily glide and they could be used to achieve whatever look you want. They are gaining popularity to many people. To learn more on gel eyeliners, their pros and cons as well as how to apply gel eyeliner, visit

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