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A double belly button piercing gives your midriff a sophisticated look. By getting one, you are in a position to wear different types of double belly button rings. Just like a single, a double navel piercing is equally if not more painful. Fortunately there are various ways through which the pain can be managed. The healing time and the cost of piercing are no different from those of single piercings. We explore these and more in details below .

Double Belly Button Piercing

Unlike in the earlier days when belly piercings used to be a preserve of a few celebrities, today they are adorned by the mainstream population. What is different is not only the people getting the piercings but also the variation in terms of the type of piercing, jewelry designs as well as the ability to match them with accompanying outfits. Double belly button piercing is a type of piercing that helps you wear a double piercing ring. With double belly button piercing, the piercing is done at two points. There are different variations to this.

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The most basic form of double navel piercing is done vertically from the top passing through some flesh to emerge through the navel rim. A similar piercing is one known as an inverse double piercing. This is similar to the previous one but is given the name inverse because it is done from the bottom of the belly going up passing through some flesh to the bottom rim. At times, people will get a regular piercing combined with an inverse piercing.

The horizontal double belly button piercing is yet another option. With this type, the jewelry is made to pass on the skin lying above the ridge of the navel as opposed to going through it. Two piercings are done on either sides of the belly button. The piercings are then joined using a long horizontal barbell. This leaves the mid part visible as well as the ends on each side of the holes. With a top and bottom double piercing, the belly button doesn’t get pierced. Instead, the piercing hole goes through the rims. With both the vertical and horizontal double piercings, there are various variations to choose from.

  • The double vertical piercing can be combined with a standard piercing done on the lower edge. When two bars are inserted in the different piercings, the end result is a vertical line with four balls.
  • A double top navel piercing can be done like the regular piercing but with two piercings done having a gap in between. In case you opt for two pieces of jewelry on this kind of piercing, you end up with them dangling on the navel at an angle.
  • With a horizontal double piercing, two independent piercings can be done each of them on each side of the belly button.
  • It is also possible to have a combo piercing. This one involves two double piercings to form a quadruple piercing with a plus (+) sign at the middle. These multiple piercings give you a chance to display more elaborate jewelry on your flat midriff.
  • Another variation would be a deep piercing paired up with a bottom piercing. This one is done by making a regular piercing which is made to go through a large skin patch.


Once you have decided what variation of the double navel piercing you want, what should follow? In case you are excited to make this kind of piercing, don’t just make a trip to the piercer as there are a number of things to consider. Given that this is a surface piercing, it is bound to take longer healing than other piercings. Generally, navel piercing comes with a number of risks. Having a double piercing doubles the effects. Some of these risks include.


This is a common occurrence with belly button piercings. To avoid infections, you need to follow the belly button piercing aftercare instructions given to you by the piercer. Clean the piercing at least two times each day using a sea salt solution. This should be done until the piercing heals which takes between six to twelve months. In case you notice some pain, swelling and oozing pus, there is a high likelihood that the piercing is infected. Avoid dirt from swimming and wiping the area with dirty items to prevent infections. Keep the area thoroughly clean. By so doing, the infection should improve within two weeks.

Migration and Rejection

When the body rejects a piercing, it pushes the jewelry towards the outer surface to give room to healing of the scar tissue beneath. The movement of the ring is what is known as migration. If the ring is not removed early enough, it will be pushed out of the skin. This will result in severe scars part of which may be keloids . Also to be avoided are trauma on the piercing and exposure to dirty elements.

Allergic Reactions

Some people are sensitive to certain metals. This is especially those metals containing nickel. To avoid the swelling, redness and itch associated with allergies, settle for jewelry made from hypoallergenic metals. Surgical steel, gold and titanium are some safe metals which are not likely to cause you allergies.

Tips on Getting the Double Piercing

To have the best out of the double belly button piercing, there are things you can do. We discuss some of these below to ensure that all goes well.

  • Since it takes a while for a double pierced belly button to heal , it is best to have it done in the winter or autumn. This will ensure that by the time summer comes you are healed and can comfortably show it off. You will also not have to worry about swimming. Also, when it is not too hot, there is less sweating and inflammation. This reduces the rate of infections.
  • In case you are planning to or trying to conceive, postpone the piercing until around three months after pregnancy. Belly button during pregnancy is normally vulnerable to infections and migrations. There is also a possibility of the piercing closing if the ring is removed as the pregnancy advances. Some women also tend to experience further scarring and stretch marks with piercings that have not healed properly. In case you postpone the procedure you can do three months postpartum.

Double Belly Button Piercing Pain

When it comes to how much pain you will feel when getting a piercing, each individual has a different experience. It is possible to have a double piercing in one session if you feel you can tolerate the pain or in two sessions if you need more time to get over pain in an initial piercing. This is a matter of choice. Of importance to note though is that there are variations that may be impossible to conduct in different sessions. You will feel a sharp pain as the needle is inserted into the skin and as the initial ring is fitted. Once this is over the pain will be reduced with time and become bearable. In case you are scared of how much you might hurt you can discuss the possibility of a topical anesthetic with your piercer.

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Double Belly Button Piercing Healing

For seamless healing, a double navel piercing requires thorough aftercare. It could take up to a whole year before the piercing heals. To hasten the process, you have to responsibly care for it. Clean the piercing regularly, keep it away from dirty water and avoid handling it unless your aim is to clean it. It isalso advisable that you stick with the initial jewelry until the area heals completely. Changing the rings could infect the area. Also watch what you use to clean up the piercing wound since some antiseptic agents could delay healing. Anything that could irritate the area should be stayed away from. Wear loosely fitting clothes, avoid waistbands that could traumatize the piercing and avoid sleeping on your stomach for fast healing.

Double Belly Button Piercing Pictures

Barbells : This image shows a double piercing fitted with two barbells giving a vertical look with four balls.


Dangles : In this picture, the double piercing is stylishly dressed in two dangling pieces. The top one is small in size and fits perfectly on the navel while the second one is bigger and is allowed to dangle on the tummy.


Multiple Double Piercings : The double piercing does not have to be limited to the regular ones. Indulge your creativity as seen in this image to come up with multiple piercings.

Multiple Double Piercings

Multiple Double Piercing : These double piercings form a quadruple piercing to giving the navel a great look.

Multiple double Piercings

Double Belly Button Piercing Cost

A common concern among piercees normally is what the belly button piercing price is. Generally, the cost will vary from one studio to another and from state to state. How qualified and experienced a piercer is also affects their pricing. It is possible to pay between $40 and $100. While some practitioners who offer high standard services charge a little bit higher, a high cost is no guarantee for good services. In the same way, not all piercers with a fair pricing offer substandard services. It is therefore important to ensure that you do a background check on your piercer to ensure that you get value for your money. Look not at the cost but quality of services offered.

Double Belly Button Rings

Once you decide to get a double piercing, you have to learn what to wear. There is a variety of double belly button rings you can choose from. These can be used as a form of self-expression and to create personal style. Some of the double piercing jewelry to look out for include:

  • You could don two stylish curved barbells on each piercing. This is applicable in cases when the double piercing is made up of two individual piercings. To send some fashion statement you could get rings with fancy dangles. These can be combined with a simple top ring to avoid them getting in the way of each other. With these you can personalize the dangling part to suit your desires.
  • In case you want minimal style, you can wear plain bars which can be worn from the top and bottom or side to side depending on the direction of your double piercing.
  • You could also opt for jewelry in the shape of anchors, dolphins, flowers or animals made from different materials.

When choosing rings for double navel piercings, it is important to be keen. Proper rings will not only make you look amazing but they will also reduce the chances of rejection, migration and scarring. When these risks occur, they could cause keloids which are hard to minimize and which are not appealing to the eyes. Choosing your rings well to keep the piercings looking great

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Double Belly Button Piercing Bar

There are specific belly button piercing bars specially made for a double piercing like the one shown in our images. This one is a two way bar suitable for bother the vertical and horizontal double piercing. The bars will give you an outstanding look. You can choose from a variety of bar colors, designs and material used to make it. You can check out various designs from different manufacturers. The bars should be long enough to fit into the double piercing without causing any strain on the skin around.

Double Belly Button Piercing Jewelry

There are different forms of double belly button piercing jewelry. It is possible to have double belly button piercing jewelry determined by a number of things including type, material and style. For example, there are some great double rings in the market. Also available are the traditional banana barbells. These are bent and fit well into the piercing. Others include seamless rings, segment rings, captives and clickers.

In terms of jewelry material, you can get surgical grade stainless steel or titanium belly button ring. These are most recommended for the initial piercing. In case you have a sensitive skin settle for titanium as it is the most inert metal. Another great alternative is BioPlast. This is made using hypoallergenic material. If you are a contact sports person or engage in a lot of physical activity, it is best to wear jewelry that is flexible to facilitate the movements and avoid getting hurt. With most of these jewelry, they are made for already healed piercing. Ensure that you only change your initial ring after the piercing is completely healed.

During pregnancy, the regular jewelry should be removed as the growing tummy may make it feel uncomfortable. It may also be too small for the area. Instead of leaving the hole without a ring which could cause it to close up, opt for retainer rings. These can also be used to disguise a second piercing in occasions when you are most suited to wear a single piercing jewelry.


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