Eyeliner for Blue Eyes – Best, Tip, What Color Eye Liner and Eyeshadow to Use for Blue Eyed People
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Eyeliner for Blue Eyes – Best, Tip, What Color Eye Liner and Eyeshadow to Use for Blue Eyed People

If you have blue eyes and you are not certain on which eyeliner color for blue eyes you should go for, you are at the right page. We are going to introduced you to the best colors and brands, ideas, secrets, advice, and tips,  You will also cover something on Best Eyeliner for Blue Eyes – What Eye Liners to Use for Blue Eyes  can you use with these eyeliners?

  • Are there any tip, secrets and advice to follow while the various eyeliners on eyes that are blue?
  • How do you make your blue eye color pop up?

Most people often confuse  for Blue Eyes and Best Brands

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If you want your them to look outstanding, you must know which eye liner to use. Many eye liner color shades that will perfectly match well with the shades of your eyes. Some of these eyeliner color shades for blue eyes and well as top brands for each color shades area follows.

Best Eyeliner for Blue Eyes – Blue eye Eyeshadows Ideas because they will make your eyes less visible and very dull. You should use blue eyeshadow if only it is very dark.

Blue Eyes Pop Up

If you would to have blue pop up eyes, first, you should apply white eyeliner in the inner rims of the lower eyelids to give the illusion that your eyes are bigger. Ensure your eyebrows are well shaped and well trimmed since if not, they could make you look imperfect as they give your eyes a frame.

Next, apply concealer under on your eyes in a crescent shape. To do this, begin from your inner eye corner (lower eyelid) and swipe the concealer towards the outer eye corner while tapering it at the ends. This is to hind any imperfections or discoloration such as the ugly dark under eye circles that your eyes might be having.

Finally, you need to add shimmer or sparkly dot of light eyeshadow on inner corners of your eyes to make your blue eyes pop up.

Tips, Secrets and Advices for Using Eyeliner for Blue Eye Color

Having known best colors to use you need to know some of the tips, secrets and advises for using them. This will ensure you appear, as you wanted and not diminishing your lovely blue eyes!

  • People who want their their eyes to stand out should go for darker shades such as dark brown eyeliners, charcoal or black eyeliners. For those who want unique liner color, going for dark green eyeliner color shades will make your eyes attractive especially forest green and dark golden green. However, if you intend to make your it look much faded, go for light green eyeliner.
  • Is using blue eyeliner on blue eyes a good idea? For those who think about using it, they should know that these eyeliners would make their eyes dull unless  they go for darker shades, especially dark navy blue eye liner. Such a color choice, if done well can help your create pop up blue eyes. Jet-black eye liner should not be chosen, as it will not complement your eyes.
  • As a rule of choosing eyeliners for blue eye color, darker colored liner will make your eyes attractive.
  • If you want your them to look bigger, go for white eye liner and apply it in your inner lash lines (inner rims) of your eyeliner.

How to Apply Eyeliner for Blue Eyes

The application process is depended on the type of eyeliners you want to use. You can read on the specific type of eyeliner you have. Some of the common types or forms you can find in the market include gel, pencil, glitter, liquid, permanent, kohl eyeliner, among many others.


Proper choice of eyeliner for blue eyes will make them look magnificent. You should not go wrong about it when it comes to choosing the best colors and brands. Follow the above tips, secrets and advice used by top makeup artists and you will be the new celebrity everywhere you go. You were born to shine. Ensure you should stand out from the rest!

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Which blue eyeliner for blue eye color do you use? Let us know too!

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  1. What if you don’t use black eye liner because it irritates your eye but just use the white eye liner pencil? How can I make my blue eyes still look good? I’m not one for a lot of heavy make up or a lot of make up period. I like to my face to look simple and not so crowded with a lot of heavy make up. Is there a way I can still achieve this look?

    • @Tina. You can use a subtle eyeliner such as brown and line your inner eye rims with with only if you want your eyes to appear bigger.

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