Cute Belly Button Piercing, Unique Rings, Guys, Celebrities, Beyoncé with Button Belly Piercing
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Cute Belly Button Piercing, Unique Rings, Guys, Celebrities, Beyoncé with Button Belly Piercing

Belly button piercing is not for everyone. For you to get a cute belly button piercing there are a number of things to consider. You also have to choose unique belly button rings if you want to stand out. We explore celebrities and guys with navel rings and things to consider when getting a belly piercing.

Cute Belly Button Piercing

Panda Navel Ring

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Belly button piercings are increasingly gaining popularity among young females. However, once the excitement of the process dies down and you scrutinize the piercing, you are likely to either like it or not. These piercings are meant to be seen by other people. A cute belly button piercing will therefore receive a lot of compliments. In case a piercing goes wrong, you may not be eager to display it. With these in mind, how do you ensure that your navel piercing turns out great?

It takes a number of factors for a piercing to come cute for display after the healing process. Factors affecting a piercing include:

1. Healing Tendencies

Some individuals are prone to excessive scarring during the healing process of wounds. This could lead to formation of piercing keloids. These are raised scars which may affect the appearance of your piercing. They grow beyond the point of piercing and are therefore hard to conceal. In case you are prone to keloids, it would be better for you not to get a piercing.

Unique Tea Cup Ring

2. Lifestyle

Persons who play contact sports and those engaged in activities where the jewelry may be ripped off could end up injuring their skin. This will lengthen the healing duration. It could also result in migration and rejection. These do not make for a cute piercing. You ought to put these into consideration when getting the piercing.

In case your place of work does not condone navel piercings and you have to keep removing or concealing the piercing, infections may result. You should therefore consider waiting a little longer until circumstances are favorable so you can get the piercing and it can turn out smart.

3. Infection

The risk of infection in belly piercing could affect the overall look of the piercing after it has healed. It is estimated that 20 percent of the piercings get infected. The risk increases when the piercing is done in an unhygienic place by an unprofessional piercer and using unsterile equipment. If you look forward to having a cute piercing, ensure that your piercer is experienced and professional. This will prevent infections, the use of inappropriate jewelry as well as crooked piercings that may not be appealing to the eye.

4. Health History and Medical Conditions

For some people, certain conditions increase the possibility of experiencing piercing risks. These will affect the overall look of the piercing and may determine how the piercing looks after it has healed. If you suffer conditions that weaken the immune system such as diabetes, it is best to stay away from the piercing.

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Your health history is also necessary and your piercer will seek to know everything about it including allergies and drugs you may be on. Any medication that may cause blood thinning is not advised as it could cause severe bleeding at the site of piercing.

5. Individual anatomy

Unbelievable as it may sound, not every skin is suitable for a belly piercing. Navels with distinct ridges are the easiest to pierce. For people with an outie belly button, getting a standard or bottom belly button piercing may not turn out cute. Let your piercer examine your navel type and advise on the most appropriate type of piercing so it can match your physical anatomy and turn out looking good. A professionally trained piercer will be in a position to advise you on this.

6. Piercing Equipment

For a piercing to turn out cute, the right materials must be used to conduct the process. If the wrong things are used, the piercing will be affected. Do not use a regular sewing needle to pierce you navel. This will be too small and could result in migrations.

7. Aftercare

An important aspect of the piercing is the aftercare. This greatly determines if the piercing gets infected, migrates or is rejected. A well taken care of piercing will be cleaned regularly. It will also be protected from trauma and the initial ring allowed to stay put until it heals.

Unique Belly Button Rings


Once you have your cute belly button piercing in place, you do not have to retain the usual initial jewelry. After the piercing has healed, you can wear any navel rings you fancy. There are many unique belly button rings available in jewelry shops. You can choose these depending on categories that interest you most. When choosing them, do not only be attracted by the designs. Ensure you know what size they are to ensure that they fit. Also go with vibrant colors and materials you are not allergic to.

Objects and symbols

Unique navel Camera Ring

You can get unique of objects used in your daily activities. There are rings with objects such as cups and cameras. In case you are involved in peace campaigns you can don a relevant yet unique ring of a dove. In case you are a skull lover or Goth, you can think outside of skulls and get a skeleton ring. This will be unique and unusual. You could also opt for stars or music symbols. Instead of a single heart, opt for double heart rings. Music symbol


Different flower rings are adorned with lovely petals and come in relevant colors. Some unique flowers include sunflowers, roses and resin flowers will suit you if you love flowers.

Animal Rings

Cute Girraffe Ring

There are many unique animal rings you could opt for. A girly tortoise or giraffe covered with rhinestones would be a cute thing to wear. You could also try a lizard or a bird. There also are unique fish belly rings. Try a star fish or whale ring. A sea horse is also likely to turn heads. If pandas are your thing, you could also try them.

You can get most of these in online stores. You can check out outgoing rings at . If you are looking for unique handcrafted vintage rings, the right place to search would be at .

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Celebrities with Belly Button Piercings


Celebrities always love to stand out from the crowd. They will have studs in unusual places that makes them draw attention to that specific place. A few years back, celebrities with belly button piercings were the main users of this fashion. With a number of them donning one or two navel piercings, it is not a wonder that their fans picked up the fashion statement from them.

With the navel piercing trend, the piercing process has been captured on a number of television shows, movies and songs. Some of the celebrities have had to get the piercing for specific television and movie roles.

  • Claudia Schiffer got a temporary navel piercing for her role in the movie Desperate but Not Serious in 1999.
  • Leelee Sobieski also had her navel pierced in the year 2001 for her role in My First Mister.
  • In the year 2002, Mischa Barton got a navel piercing while acting in the movie Octane.
  • Evan Rachel Wood agreed to get her belly button piercing in the shooting of the movie Thirteen back in the year 2003.

Other than these TV characters, pop culture has had a large impact on the growth of the navel piercing. The year 1993 had the greatest impact in the growth of this trend. In this year, Alicia Silverstone got her navel pierced when shooting a music video for the Aerosmith Music Video for the song Crying. The piercing was done live on set and is accredited for its popularization. In the same year, Christy Turlington showed off her navel piercing in a fashion show in London.

Other celebrities with navel piercings include:

  • Christina Aguilera
  • Britney Spears
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Beyonce Knowles
  • Heidi Montag
  • Janet Jackson
  • Lil Kim
  • Paris Hilton
  • Frankie Sandford
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Milley Cyrus
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Kourtney Kardashian.

Guys with Belly Button Piercings


In most cases, belly button piercing is associated with femininity. A few years ago, it was associated with girl rebellion. Things though have changed and spotting one is fashionable. While ear piercing has been embraced in both males and females, the same does not apply to navel piercing.

It is hard to see guys with belly button piercing since it is said to make them look effeminate. However, there are some that wear navel jewelry. The thought that navel piercing is for women alone is therefore a misconception. Some will not only get the standard navel piercing but a double piercing. There are very nice pictures of guys spotting navel jewelry on their masculine abdomens and looking great.

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Another misconception is that this fad is only enjoyed by gay men. This is not true as a lot of punks, tattoo lovers and regular guys will also get these piercings. There are many stores where you could get male belly button piercing rings from.

Beyonce Belly Button Piercing

A common question among her fans normally is “Does Beyonce have her belly button pierced?” Beyonce belly button piercing has been documented from as early as her Destiny’s Child days. By then she was around 16 years old. She however let go the piercing for a while in the year 2007. Although most thought she would let it go after getting Blue Ivy, she returned to it soon after. She did a cover shoot for Shape about three months post-delivery and was seem wearing her belly button ring.

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