Causes of Puffy Eyes – Meaning, From Crying, Morning, Allergies, Puffiness Under Eyes Prevention and Symptoms
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Causes of Puffy Eyes – Meaning, From Crying, Morning, Allergies, Puffiness Under Eyes Prevention and Symptoms

What causes puffy eyes? Get info on the causes of puffy eyes such crying, in the morning, allergies, age, fluid retention etc. as well as prevention and common symptoms you will have when suffering from this condition.  Some of the key questions that will be answered in this discussion include the following:

Puffy Eyes Causes - What Is Puffiness under Eye, Prevention and Symptoms Puffiness under Eye

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  • How do you prevent puffy eyes?
  • Are puffy eyes the same as under eye bags?
  • What are the main causes of puffiness under eyes?
  • What are the symptoms of puffiness under eyes are they sight threatening

Puffiness under eyes make everyone to look tired, exhausted and very old. We have gone an extra mile to give you the most comprehensive list of causes of  puffiness under eyes to ensure you can deal with the problem wellHowever, if you were looking for information on how to get rid of puffiness under eyes, we also how an article covering that area, see  inflammation and and flakes from your eyelids that look like dandruffs. This is a chronic condition whose symptoms can be minimized with medication and proper hygiene but never treated permanently.

Hereditary factors – to some people, their puffy eyes  is caused by nothing other than hereditary factors.  Baggy eyes, eye bugs and dark circles under the eye is caused by genetic and hereditary factors. Hereditary causes of eye puffiness, or eyes, try using fragrance free and hypoallergenic eye makeup and other eye products. This will reduce chances of suffering from puffy eyes caused by makeup that has ingredients that are allergens.

  • Ensure proper hygiene always if you use contact lenses. The lenses should be in a good condition and always replaced them as frequent as required.

The way of preventing puffy eyes revolve around understanding what causes eyes that are puffy. If you have fluid retention, you can sleep with your head elevated; get diuretics to help reduce fluid retention, etc (Diuretic pills and vitamin C can be used to help people who suffer from puffiness under eyes caused by fluid retention).  We have covered more on prevention of puffy eyes while discussion how to get rid of puffiness under eyes.


You know what puffiness under eyes is and you can tell the difference between puffy eyes and under eye bags. From the many causes of puffy eyes, you should also be able to know what causes yours and this can be of much help in dealing with this ugly old looking swollen eyelid problem. See how to get rid of puffy eyes including treatments, cures, best creams, etc.

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