How To Clean Belly Button Piercing Ring, Best Ways, Infection With Soap, Sea Salt & Properly
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How To Clean Belly Button Piercing Ring, Best Ways, Infection With Soap, Sea Salt & Properly

While the healing phase of a belly button piercing is most crucial, cleanliness around the piercing is necessary even after the area has healed. It is therefore important that throughout the life of the piercing, it is kept clean. We explore how to clean belly button piercing including cleaning it up when it is infected and how to clean new belly button rings while already inserted and before insertion into the piercing.  

How to Clean a Belly Button Piercing or Cleaning Belly Button Piercing

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Belly button piercings take between six to twelve months to heal. Within this period, it is important to take care of the piercing to ensure that it does not get infected. One of the most important after care procedures for belly button piercing is regular piercing. Below are different ways on how to clean a belly button piercing and what to use in the process.

When the piercing is new, it should be cleaned regularly. Fiddling around and touching the piercing should be avoided unless one is cleaning it up. This should be one or two times each day. Before handling the piercing, it is important to use an antibacterial soap to clean your hands. This helps to avoid infections on the fresh piercing. Once your hands are clean, you will need to first get rid of any discharge that has crusted around the ring. This will help to prevent the entrance of impurities into the hole during the cleaning process. You could soak a paper towel in warm water and use it to gently clean around the area.

Once the area is ready, how do you clean a belly button piercing? In case you are wondering what to use to clean the piercing there are a number of readily available products. One basic product is the use soap to clean it up.  To ease the cleaning procedure while using soap, you could fill a sterilized cup with soapy water. Gently rest the cup on the piercing and swish it around the area. When this is done, the area may hurt a bit but with time the process becomes less painful. To get rid of soap that may have gotten into the piercing, you could rotate the jewelry a bit taking care not to be too rough. Tugging of the ring though should be avoided as it delays healing and could be painful.

A common question among people with a new belly button piercing normally is: how do I clean my belly button piercing in the shower? Before settling on the piercing, ensure that the rest of the body has been cleaned up to avoid dirt settling in on the piercing. Once done, rub some mild soap on your fingers and gently wash around the new piercing wound. During the cleaning process, ensure some soap suds get into the piercing hole.

With this kind of cleaning, antibacterial soaps are known to work out great. You can also clean the belly button piercing with dial soap which is normally recommended for use on new piercings because it is easy to apply and is also great at preventing piercing infections. After you have finished washing the area with soap, rinse it off with running water. Once you are done cleaning up the piercing, use some paper towels to properly dry up the area. You could also use a napkin. The use of bath towel or cloth is not recommended as these may harbor microorganisms which could result in infections. To avoid this ensure you use disposable material.

The use of sea salt to clean navel piercing is yet another great option on what to clean belly button piercing with. This can be used in different ways. To begin with, you could make a suction seal using sea salt water the water. To attain this, place a cup with the water between the belly button and the cup. For comfort, you could lean down into the cup and lie down on a flat surface when it is in place. This keeps the cup sealed to the abdomen.

Keep the area soaked for around 10 minutes before rinsing it off with clean water and drying it up thoroughly. The use of sea salt spray is another way through which to utilize sea salt. You could also make use of cotton swabs to soak the piercing in sea salt water.  When using these, be careful enough as there is a possibility of loose fibers getting into the piercing which may end up causing infections. Only use non-iodized as this is known to be of superior quality and has curative properties. It is not to be substituted with Epsom, iodized sea salt or table salt.

While cleaning up piercings, it is important to avoid rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. While these may disinfect the area, they also kill healthy cells causing a delay in the healing process. Also to be avoided are over cleaning and vigorous cleaning as these could produce symptoms that are similar to those of an infected piercing.

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How to Clean Belly Button Ring

The belly button ring is a great accessory and puts across a fashion statement. For the jewelry to remain attractive, the piercing requires proper after care. Since the nature of the area makes it easy to gather buildup and dirt, the area has to be cleaned regularly. If the dirt and buildup is not removed, it will create a favorable habitat for growth of bacteria thus causing infections. The jewelry that goes into the piercing has to always be clean as well to avoid infections. This makes it necessary to clean belly rings before putting them in and after removal.

Since it is advisable not to put to change the jewelry within the first months before the area has healed, it is also necessary to keep the ring clean while in the fresh piercing without fiddling around with it. With these requirements for easy healing and an infection free piercing, it is necessary to learn how to sanitize the rings and what products to use for the best results.

Cleaning a Fresh Belly Button Piercing Ring

While the piercing is still fresh, not only the wound should be taken care of. The belly button ring should also be cleaned regularly to avoid infections. With a new piercing, you should clean the ring at least once each day and at most twice in a day. Overdoing it may irritate the new wound while failure to clean it up will lead to crusts concentrating around the ring. This could lead to tears inside the fresh wound. Bacteria could also feed on the crusts and cause infections as they grow in large numbers.

To clean the ring, run some warm water over it. This will help to loosen any crusts that may have formed. Using a Q-tip, get rid of any visible debris and crusts from the ring. After this gently turn the ring taking care not to be too hard on it as this could aggravate the wound and delay its healing. In case you can notice more build up get rid of it and then apply a cleaning solution to the area. You could also finish up the process by cleaning the ring with dial soap and rinsing it off with some warm water and use a paper towel to wipe the area dry. While the wound is still fresh, do not change the ring. Clean it while it is still inserted in the hole.

Cleaning a New Belly Button Jewelry

With proper after care, the belly button piercing should heal without infections. Once it is completely healed, you are allowed to change the jewelry to what may suit various occasions and your preferences. The navel piercing is a very sensitive form of body modification. It is possible to experience infections even after the area has healed. To avoid this, you will need to clean any new ring before putting it in. This will ensure that the area is not exposed to infection causing organisms.

Cleaning and sterilizing new jewelry is much easier than cleaning rings that are in the piercing already.  There are different ways of achieving this. In a small sterile cup, put some rubbing alcohol. Place the new jewelry in it and let it rest for a few minutes. After this drain the alcohol and rinse the jewelry with some warm water. Air dry it or use some paper towels to get rid of wetness before putting it on. You could also clean it up with soap. Pour some antibacterial liquid soap and mix it with some warm water. Dip a cotton swab into this cleaning solution and rub it all around the belly button jewelry. Rinse off using hot water. This procedure should be carried out before and after every use to keep the rings disinfected.

Best Way to Clean Belly Button Piercing

Most people normally have questions regarding the best way of cleaning belly button piercings. While there may not be a single universal best way to clean it, adopting some regular after care procedures could help attain the best results. Before you can start cleaning up the area, wash your hands with soap. Where possible wear disposable latex gloves. This way the piercing is protected from any harmful elements that could be passed on from the hands.

For your daily cleansing routine, use a fragrance free mild soap. Dial soap is known to be good for piercings. You could also make use of medicated liquid soap. Once you are done cleaning the area, give it a sea salt water soak. Finish up by drying up the area with paper towels.

While cleaning up the piercing, do not neglect the ring in it. In case of crusts around the ring ensure you get rid of them. The best way to clean crusts off a belly button piercing ring is when wet. Failure to remove them could lead to accumulation which irritates the piercing in the long run. Picking on them when dry could also irritate the area and is therefore to be avoided.

How to Clean a Belly Button Piercing Infection

To stay away from belly button infections, it is essential to keep the area clean and dry. This will help to prevent the growth of bacteria and promote healing. At times though, after taking all the caution there still are chances of getting infected. This could be as a result of trauma exerted on the piercing, swimming without covering the area or changing into unsterilized jewelry before healing. The fact that the belly button is a dark part of the body with an ability to retain moisture makes it vulnerable to infections.  When this happens, how do you clean the piercing?

Cleaning an infected piercing is no different from cleaning a healthy piercing. You only need to be cautious enough not to aggravate the piercing further. You can use a mild soap or clean the area with sea salt. These help to heal the area with time. Although it may seem like a wise thing to do, never remove a belly button piercing ring when it is infected. Doing so will close up the hole and the infection will be trapped in. This could result in blood poisoning which a .

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