Belly button piercing, Pictures, FAQs, Different Types, Meaning, Info, Ring, Care Risks & Healing
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Belly button piercing, Pictures, FAQs, Different Types, Meaning, Info, Ring, Care Risks & Healing

In case you are thinking of donning a belly button piercing, you may have questions you want answered before going ahead. This post will help you get answers to most frequently asked questions. We also cover the piercing process, the healing process and the types of belly button piercings available. We also show you what types of jewelry are available for different types of piercings in our photo gallery.

Belly Button Piercing

A belly button piercing is also referred to as a navel piercing or an umbilical dip piercing. In case you are looking for the meaning of these, they all refer to the type of piercing done in or around the navel with the most common one being a piercing done through the navel’s upper rim.  Irrespective of whether it is done on lean or fat girls, when done right the piercing could heal like a surface piercing.

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multiple piercing on belly button

However, depending on each person’s healing process, the piercing could also have an extended healing time. This could take anywhere between six to twelve months. Like in surface piercings, it is possible for this kind to experience migration and rejections. We look at various considerations to make and points of concern while preparing for the process.

Belly Button Piercing Restrictions

One great concern especially among teenagers is whether there are any age restrictions on navel piercing. When it comes to such things, professional body modification practitioners have their own code of conduct that dictates what they can or cannot do when it comes to navel piercing. Although most states do not have any age requirements on body piercings, some states such as New York have laws that require .

Though the regulations may vary from one state to another, individuals always have to sign a consent form before the procedure is done. This gives the piercer a go ahead to carry out the procedure. The only time when belly button piercing is not recommended is where you have been nursing for less than three months and during pregnancy. In such situations, one is advised to seek piercing three months post-delivery.

Piercing Process

Given that after personal evaluation you are now ready to undertake the process, what does the piercing procedure entail? To get your piercing, you will have to get an appointment with the piercer first. This is the time when you should evaluate the place and see if it is clean enough. Ask and check if their equipment is sterilized. Find out also if you can bring your own ring if that is what you would want and if you do whether the piercer can sterilize it for you. Find out as much information as you can on this day and in case you do not feel comfortable with the service provider, look for another one.

Once you settle on the professional who will carry out the procedure, it is advisable that on the day of piercing you take an over the counter painkiller to reduce the pain. Upon getting to the piercer, they will begin off by marking where the belly ring will go. This is supposed to show you where it will go through. Once you have been shown its placement, you will be asked to lie down. The area of the piercing is then cleaned and swabbed. This is supposed to sterilize the area.

This is then followed by the isolation of the skin to be pierced using a surgical clamp which helps to tug a little on the skin. A sharp needle is then used to make a hole through the area. Once the piercing has been done, the needle is replaced with the ring. The area is then cleaned once more. After this you will be allowed to sit up for a while. The piercer will inquire how you feel and allow you to get comfortable before giving you instructions on the belly button piercing’s after care.

Belly Button Piercing After Care

Keeping the piercing clean is very important in preventing the area from the dangers that come with an infected piercing. According to the American Association of Professional Piercers, the piercing on your navel should be cleaned using a mild fragrance free soap. A sterile and additive free saline solution could also be used. In case you settle for soap, go with one that is a germicide or an anti-microbial. A saline solution can be made at home as well using non-iodized sea salt and warm distilled water. The saline solution can be used as a rinse to soak the area for ten minutes. Soak a cotton ball in the solution and place it on the piercing.

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Where you are using a soap, take showers and not baths. This ensures that there is no bacterial retention. Also ensure you do not wash it over two times each day. To avoid snagging on the new piercing while using towels and causing bacterial infections, use napkins or paper towels to dry up the area. Other things you should avoid around the area are rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, lotions, ointments and harsh or abrasive soaps. Also avoid tubs, rivers, lakes, pools and other areas that may contain contaminated water as the micro-organisms in them could cause infections on the place of piercing.

Once the piercing has healed, a common concern among individuals normally is; are belly button piercings permanent? According to many user testimonials, how long a belly button takes to close up when it has healed depends on individuals. While for some it may . To avoid it closing up when you don’t want it to, use belly button retainer jewelry when you remove regular jewelry.

Belly Button Piercing Pictures and Photos

Belly button Piercings are a great form of art. To further illustrate various features discussed above, below is a photo gallery on infected, double navel piercing, rejected and lower navel piercings. We also show you piercing pictures during pregnancy.

Top Navel Piercing Picture

This shows a top piercing adorned with cascading jewelry. This is the most common form of navel piercing.

Top Navel Piercing

Dangling Navel Jewelry Picture

The jewelry you wear on your piercing can totally change how you look. This large dangling piece not only fills the naval but also trickles to the belly giving the wearer a dramatic look.

Dangling Jewelry on a pierced Belly Button

Belly Ring Picture

Other than barbells and cascading jewelry, it is also possible to dress your piercing with a simple belly ring. With the one in this image, the center piece can be changed to give a different look.

Belly Ring

Bottom Navel Piercing picture

Although the most commonly pierced part of the navel is the upper rim, there are some who prefer it done on the bottom rim. There are a variety of jewelry to suit these as well.

Bottom Navel Piercing

Pregnancy Belly Button Piercing picture

During pregnancy, the body of a woman undergoes different changes. Some of the issues that may be observed is a navel piercing rejection as well as migration. Some women though may not have any issues as seen here.

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piercing during Pregnancy

Infected Belly Button Piercing image

In case you experience a bump or bubble on your piercing like seen on the images, it is possible that your piercing is infected. Discharge from the place of piercing is also another sign of infection.

Infected Piercing

Double belly piercing piercing photo

Other than the common single piercing on the top or bottom, it is also possible to have a double piercing like this vertical double navel piercing.

Double navel Piercing

Multiple Piercings image

When done the right way, multiple navel piercings are a sight to behold. These two images show different ways on how this can be done.

navel multiple piercing

Rejected Navel Piercing picture

When a belly button  or navel piercing is rejected, the initial sign may be migration. This is when the healing tissues below the skin’s surface push the jewelry to the outside. With time there may be formation of a scar around the piercing and in some situations a keloid could also result.

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navel rejected riercing

Belly Button Piercing FAQ and Belly Button Piercing Info

A lot of people always have questions concerning various aspects of the belly button piercing procedure. Before visiting a piercer in your city, it is important to ensure that you have efficient piercing info. In this section, we help you get this by answering some of the navel piercing FAQs.

Why Would You Get a Belly Piercing?

There is no given reason as to why you should get a navel piercing. There are different personal reasons as to why people get the piercing.  Body piercings are considered a form of self-expression. Each piercing on any part of the body tends to be a piece of art that means something to the individual bearers. Some people get belly buttons to mark a milestone in life, for aesthetics purposes, to be a little edgy among others. The good thing about navel piercing is that it is a form of art that is quite easy to get rid of if the initial excitement wears off.

What Types of Rings are Available?

In most cases, the piercer will guide you through choosing the right jewelry and how to take care of the navel piercing during the healing period. The piercing is done using a captive bead ring or a curved barbell. This is because these do not dangle and reduce the chance of the jewelry getting caught on something which can be quite painful. Although this is the advice of most piercers, it is a personal choice what the initial jewelry looks like. Some will even allow you to carry your ring when getting pierced. Just ensure that whatever it is, it is made of medical grade material. Also bear in mind that a navel piercing will take a little bit long to heal and the initial jewelry has to stay a while before it is changed.

How much does a Belly Piercing Cost?

Another thing people want to know about is how much it will cost to have the process done on them. The rates of belly piercing tend to vary depending on your location. The type of belly rings you will use also affects the cost. For people who want single navel piercing, this could range from $25 to $50. With this you are likely to get a surgical steel ring or standard titanium ring. In cases where you are using a custom ring, the cost may be higher.

Do Belly Button Piercings Hurt?

Just like any other piercing, belly button piercings hurt. The initial piercing hurts the most followed by a slight tugging as the first jewelry is fitted into the piercing. Once this is done the after care should start immediately so that the healing process can be enhanced. At the beginning, you will experience some discomfort as the skin stretches around the piercing. If the pain becomes unbearable it could be that you are having an infection or the piercing is being rejected. The piercing should also start to taper off soon after the procedure. In case this does not happen or when the pain is excruciating, have it checked.

What Makes a Pretty Belly Button Piercing?

Another interesting question about this kind of piercing is what makes it attractive. Piercings on the navel are not for everyone. They mostly look great on people with well-toned abdomens but a professional piercer will know what will work best for your body. As soon as the belly button has healed, it is ready to be shared with the world. Choose rings that suit your personality, mood and occasion. Always dress it to look pretty and admirable.

What Happens to My Belly Button Piercing during Pregnancy?

When you are expecting, it is important to choose appropriate belly button jewelry or the expanding body will cause discomfort.  There are pregnancy belly rings that are meant for use while pregnant and are great due to their ability to adjust and stretch as the abdomen grows. Plastic belly rings are great piercing retainers. These are also perfect for people who are sensitive to metals.

Metal free jewelry exerts less stress on the bearers body making it heal faster. The rings are made from medical grade plastic. This makes them hypoallergenic. They also come with adjustable tubing making them quite flexible. They also have the ability to move with the body. This makes them appropriate for busy people as well such as sports personalities. Plastic also tends to resist cold and heating unlike metals which tend to heat up or cool depending on the weather.

What are the Navel Piercing Risks?

Before taking a navel piercing, it is important to know the risks you are likely to face after the procedure. Since the piercing is done using a needle that goes through the flesh, it is possible to suffer an infection within the healing period. This could be caused by unsterilized piercing equipment, inefficient cleaning and care. Wearing clothes that rub against the ring could also cause irritation to the piercing. To avoid infections, choose your piercer carefully. Ensure they know what they are doing and that they take the necessary precautionary measures. With an excellent professional, the risks associated with belly button piercing are reduced.

Types of Belly Button Piercings or Different Belly Button Piercings

Navel piercing is an art without limits as long as it is done in the right way. There are different types of belly button piercings. Most of the ones discussed here can be clearly seen in our pictures. The different types of piercings can be based on their size, number, direction and placement of the piercing. We discuss the different piercing methods used to achieve suitable looks for specific individuals.

Vertical Navel Piercing

The most form of navel piercing is the vertical navel piercing. This involves the piercing being placed on the upper rim of the navel and going through the navels interior.

Reverse Navel Piercing

With this kind of vertical piercing, the piercing is made through the bottom ridge of the navel and allowed to go through bottom to the interior of the navel. In case the vertical navel piercing and the reverse upper navel piercing are done at once, this is referred to as a multiple navel piercing.

Multiple Belly Button Piercings

It is possible to have more than one piercing done on you. Various professionals can guide you on how to go about it. In most cases, multiple piercings are fitted with standard jewelry as detailed ones may not fit the available space which is usually limited by the piercings. These piercings take up to one year to heal. It is therefore important to take extreme care when dealing with them. Ensure you make use of high quality after care products to avoid infections.

Navel Industrial Piercing

The navel industrial piercing is one in which a flexible or solid barbell is made to pass through two piercings. When multiple piercings are being done, it is important to give enough room between each of them.


Where you opt for a vertical double piercing, it is done using a single piercing which is inserted from the top to the bottom. At the top edge is the standard navel piercing while the bottom bears a belly piercing. This creates a line that makes a line that has four balls if you are using banana bars. In most cases, the lower piercing can have dangling belly rings but be careful to get the measurements right or the ring will be caught in your waistband. It is also possible to have separate navel piercings with a few millimeters spacing for the piercing at the bottom and the one at the top. The belly buttons tend to be long enough to accommodate different bars.


With quadruple kind of belly button piercing, each edge of the bellybutton is pierced. This forms a look with rings at the cardinal points of a compass. To get this, one has to have an opening that is large enough to accommodate four rings. If not, it may be necessary to use captive bead rings.

Belly Button Types Depending on Piercing Sizes

When shopping for belly rings, you will notice that they are mostly marked as 14 gauge bellybuttons or 16 gauge belly button rings. This is because belly button piercings are not like the traditional ear lobe piercings. There are different earring sizes just like there are different piercing gauges. Generally, the gauge sizes start from 12 to 24. A 12 gauge piercing is two millimeters and the further you move from zero the smaller the piercings get and the closer to zero the bigger the piercing. This means that a 24 gauge piercing rings is the smallest.

The most common size is 14 which makes it have a wide selection of rings. At the moment, the 16 gauge piercing is increasingly being used. Once the piercing has healed, a 16 gauge hole can be stretched to fit rings of a 14 gauge size. In the same way, a 16 gauge belly ring can be won I a 16 gauge hole. While doing this, ensure that the piercing has healed well enough to avoid the closing up of the hole. Before settling for piercing, inquire what size your beautician will be using. Do not accept a gauge smaller than 16.

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