Hourglass Body Shape Dresses, Shaper, Workouts, Celebrities with Hourglass Figure
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Hourglass Body Shape Dresses, Shaper, Workouts, Celebrities with Hourglass Figure

If you have wide shoulders and hips, chances are that you have an hourglass body shape otherwise referred to as figure 8. Read on to learn more about the hourglass body type and get to know some of the celebrities with this figure. Most importantly, we have as well featured helpful tips to consider when choosing ideal dresses for the hourglass figure.


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Celebrities with Hourglass Body Shape

Jessica Simpson, Scarlett Hohansson, Anne Hathaway

If you have the figure 8 shape, then you are in the same class with Kim Kardashian, Nigella Lawson, Kelly Brook Sophia, Salma Hayek, Loren Elsa, Benitez, Kate Winslet, Shania Twain, Claudia Schiffer, Emanuela de Paula, Kimberley Walsh, Marilyn Monroe, Charlotte Church, Myleene Klass, and Halle Berry among other celebrities.

Celebrities with this kind of a body

Dresses for Hourglass Figure

In a study conducted by researchers at the North Carolina State University, about 8 percent of women were found to have an hourglass body shape, otherwise known as Figure 8 or X shape.

Dresses to go for

This shape is characterized by prominent bust and hip which are of almost an equal size, and a well defined, narrow waist that is typically between 6 and 9 inches smaller than the hips and bust. This body type tends to store fat around the upper and lower body with the arms, chest, butts and hips storing fat first before waist and abdomen.  Hourglass shaped ladies also have lots of muscle mass as well as strong bones.

Now that we know what the characteristic of the hourglass shaped body, the next question is, what are the ideal dresses for hourglass figure? After all, dressing for your body type is the best step towards looking great regardless of your size.

Well, ideal dresses for the hourglass shaped body should have fabrics and styles that reduce bulk while accentuating your most desirable feature; the well defined waist.

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Look for fitting dresses that nip in at the waist (to draw attention to it of course) but doesn’t add bulk to the bust. A wrap dress is an especially great choice in this regard, but you may want to stay away from this type of dress if you have a short waist.

Soft, stretchy fabrics such as silk are an especially great choice for dresses for hourglass figure because they hug your natural curves unlike stiff materials that can give you a boxy appearance.

As for the ideal necklines in as far as dresses for hourglass figures is concerned, you can never go wrong with V-necks, scoop necks, V-neck halter, and sweethearts that are cut down as they give  a slimming affect to your bust.

Wide necklines the likes of squares and boat necks are definite no-no as they can make your bust and shoulders appear bulky. You should also stay away from bows and ruffles as these tend to add volume to your upper body (if positioned on the bust) or to make the waist less prominent (if positioned on the hip).

If you would rather downplay your curves, then you should choose dark colored dresses with vertical stripes or pleats.

How to Dress Hourglass Figure – Taking Care of the Lower Body

Celebrities more celebrities

You now know how to choose the right dress for an hourglass shaped body but what about dressing the lower body. Here is how to dress hourglass figure from the waist down:

Snug, pencil skirts make for fantastic lower body clothes for hourglass figure since they bring out your glorious natural curves. Other types of skirt will also work fine but you will want to keep them at knee length. It is also advisable to opt for skirts made of stretchy or draping materials as stiff fabrics can make your hips boxy and exaggerate your width.

As for trousers, go for the styles that feature a slight flare. The boot-cut style is one such option. The flare helps to create a more balanced look between your legs and hips while making your legs seem a bit slimmer and longer.

A talk on how to dress hourglass figure is not complete (in my own opinion) without mentioning peep toe shoes, rounded toes shoes and shoes with bows,  all of which helps to make your natural curves more prominent. Flat lace-up shoes are a definite no-no.

Hourglass Body Shaper

The Hourglass figure is, to many women (and men too), the hallmark of beauty and glamour and is considered the ideal body type by an equally great number of women. The sexy natural curves are something that many women would die for (and for a good reason). It is thus not surprising that there are many hourglass body shapes available in the market today.

Hourglass Body Shaper

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Well, I can see the puzzled look in your face and before you ask, an hourglass body shape is any device designed to contour a woman’s body to give her an hourglass shape or something close to that. The idea is to slim the mid-section of the body in order to narrow the waist, just like Kim Kardashian or Kate Winslet.

I took some time to research some of the options available for these devices online and some of the products I cam across were Almighty Vest by Amia, Workout Band by Ann Cherry,  Slim Vest, Shape Band, The Mia Corselette Body shaper, and Vedette 302 Body Shaper.

Hourglass Body Shape Workout or Exercise for Hourglass Body Shape

Individuals with hourglass body shape tend to bulk up muscles faster and an ideal workout routine should involve little weight training until most of the body fat has been burned off. Good exercises for this body type include high speed sports that involve low to moderate resistance and targeting the lower as well as the upper body.

Examples are leg lifts and curls, vertical scissors, L-kicks, arm push-outs, upright rows, triceps kickbacks, bicep curls, leg-outs, and behind the neck presses. Walking on the treadmill fast with no incline, biking at low resistance, and Swimming (front crawl) are also great exercise options for this body shape.

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