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Double Chin Surgery – Removal, Costs, Before, After Double Chin Plastic Surgery

Have you been contemplating having a double chin surgery but are not sure if it is for you? If you have, then this article is for you. In this article, we will highlight the basics of double chin surgery so that you are aware of the kind of things to expect once you have finally made the decision to see a plastic surgeon. We’ll also discuss the cost of having a double chin surgery and include some double chin surgery “before and after” pictures to inform your imagination on what is possible with double chin surgery.

Double Chin Surgery – Double Chin Plastic Surgery

Double chin is a common problem associated with factors such as ageing, weight gain, and genetic predisposition. Sagging skin and collection of fat are the common culprits for double chin.

Before and After – Double Chin Surgery

If you have been looking around for ways to lose double chin for any length of time, chances are that you have read something about double chin surgery. A double chin surgery is the fastest way to lose double chin.

With a myriad of names including chin liposuction, submental Liposuction, and chin lift, a double chin surgery basically involves removal of excess fat from the chin, neck and jaw areas.

The kind of fat that typically builds up here (leading to double chin) is often not easily metabolized even with a stringent diet and exercise regime and may prove difficult to eliminate even with overall body weight loss.

Some surgeons also correct the muscles in the chin area through small incisions below the chin and yet others may tighten the skin using small incisions around the ear. Local anesthesia is usually used during double chin surgery.

Success of chin liposuction surgeries depends to a great extent on the quality of the patient’s skin. In that context, the plastic surgeon will often evaluate your skin’s elasticity to determine it ability to contract once the underlying fat has been sucked out.

One of the outstanding benefits of double chin surgery is the fast results that it typically achieves in just a few hours. Imagine walking into surgery in the evening and going back home before midnight without that pesky double chin. And if you want a new shape for your chin (in the plastic surgery context), you can as well discuss that with your surgeon.

Recovery is also typically very fast and patients are usually able to drive themselves home or even go back to work right away even though it might be a better idea to wait a couple days. The patient is however required a chin strap garment for a few days.

Double Chin Surgery on Men

It is worth noting however that double chin surgery doesn’t give permanent results and a change of lifestyle is your best bet for anything close to permanent results. That means adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle and regular exercise routine to check your weight.

Double Chin Surgery Cost – Double Chin Removal Cost

“What is the cost for a double chin surgery?” “How much does a double chin surgery cost?” These are some of the questions that could be running in your mind right now.

Double chin surgery is not the cheapest of options to get rid of a double chin. As with any form of plastic surgery, double chin surgery is quite expensive, with the price typically ranging from $2,000 to $4,000. The average price according to price tags quoted by real users of double chin surgery on realself.com is $2,425.

The price however varies from one clinic to another and it may be worth your time to look around for the best price. You may want to look around on the internet or dig in through the yellow pages to unearth plastic surgeons offering double chin surgery.

All said and done, you should still not compromise quality for price. Remember it is your body you are talking about here. It is therefore advisable to look for a reputable surgeon or clinic even as take the cost factor into consideration.

Perhaps the typically high double chin surgery cost is the most important consideration that you should keep in mind when making the decision as to whether this option is for you. You need to balance this fact against the fact that double chin surgery is typically a quick-fix solution and the results are not permanent.

The quick results and the fast healing process associated with double chin surgery may however make up for the high cost of double chin surgery. It is all up to you to decide.

Double Chin Surgery Before and After Pictures

We have already mentioned that double chin surgery can give drastic and fast results. And what a better way to showcase it than with some pictures of real people who have had a double chin surgery performed?  After all some wise man once said that a picture speaks a thousand words.

On that note, here are a few double chin “before and after” pictures to speak out thousand words.

Double Chin Surgery Before and After

This ‘before and after” picture depicts a lady who had an easily visible double chin. See how double chin surgery was able to transform her look by removing the double chin. Her jaw line also looks well defined after the surgery and if you agree with me, she even looks younger. On yeah, double chin surgery works great for women and men alike.

Things to Remember about Double Chin Reduction Surgery or Double Chin Removal Surgery

In a nutshell you should know and remember that:

  • Double chin surgery is the easiest and fastest way to lose double chin but is typically costly
  • Double chin surgery usually gives temporary results and a change of lifestyle is the key to maintaining the results achieved

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