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Does Vitamin E Help Scars or Is It Good for Scars Acne

With an ever growing range of skin and beauty care products that contain vitamin E as one of the ingredients, you may be left to wonder, “Does vitamin E help scars?” This article will give you a comprehensive coverage of the role of vitamin E in scar healing and fading, including acne scars. 

Does Vitamin E Help Scars – Is Vitamin E Good For Scars?

Vitamin E has got to be one of the superstar ingredients in the skin care and beauty industry and there is a good reason; vitamin E has antioxidant properties which are beneficial to the skin.

There is a general opinion that vitamin E is beneficial to the scarring process, with some experts going as far as recommending the application of vitamin E to healing wounds, whether from surgery, burns, or injury.

This often raises the question, “Does vitamin E help scars?” According to Larry Nichter, MD, a plastic surgeon based in Orange County, vitamin E products such as lotions, creams, ointments, and oils do nothing to scars other than keeping them hydrated.

This argument is backed up by a scientific study conducted by the University of Miami where vitamin E was tested on patients recovering from wounds due to skin cancer surgery. Vitamin E was found to have no effect on or worsen scars in 90% of the participants. In fact, topical application of Vitamin E was found to cause contact dermatitis in 33% of the participants.

Phillip Artemi, MD, a dermatologist based in Sydney drives the point home saying that it is a proven scientific study that vitamin E doesn’t work for scars and is no better than normal emollients such as Vaseline. Numerous other studies have showed similar results.

Some advocates of vitamin for scars treatment counter the claim stating that very little amount of vitamin E was used during the university of Miami study, but if the results of the study are anything to go by, then that would have probably resulted in higher prevalence of skin irritation (contact dermatitis).

Coming back to the question, can vitamin E good scars, well I would dare to say it doesn’t help improve scarring. It is instead advisable to look for products that feature silicone as one of the ingredients. There are numerous silicone gel and cream products e.g. Kelo-cote and silicone gel sheets that you may want to try.

How Does Vitamin E Help Scars

The question, “how does vitamin E help scars?” keeps popping up in our email inbox. As we have already mentioned, vitamin E doesn’t improve the skin scarring process. As a matter of fact, vitamin E can irritate the healing scar.

Does Vitamin E Help Fade Scars

Now that vitamin E is not beneficial to the wound healing and scarring process, you may be left wondering if it can help fade scars that have already formed. Research studies indicate that topical application doesn’t at all benefit scars.

Should you however decide to go ahead and try one of the numerous vitamin E based products that claim to help fade scars, you should dab a little amount on the inside of your arm first to evaluate its effect on your skin since some might lead to skin irritation.

Does Vitamin E Help Acne Scars

A commonly touted approach to treating acne scars is to pop vitamin E Capsules on the scars. There are also various vitamin E based products available online that claim to improve acne scars ranging from creams such as La Bella Vitamin E Cream to ointments, oils and lotions.

The claim is often based on the premise that when available in the body, vitamin E influences how collagen fibers are formed and arranged.

The question though is, “Does vitamin E help acne scars”. Well, according Phillip Artemi, MD, a dermatologist based in Sydney, when applied topically, vitamin E is not at all beneficial to scars. In fact he considers it a proven scientific fact that vitamin E doesn’t help the scar healing process.

Some people may apply vitamin E on scars and notice continuous improvement over time and think that the cream or lotion is the one responsible for the improvement when in fact it is just the result of the natural scar healing process.

So, coming back to our question, does vitamin E help acne scars, it is not any better than using old grandma remedies such as Vaseline. Acne scars would perhaps benefit more from silicone based scar creams such as Scarguard. Other treatments that you may want to talk to your doctor about are laser treatment, medical microneedling, subcision, punch excision, and filler injection.

Should one of the various vitamin E acne scars products available on the market however leave you wanting to try it, you should consider the following tips:

  • Wait until the scar and the underlying wound have had enough time to heal. 4-6 weeks are generally advised.
  • Test the product on the inside of the arm to see if it irritates your skin.

Vitamin E Scar Healing Time

Perhaps based on the misconception that vitamin E help scars heal faster, people often ask, “What is the typical vitamin E scar healing time?” Well, most doctors agree that the average healing time for scars is 4-6 weeks.

By this time the scar will have flattened considerably and lost the redness and lumpiness that characterize new scars, but it might take 6-12 months for the scar to mature and become blended in with the rest of the skin and thus less noticeable. It is unlikely that vitamin E will shorten the scar healing time based on the currently existing scientific evidence.

Does Vitamin E Help Old Scars

It is unlikely that vitamin E will help an old scar so much other than just keeping it hydrated. Although hydration of the skin is important, Dr. Larry S. Nichter, an Orange county plastic surgeon, thinks there are better scientifically studied products that have greater efficacy, particularly those based on silicone.

Should you however decide to check how a given vitamin E product works on your skin, you should better ensure that the scar is at least 4 weeks old.

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