Red Bumps on Forehead –Little Itchy Heat Bumps on Forehead Not Pimples Treatment, Tiny, Small Red Bumps
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Red Bumps on Forehead –Little Itchy Heat Bumps on Forehead Not Pimples Treatment, Tiny, Small Red Bumps

You may describe them as tiny, little or small bumps on forehead. These are always annoying. These red bumps on forehead not pimples have various causes. Some of the itchy red bumps on forehead could be heat bumps.

Tiny, Little or Small Red Bumps on Forehead

They are always given many descriptions. Tiny, little or small red bumps on forehead. When they occur on other parts of the body, red bumps are easy to conceal. This is however not so when they appear on the forehead. These will always be visible unless one has perfect bangs. Using bangs to hide them could add to the problem as well. How then does one get rid of them? To do this in the best way, one ought to know their causes which are varied. As a result, their treatments are also different.

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One major cause of little bumps on the forehead is clogged pores. This is caused by its proximity to the T-Zone which is known for its excess production of oil. To get rid of such acne bumps, one could steam their forehead.

Problems from the head can also trickle down to the forehead. Dandruff in hair could cause one to get small bumps on the forehead. To make these disappear, one ought to get rid of the dandruff. An oily scalp could also cause bumps on forehead. Certain hair and skin care products may contain substances to which the skin is allergic to. Avoid having hair products getting into contact with the skin on the forehead. Avoid using facial products containing ingredients you are allergic to as well.

Exfoliation, when done excessively could irritate the skin leading to formation of red bumps on forehead. This is despite the fact that it is important in getting rid of dead skin cells. One should therefore do it in moderation. Only exfoliate once or twice a week to prevent the skin from getting irritated.

People who ride in helmets and wear caps could get bumps on their foreheads as well. This could be attributed to the dust build up since helmets are rarely cleaned up.  To counter this, one could cover the forehead with a clean cloth prior to putting on the helmet. This will keep at bay any acne breakout.

Red Bumps on Forehead Not Pimples

Red bumps on forehead not pimples may be as a result of inflammatory reactions. They vary in size, appearance and severity. These are determined by the cause of the irritation. Such red bumps may be found not only on the forehead but also on the face and other parts of the body. Their presence on the forehead could be an indication of other underlying health problems.

Some of the common causes of these bumps are allergic reactions, dermatitis, inflammatory disorders and insect bites. These rarely cause permanent harm and can be treated using health care plans outlined by a health care provider.

Any forehead bumps accompanied by fever and a stiff neck may indicate bacterial meningitis which is a life threatening condition. Allergic reactions that cause bumps accompanied by wheezing, a face that is swollen and breath shortness could also be serious. It could be an indication of a condition known as anaphylaxis. Medical attention should be sought immediately.

Red Heat Bumps on Forehead

When the skin is exposed to too much heat, it is possible to develop red heat bumps on forehead.  This is most common during the summer. The buildup of these bumps is as a result of the humid and hot weather. Due to the excessive sweating experienced in this time of the year, there is an increased risk of bacterial infection. This results in tiny red bumps on the skin.

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Also common are heat bumps on children’s foreheads. These occur as a result of accumulated sweat as well as underdeveloped sweat glands. These make them more vulnerable to the bumps. At times, these could disappear as fast as they came. In other instances, simple home remedies could get rid of them.

Most heat bumps are accompanied by itchiness which makes them turnout more red and visible. It is advised to resist the urge to scratch. This will help prevent the situation from getting worse as well as avoid infection.

To get rid of heat bumps, one could use cold compresses. Rub some ice on the area to relieve the redness. Applying aloe vera, baking soda, oat meal bath and neem leaves paste could as well help. These products are all natural and thus appropriate for all skin types without the risk of more breakouts.

Itchy Red Bumps on Forehead

A number of things could lead to itchy bumps on forehead. Treatment for the itchy bumps should be determined by what their causes are. At home topical creams and natural products could help to get rid of them. Where home care products do not work and the condition seems to be getting worse, always see a dermatologist.

Psoriasis is a condition that manifests itself in the form of itchy red bumps. In severe cases, one could experience open lesions. The condition is worsened by the forehead’s proximity to the hairline making it more vulnerable.

Having dry skin could also lead to an itchy skin. When one responds to the urge to scratch, red bumps could form. A dry skin could be stimulated by inferior facial products such as creams and soaps, which leave the skin overly dry. Some medical conditions such as diabetes could also lead to a dry skin.

When one gets exposed to too much heat and sweating, the body may react by formation of bumps on the forehead. This is most common in people who wear caps and helmets. It is a warning sign that if over-exposure to heat is continued, one could suffer from exhaustion or heat stroke.

In cases of allergic reaction, red itchy bumps could appear. The reaction could be caused by facial products, soap, food, fabrics and even pollen. To avoid this, it is important to perform a patch test for every new purchase even on products that one has used previously. Eliminating products suspected to be triggering formation of itchy red bumps on forehead could as well help.

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