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Best First Date Ideas – Perfect, For College Students

Every person despite the stage of life they are in gets confused on what the perfect or best first date ideas are. To help make a decision on this, we discuss the best first date ideas suitable for different occasions including perfect first date ideas for college students.

Best First Date Ideas

Dinner: The old age first date activity has always been a movie then dinner afterwards. If this is set in a relaxed environment, it is likely to yield great results. In this kind of setting, the music should be low. This way the distractions are less.  During a dinner date, you can watch how the other person treats others including staff responsible for serving you and know if they are well versed with dining etiquette. It also gives time for you to talk without straining to hear each other.

Visiting malls: Malls offer a lot of diversified products. There is therefore going to be many activities if you decide to visit a mall on your first date. As you sit to watch and listen to live performances, you get to learn their artistic appreciation. In the drop in eateries, you can sample some food. This way you learn what their food preferences are. There also are rest places where you can just sit and relax. While taking coffee here, you can marvel at what you have encountered.  The diversity in malls helps to fill up all the time you had planned to spend together.

Flea market: While shopping may not be a favorite for the guys, they are likely to enjoy going to a flea market. Here there is a bit of everything at reasonable prices. While you may not be going for a specific item, it is hard not to get something. From the wide variety of things on display you also get to learn something about the other person’s likes and dislikes.

Carnival: If both of you love displays and festivities, head to the carnival. These are perfect for people who are getting to know each other. Try winning some prices while there and give them to your date as souvenirs. Whichever way things go, there will be some memory to the fun. Be sure to ride the Ferris wheel.

Factory tours: Most factories tend to offer tours for free. While at it, you are allowed to sample their products. Indulge your sweet tooth by visiting a cookie factory and learn as much as you can. Gather tips on how to get great cookies from your kitchen.

Breweries and wineries also offer tours. You could visit these and take part in some wine tasting. Also get to learn about which foods to pair the wines with.

These activities help the two of you to indulge and offer your opinions on something both of you have tried. It is possible to learn about one’s outlook in life through the way they describe the various products on display.

The art gallery: There are bound to be some in art schools and community centers around where you live.  There is a lot to be learnt and appreciated in art galleries. As you go through the pieces, there is a great chance to know each other more as you try to interpret them.  It is also a great way to know whether you have things that you love in common.

Perfect First Date Ideas

Despite having chosen a great first date venue and activity, things could go wrong if dating etiquette is not observed. To help make your first date perfect:

Confirm the date:  To eliminate uncertainty concerning the date, the man should call up the woman early enough to let her know that the date is still on. If this is not done, you may go to pick her up and find her having not prepared. This would not be such a great way to start it off. Make that call to ensure that she doesn’t get herself other things to do.

Keep time: Both parties should ensure that they keep time. If for some reason it is not possible to meet at the agreed time, call to inform your date about the same.

Forget about your phone: It would be quite rude if you were to interrupt an ongoing date to respond to some social media notifications. While most people put their phones on silent mode, be sure to keep it away while on the first date. This will help keep the distractions away and ensure that you only give your attention to your date.

Be confident:  While a first date is usually a nervous one, try as much as you can to be self-assured. This is as opposed to trying so hard to making everything work. If we are confident enough, things become spontaneous and if something goes wrong, we are likely to deal with it in the best way possible.

Avoid pretending to be someone you are not. Just sit back, relax and enjoy your date without trying too hard to please them.

Dress appropriately: Both parties should be well informed about where the date will be and the activities they are likely to engage in. Make the date perfect by wearing what is most appropriate. Also ensure that you are well groomed. Looking your best during the first date will make you comfortable. This way, your time is spent paying attention to your date as opposed to adjusting your clothes.

Keep talking to each other: The greatest challenge that most people on their first date get is having to experience silent moments. Maintaining a conversation with a stranger can be a bit hard. To have both parties participate and thus reduce the silent moments, it is advisable to ask open ended questions. Also avoid talking too much so the other person can have a chance too.

Best First Date Ideas for College Students

For college going students, try the ideas below.

  • Engage in friendly competitions such as mini-golfing or bowling
  • Make use of your smart phones to go Geo-caching around your college.
  • Have coffee outside campus to make the date feel special.
  • If there are dancing events in college, take advantage by going on a date to the event. Just dress up and put your best feet forward.
  • Go outdoors for hikes and rides around campus

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