Dark Circles Under Eyes Causes – What Is and Why They Come?
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Dark Circles Under Eyes Causes – What Is and Why They Come?

What causes dark circles under eyes? Learn the type and causes of dark under eye circles in men, children and women – those ugly l ooking blemishes around your eyes. Dark circles under eyes will make you look old, unhealthy and very tired – they take the glow of your eyes away, no wonder many people use  and  , various . Even if you are taking enough water, ensure you reduce foods that are high in salt, as they will cause dehydration through water retention.

Aggressive and wrong makeup useEye makeup can add charm to your face, however, it can one of the main dark eye circles causes. Each time you use makeup, ensure you carefully look at the ingredients it has. Some of the makeup that has been found to cause dark eye circles includes eyeliners and eyeshadow , especially when used wrongly or on sensitive skin . Some of these eye makeup cause allergies and thereby causing dark circles under the eyes.

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There are many other dark circles under eyes causes which include exposure to sun that will make your body to produce more melanin, nasal congestion, skin diseases, cosmetics, sleeping habits among others. You need to carefully examine your life to be able to know what the dark circles under eyes causes are in your case. A dermatologists or a doctor could be handy if you are not able to establish the causes.

Dark Circles under Eyes Causes and Home Remedies Video Guide

To enrich what you have already learn, you can also watch the below video on dark eye circles causes as well as some home remedies.

What to Do if You Have Dark under Eye Circles

Prevention of Under Eye Dark Circles

If you already have dark under eye circles, you need to establish the dark circles under eyes causes and decide on which will be the best way to treat them or get rid of them . Just to give you a hint on the approaches you could take, here is what you should consider:


If you have read the article or you would like to know what it was all about, this discussion on dark circles under your eyes causes, answered the following questions comprehensively:

  • What are they ares?
  • What are the types?
  • What are the dark circles under eyes causes?

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