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What Causes Bags Under Eyes – Meaning, Symptoms and Prevention of Under Eye Bags Including Men, Children, Teens

What causes bags under eyes, what are some of their symptoms and how do you prevent bags under eyes? No one wants the disgusting under eye marks as they make someone to look old, tired and very dull. Learn what bags under eyes are, what symptoms you might have when you have bags under eyes and the various causes of under eye bags in teenagers, children, men, women and all people in children. We will also mentions something on prevention of bags under eye bags. To get rid of them see  affects the orbit around the eye (both upper and lower eyelid).

Furthermore, bags under eyes often result to increases downward pressure that creates pockets that are bulged on your lower eyelid. As we discussed the causes of bags under eyes, you will clearly understand what they are and how they are different from puffy eyes.

Normally when you have bags under eyes, fats often accumulate below your eye socket as you lose muscle tone. Of course, everyone has retro-orbital otherwise known as fatty pockets around their eyes to help in protecting eyes from bruises and bumps.

Sometimes, you could have under eye bags on your upper eyelids; they are often caused by

Although not life threatening, if you have very severe and persistent swelling which comes with pain, itchiness and redness, see your doctor. Furthermore, if under eye bag swelling affects other body parts such as legs, hands, etc, see a doctor immediately for diagnosis.

Causes of Bags Under Eyes – Teenagers, Children, Men, Women adults.

The bags under eye causes are similar regardless of whether eye are in children, women, teenagers, adults, men or any other person. In addition, while discussion the causes of bags under eyes, you will realized they are among others. Consult your allergists or physician for further help.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes is one of the common causes of eye bags to people undergoing hormonal changes, especially women during their menstrual flows and pregnancy. Hormonal changes often leads to water retention that can cause bags under eyes  and . Some of the causes of eye bags are much similar to those of puffy eyes.

Prevention of Bags Under Eyes

We have seen the causes of eye bags. It is time to look at ways to prevent bags under eyes. This will not cover in details the various ways on ?

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